The Villaloboses (C) - Round 7


Nerissa Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Catalina Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer

Guillermo Chan, Teen Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children


Last round at the Villalobos house, Nerissa and Catalina finally decided to be joined. They moved into a house together, with their son Guillermo, had a beautiful wedding ceremony, and settled in. They got Guillermo into private school, were robbed, and wished for lots of money with a genie lamp. Guillermo got a teen job in the law enforcement field, and Nerissa finally found an open position in her chosen field of education. What will happen this round? No clue, but it sure won't be boring.

Guillermo was doing great in his job as a security guard, though sometimes he found that he made unwise choices in the heat of the moment.

The latest decision was no different. When trying to be safe rather than sorry, he accidentally offends the new president and is fired by her immediately.

He couldn't believe she could be so mean. After all, he was just a kid, and he was doing the best he could. Plus, he LOVED that job. The uniform was badass. Nevertheless, none of this mattered, and he came home exhausted, upset, and very depressed about losing his first job.

He couldn't even stay awake through dinner; the emotion of the night had exhausted him so much that he fell asleep right in his pork chops. Catalina checked to make sure his airway wasn't obstructed and let him doze for a while. The poor boy.

He didn't know it, but later that day, he would meet someone who would cheer him up greatly.

In the meantime, Nerissa was meeting with great success in her brand new job. She came home with a brilliant promotion almost immediately, complete with a big bonus. They weren't exactly the richest family in the neighborhood, so the money was important, especially since Catalina hadn't found herself a position yet.

After a long, long sleep, Guillermo finally woke up and decided to go out to play some soccer. On the way, he ran into Aurélie Beaumont, a girl he'd seen around school but didn't really know anything about. It turned out, after some awkward teenage conversation, that she was really into sports too, though. Which was cool, because he could do stuff like toss a football with her.

"I'm really glad you came by today," Guillermo said, and though his voice was non-committal in that typical teenage boy way, his hug was warm. "Eh, no problem. I didn't have anything to do anyway," she answered, equally non-committal. Their personalities seemed to mesh really well; neither was overly affectionate or 'squishy,' and they both had a tendency toward the arrogant.

"I know you couldn't resist stopping because of my hot bod," Guillermo teased, though his heart was in his throat as he waited for her to respond. "Duh," Aurélie answered simply, a wry grin twisting up the corners of her lips.

It was then Guillermo knew he kinda liked her. And he thought she kinda liked him too. So he figured what the heck. He was going away to college soon anyway, so he might as well be bold.

Before she could make her departure to head home for dinner, he grabbed her by the shoulders and planted a giant kiss on her lips. It wasn't the most smooth way to go about it, and she seemed more startled than attracted, but even tough guys like Guillermo were a little insecure. He had to do it before he chickened out. "So see you around, I guess..." he said, when he let her go. Aurélie blinked. "Um...yeah...around..." she said, still sort of in a daze. "Later, Guillermo..." And she wandered off. Guillermo felt like superman.

Back inside the house, where teenage hormones didn't rule the roost, Nerissa was struggling valiently to really hone her skills. She knew that she was qualified to be Education Minister, but there were certain requirements, and she simply didn't fit them yet. So she set out with dogged determination to achieve those requirements.

Guillermo took an open position in the medical field, not because he really cared about medicine or helping people so much, but because he knew it would look better to Sim State when he applied there. He couldn't wait to go off to college. It wasn't that he didn't love his moms, he just was ready to be the big man on campus, as he was certain he would be.

Sadly, he as not rewarded for his job after all, but he wasn't positive it didn't help him get accepted. He wasn't the best of students, after all, but he could kick ass on their soccer team, that was for sure.

After a week or so of packing and a lot of sniffling on the parts of his mothers, Guillermo was finally ready to head off to Sim State. College life, here he came.

At first, the silence in the house was almost too much for Nerissa and Catalina. They were so used to Guillermo running in and running around and begging for a soccer partner (not to mention just being a noisy and messy teenage boy) that they weren't sure what to do with themselves. Studying was something they often did together, so Nerissa could get promoted and Catalina could get a great position right off the bat when she finally found an opening in the athletic field.

Fortunately for both of them, a job finally did open up, and Cat snatched it up. It paid well, and she knew she could swiftly get promoted thanks to all the prep work she'd done since graduating college.

It was in the celebratory mood of a new job that Catalina and Nerissa finally realized what being alone in the house actually meant: no sneaking kisses, no having to be quiet, no always having to be perfectly dressed when going out into the public parts of the house... Heck, they'd never even had time together alone in their lives, and they were only in their thirties. The realization definitely had its effect; there may not have been a teenager in the house anymore, but there was definitely some teenage behavior.

With the new job came a new awareness for Catalina. She finally felt like she could start taking care of her family better. She even opened a savings account for Guillermo to give him when he graduated college, as a springboard into life when he was ready to attack the real world.

Nerissa, in the meantime, had her head full of scholarly things, like what to write about that would win her a scholarship and most impress her superiors.

It turned out that Nerissa was right in her assumption that vegetables were a more "palatable" topic than frostbitten toes, and she was rewarded the grant: another jewel in her crown for promotion.

And last but not least, Catalina (who always seemed to have the best luck) managed after a few short weeks to impress her bosses enough to reach the top of her field and achieve her lifetime goal. She was a Hall of Famer and a very happy fortune sim, putting a cool 9500 simoleons in her pocket that day.

[[Author's Notes: I LOVE this house. I don't know why, but Nerissa and Catalina are so entertaining to me. Plus, Guillermo's personality kind of cracks me up. He and Aurélie Beaumont are both family sims with only one nice point, so it's a hilarious match in my mind. Though I have to admit, with his LTW of marrying off 6 children and hers of raising 20 puppies or kittens, their house would be an insane asylum. So not sure about that so much, but I kind of love that they both have this arrogant reaction whenever complimented or flirted with, like, "Yeah, I know I'm the bomb, yo." :') Not sure what's next for Cat and Nerissa, but I'm looking forward to finding out. Unlike some couples whose kids go off to college, I have a feeling they will never, ever manage to be boring on their own.

Um...whut? O.o // A rare in-air action shot of busting a move! This just cracked me up when I saw it. I don't even know why I was taking a picture here. ]]


A helicopter?! I never saw that wish before (in the bloopers)

I know, right!? That was so random! It's typical for fortune sims to want to buy stuff, I know, but there isn't even enough room on the lot for them to buy a helicopter, haha.

I love that Guillermo is such a jerk, lol. He and Aurelie would be a nightmare for you although quite entertaining for us. I guess we'll see what develops. At least the kids would be able to help with the puppies/kittens right? Although I think you can only have a max of 10 sims/pets in the house at once.

Oh my god, wait until you see what happens when Guillermo and Aurelie get to college. DISASTER! :p I hate to admit it, but I kinda don't want to breed Guillermo because of his weird facial structure. Maybe he can be one of my rare non-LTW-achieving sims in the 'hood. :X

That action shot in your bloopers is fantastic.

I can't look at it without making sound effects to go with it. The most common one tends to be "HOO!"

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