The Beaumonts (C) - Round 7

[[Missing Family Portrait, Sorry]]


Alain Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Reach Golden Anniversary

Meadow Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens


Last round at the Beaumont house, Meadow and Alain graduated, got married, and moved into a farmhouse in Rosebud. They adopted three dogs - Blix, Cleo, and the one I can't remember. Will Meadow finally begin to make more headway on her LTW of raising 20 puppies? Will Alain ever try to convince Meadow they should be having little ones of their own?

As always, Meadow spent the majority of her time at home with the puppies (who were no longer puppies), teaching them new skills and making sure they were well fed, loved, washed, and taken care of in all other respects.

Alain, in the meantime, was working his way up the architecture career and quickly succeeded in reaching the top of the career. He was such an enterprising young businessman that Meadow felt lucky to have someone so reliable taking such good care of her. Alain felt the same about her - as she always kept their home neat and well taken care of, food in his belly. She was a natural homemaker.

Alain had achieved so many of his goals already in life that he decided maybe he would start pursuing some new interests. After the serious architecture world, he was ready for some fun.

In the pursuit of all that pleasure, Alain and Meadow had an unforeseen consequence: Meadow was freshly with child, much to both of their delight.

She and her hubby weren't the only ones enjoying some playtime together, though. Cleo and the one who's name I can't remember were the first to try out the brand new dog house Alain had built for them.

I'm not sure if he's cheering for the dogs or for the sturdiness of his handiwork.

Before long, Meadow gained her very first baby bump, and Alain told her it was the most becoming thing he'd ever seen her wear. Always the charmer, she teased him, and the liar. But he meant it. She looked more beautiful than ever to him.

And when she filled out even more, he felt the same way, even if she did spent a great amount of her time padding around the house in slippers and pajamas.

Because she missed her garden at the Urele Cham house, Alain came up with a unique architectural idea: an indoor basement garden. He dug out the foundation of the house and put in a staircase to the "basement." There, he put in a garden and some sun lamps just for Meadow, where she could have ultimate climate control over her little patch of green land.

Eventually, she got too pregnant to do the bending required for gardening, and that meant it was time for their new baby to arrive.

Little Marc Beaumont was born that day, with his father's skin tone, and the blonde hair and blue eyes of both his parents.

Meadow knew she was biased, but she thought he was the most beautiful baby she'd ever seen.

The dogs continued on in their regular habits, eating, playing, sleeping, and, of course, greeting the mailman.

The birth of his first son also allowed Alain to max out his aspiration rewards. Yay, Alain!

And lest we not forget, there had been a little hanky panky of the canine variety as well.

Later that week, Cleo gave birth to three new puppies: Chester, Greta, and Libby. It was really a full house at the Beaumonts now.

[[Author's Notes: This house is actually kind of boring, even though they are a cute couple. Meadow plays with the dogs and gardens, Alain goes to work, and the puppies play with each other. Looking forward to seeing how Marc looks when he grows up though. He had blonde hair despite everyone saying that Meadow is a bleach blonde! Yay! In any case, pretty simple round.

They REALLY like each other. // A new event for the next AKC Dog Show: concrete swimming.Nice outfit, Alain. // I love how this queues up whenever it's time for the mail to come. // Everything Meadow makes sparkles. She must be an exceptional cook.]]


Oh, they're so cute -- too bad they're boring, and too bad you're going to have to get rid of the puppies as soon as they grow up :( At least you'll have a toddler next round to keep you busy. I too love the "greet mailman" tool tip on animals.

I hope that next round they get more interesting. I don't mind giving up the puppies...I almost wish I could give up one of the adult dogs, but eh. I have guilt over giving away pixellated pets!

Can't WAIT to see what Marc looks like, though!

I'm surprised to see that Marc was a blonde!
And yay for home-grown sparkly food!

Everyone was certain he was a brunette, so I'm excited! Maybe because both of Alain's parents were blonde?

I think enough of us have blonde Meadow babies that we can now conclude Meadow truly is blonde. And the dog loves the other 110! That's the most love ever.

I think so! And I think it must have been the puppy woohoo that pushed the love over the mark!

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