The Vincis (B) - Round 7


Fiona Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Enzo Vinci, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Head of SCIA


Last round on the Vincis, the family moved to a new house and adopted two new kittens. Enzo continued to work slowly toward his goal of becoming head of the SCIA, and Imelda graduated high school and moved away to college. This round, Fiona will see if she can finally get some kittens to raise and if Enzo can finally reach TOC.

The summer started off well for the Vincis, with a promotion for Enzo thanks to some smart decision-making.

He was promoted to elite operative and brought home a huge bonus.

Since they were now alone in the house, as they'd never been thanks to Fiona getting pregnant so young, they decided to celebrate in style. They almost felt like teenagers again without any "supervision" in the house.

What they never dreamed would happen is that they weren't to be alone in the house for long. A few short weeks later, while throwing up in their bathroom, Fiona knew that she was experiencing the tell-tale signs of pregnancy. She hadn't thought it possible at her age to get pregnant, but she supposed she'd heard of crazier things. It was a shock, certainly, but they weren't necessarily unhappy about the pregnancy. They were in a good place financially, and it would be nice for Imelda to finally have some siblings.

Soon, Fiona's belly was filling out nicely, and she found that she was positively starving almost all the time. She couldn't seem to cram enough food down her throat to stave off hunger for even a few hours. Between cooking and eating, she was lucky she had time for anything else.

This pregnancy seemed particularly hard on her as well. She was constantly exhausted and aching, which she chalked up to the fact that she was so much older than she'd been the first time around.

One afternoon, after climbing the stairs, she began to get extremely painful contractions, very similar to labor pains, even though she knew she wasn't nearly far enough along in her pregnancy to give birth. Terror ripped through her, and she clutched at her stomach.

Enzo rushed her to the hospital for an emergency visit, and the doctor informed Fiona that she would have to be on strict bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Her age was a factor in making this pregnancy higher risk than the first one. And so, relieved but dreading bed-arrest, Fiona headed home and crawled between the sheets.

Enzo, meanwhile, had earned enough aspiration points to choose a secondary aspiration. He decided that he needed to be a more social person; it never hurt to have lots of friends.

The rest of Fiona's pregnancy passed uneventfully. She was allowed up for bathroom visits and occasionally to make a trip to the refrigerator, but otherwise, she remained in bed.

Colm came by to visit his little girl, remarking that he couldn't believe he was going to be a grandpa again. She joked that at least he looked more like a grandpa this time around.

It wasn't long before it was finally time for Fiona to give birth. She was a little worried that something might go wrong during delivery, but it turned out that everything went smoothly.

However, they got a major surprise and an answer as to why Fiona's pregnancy had been so rough. The Vincis welcomed a brand new set of twins.

That day, Fiona gave birth to Grace and Leah Vinci, two baby girls with the exact same coloring as their big sister Imelda.

Fiona didn't know how she was going to keep up with twins at her age, but she knew that they would figure out a way to do it. It was one of the happiest days of her life.

[[Author's Notes: WOW, so okay, this pregnancy was totally and completely unplanned. One woohoo, and Fiona got pregnant at something like 7 days to elderhood! And then twins!!!! Holy crap! At least they are girls...this neighborhood seems to be overflowing with brand new baby boys. Poor Enzo spent most of the round running around and taking care of the cats since Fiona couldn't. I'm looking forward to seeing if these two girls look like Imelda when they grow up; I hope so; she's so pretty. So yes. A little baby drama in the Vinci house, but it's all good. :)

At your age, fat chance, sister. // Colm is such a good dad, he spent most of the round in the garage like a stoner. // Let that be a lesson to you about curiosity, Brownie. // This is so funny! I've never noticed it before, but it's such a true cat thing. Cute. ]]


yeesh... late in life twins! I know how rough that can be ;) Hopefully those cats get breeding soon so that Fiona can achieve her LTW. Luckily you got some girls to counterbalance the other Vinci boys... Unluckily, they are cousins to the other Vinci boys so you can't pair them up, heh. Oh well, at least it's girls!!! :)

Hahaha, my god. Wait until you see how they did this round. It was a nightmare! They're too old for all this crap!

I know! I am kinda mad that this Vinci fam is all girls and the other is all boys. Good for neighborhood balance, bad because they can never marry. Boo, but yay. :)

Eesh, that is a big surprise. Just when you think it'll be an easy house.

No kidding. At least it'll keep away the elder empty-nest boredom.

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