The Villaloboses (D) - Round 7

[[No Family Portrait, Sorry]]


Connor Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Criminal Mastermind

Dorotea Villalobos, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Taye Villalobos, Toddler Fortune Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Zadie Villalobos, Infant Fortune Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last time at the Villalobos house, Dot and Connor had just moved into a new house after graduating university. They had a small but beautiful wedding and almost immediately got pregnant. Their first child was born, Taye Villalobos, and within a few weeks, Dorotea was pregnant again with their second child, Zadie Villalobos. Connor finally got a position in his chosen field of the criminal career, and Dot got a job in the education field. The family has a tiny house but a happy home. Let's see how they're doing.

The first thing on the agenda for the Villaloboses was to throw a little birthday party for Taye, who was finally ready to grow up a bit and out of that bear suit. With Zadie tucked snugly in her crib, Connor and Dot had a small celebration with a homemade cake for him.

Taye aged into a very handsome child who definitely had his father's facial structure, though the eyes were his mother's.

Dot and Connor must have done a pretty good job raising him, as well, because his personality was quite lovely. (Though Dot would have wished he could be just a TOUCH neater.)

With some of their scant extra funds, the family bought Taye his very first Big Boy Bed, and they even splurged on some new wallpaper and carpet for the room, so it looked more fitting for a young boy instead of a baby.

Dot, finally not barefoot and pregnant, was finally able to start her job and promptly came home with her first promotion to high school principal. She loved the kids and she loved every part of her job - even dealing with irate parents. She knew she'd chosen the right field because she loved the idea of being an educator, no matter in what capacity.

It wasn't long before another birthday was due. Baby Zadie had her very first birthday, and with a little help from mommy, blew out the candles and grew into an adorable toddler.

One thing was for certain: Zadie absolutely had her mother's facial structure. While it made for a strangely adult looking toddler, Dot knew the little girl would grow into her looks as she got older. After all, Dot herself had been a pretty awkward child, and she'd turned out all right.

Still, Dot figured a little makeover couldn't hurt, and so Zadie got some new hair and new clothes. She was quite the little darling.

Meanwhile, Connor and Taye had some father-son bonding time over Taye's schoolwork. Connor, being so interested in knowledge and learning himself, tried to impress upon Taye the importance of good grades and hard work in school. "You can be anything you want if you have the skills to do it. And you can get any skills you want with a little elbow grease and some determination." Taye didn't really appreciate these pep talks quite yet (his dad was kind of a serious guy), but he heard them and would be grateful for them later, as he got older.

With Connor's logical and serious approach to parenting, and Dot's supreme love and patience, the kids had a smashing chance of becoming great successes. Knowledge was very important in this house, and the children would grow up with the best opportunities good education could provide.

Connor was proof that hard work and careful study could lead to great things. Within only a few weeks of being employed in his new profession, he was able to reach the top of his career track, and with that, he promptly gave up his non-family-friendly dream of becoming a criminal mastermind. He wanted to do something different, less dangerous, and more respectable: become a city planner.

His good fortune put him in a position almost immediately, and he felt like he was finally a respectable family man and provider.

The kids were very lucky to have this combination of parents, and they were lucky to have each other. The whole family tended to behave rather seriously, but a little bit of seriousness never hurt anyone, and they certainly had the benefit of always sticking together.

[[Author's Notes: This house is so cute. I HATE HATE HATE the layout of the actual structure, and it's going to have to get a major makeover or perhaps even be torn down completely to build a new house. It's an EAxis house, I don't know with which expansion pack, but it's wretched. When the Villalobos siblings graduated from college, I had like 5 houses to add to the neighborhood, and when I got to them, I was too exhausted to do anything but plop down a structure that would do in a pinch. Maybe at the end of this round, I'll feel creative and build them something new from scratch. Anyway, this family is adorable. I can't wait to see how Taye and Zadie turn out when they hit their teens and young adult stages. If Zadie looks anything like her mum, she'll have a very unusual beauty about her. And Taye just looks like he's going to be a little stud. Um....I don't think anything else is too terribly relevant to mention here, so I leave you with bloopers.

Do some sims simply have a "streaker" tendency? // It takes a confident man to wear pink, Taye. // I know you're hungry, sweetheart, but try not to actually stuff your fist in your mouth when you eat. ]]


Taye will really be something when he grows up! And hopefully Zaide will grow into her looks

I think he's going to be such a handsome kid. :) Zadie grew into a child when I played the house over Thanksgiving weekend, and she looks JUST like Dot did when she was a child, so I suspect she'll simply have looks that are very reminiscent of her mother. I never saw Dot as a toddler because she was a CAS child, so it's kind of fun to see what she may have looked like younger. :)

What an absolutely adorable family. Seriousness and discipline aren't bad things to have around, especially since they produces delightful children. This family seems more "normal" than the preceeding families considering Dot and Connor actually waited until they were adults to have babies, lol. All the others in the hood their age already have teens going to college!

I kind of love them more than I probably should. (I try not to have favorites, like any good mommy, lol.) For some reason, Dot melts my heart, and therefore, I love her family and offspring. I WILL populate my neighborhood with more dark-skinned sims, if it kills me! (Especially if they are adorable like Taye and Zadie!)

I like Taye's looks too.

I think his face has good structure! He's got those big ole eyes and the rounded cheeks but a reasonable, tapered chin... my favorite part of this game is seeing how the kids look as they get older.

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