University - Round 11 - Part 2: The Urele Cham House


Leo Vinci, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Captain Hero

Gemma Vinci, Young Adult Romance Sim, LTW ?

Taye Villalobos, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Business Tycoon

Willow Vinci, Young Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Rock God

Bastian Beaumont, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Game Designer

Homer Tanaka, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Zadie Villalobos, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Chief of Staff


Holy smokes, this is a lot of simbabies in one house! Last time we were at the Urele Cham house, Willow, Cosmo, Leo, Taye, and Gemma joined the Takeru in the greek house. Much, much woohoo ensued, they all managed to miraculously complete all their schoolwork in the midst of the bed-hopping, Leo was underappreciated, and some of them managed some other minor hobby achievements while there. This round, Take is gone, graduated and moved back to Rosebud, and the now-upperclassman Willow, Leo, Taye and Gemma are joined by n00b underclassmen Zadie, Bastian, and Homer. Cosmo jumped ship to move in with his new girlfriend, Sadie Chin. Let's see how this den of iniquity does this round.

It was that time again. Time for the parents of Rosebud to cry big blubbery tears as they sent their children off to the university life they knew would involve drinking, bubble blowing, and no-doubt lots of promiscuous woohoo.

The three new underclassmen got collegiate makeovers that they hoped would make them look like they were cool and belonged in the greek house. Zadie was the only one who was truly unworried, as her brother Taye was already there and could grandfather her in. The other two weren't quite as confident, though they had good hopes since they knew most of the residents from back home in Rosebud.

Of course, priorities being priorities, the first thing they did was have a giant party during which they could induct all the new greek house members. Gemma decided that if she couldn't have one Beaumont, she would have the other.

Once the hangovers wore off, majors were chosen, the n00bs moved into the greek house, and life began to proceed as normally as greek life ever did.

This, of course, included partying on the lawn with a previous gift date...

...stuffing their faces...

..and, okay, occasionally watching some educational television. It was better than studying, anyway.

Zadie decided she would take over the long-abandoned back greenhouse. It seemed like no one had touched it in a while, and she liked the opportunity to get a little dirty AND have fresh food to eat in the house instead of pizza all the time.

Leo, generally very intelligent, made some bad decisions about when soaking in the hot tub was a good idea.

Gemma remained true to form.

Of course, whenever the semester threatened to close, there was always a mass cram session during which all of the YAs would gather in the computer lab and frantically type out papers late into the night, to be turned in merely a few hours later.

A semester passed, and so did all the kids. Congratulations, you crazy party animals!

The novelty of the greek house life beginning to wear off just a little bit, the kids began actually trying to get something accomplished. Homer really wanted to get studly so he could find a hot girl to date on campus. Along with his future houseful of puppies, he knew that it would make him irresistible to the opposite sex. Chicks loved muscles and puppies.

Zadie continued to escape to the greenhouse as the weather got cooler. It was always like summer in there, and besides, her little plants were getting happier by the day, as she learned more about how to take care of them.

Yet again, Gemma stayed true to form.

Leo, on the other hand, was tired of seeing everyone ELSE in the house get lucky. Besides, after nearly dying, he realized life was too short to mess around. You could be struck by lightning at any moment! He called in an expert.

When the date the matchmaker brought in for Leo showed up, he was taken aback. She was only a teenager. He looked at me longingly. Leo: You made fun of me the entire last round. Come on, I deserve this. So I gave in and aged her up.

Leo was delighted to find that he and Michelle really got along quite well. Plus, he was allowed to think she was pretty now that she wasn't jail-bait anymore.

And then, miracle upon miracles, Leo finally achieved his goal of getting his first kiss. There was a party later in the greek house to celebrate. Leo was embarassed, but secretly, he was kind of delighted at his housemates' good-natured ribbing.

Gemma, you'd better have eaten a bad piece of pizza left lying on the counter somewhere.

And finally, the semester was over, which was a relief to all of the greek house residents, even if there was still a while to go yet. They celebrated...with a party. Of course.

Gemma decided to enrage her all-powerful controller [ME] by popping a tiny baby belly at the end-of-the-semester bash. With her banging so many people all the time, it was difficult for her [or me] to say who the father was. She searched her memory...

Oh Gemma. :\ He's barely a young adult. Gemma: Don't look at me, YOU'RE the one who forgot to put your romance sim females on birth control. That's right...she and Willow have been banging half the greek house for three years WITHOUT BIRTH CONTROL. I forehead slapped myself. The problem has since been rectified, and I forgive Gemma.

Willow: Bitch, move out the way, we're playing SSX! Leo: Why is Take's girlfriend still hanging out here anyway? Didn't he graduate?

Gemma had her second pop, and it wasn't long until...

A bouncing baby boy was the result, and Gemma named him Puck, after Shakespeare's mischievous sprite.

He had his father's pale blue eyes, his mother's black hair, and both of their skintones.

Bastian was depressingly excited about the accidental birth of his first son. I hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but she's NEVER marrying you.

Happy news! Time continued to pass with the new baby in the house, and the kids continued to maintain their grade point averages despite all logic.

Bastian, when not trying to help out and hover around Puck and Gemma, spent time in his room trying to learn how to make a baby blanket for him. He actually ended up learning a lot, gaining a gold talent badge in sewing.

Leo was his usual sweet and reliable self. When Gemma was in class or otherwise distracted, Uncle Leo could always be counted on to do all the pleasant and unpleasant jobs, from feeding and cuddling to stinky diaper changes.

Puck wasn't to remain an infant forever, though, and soon enough he was having the coolest birthday party any infant ever had.

Puck turned into a pretty adorable toddler, who definitely showed signs of his father's face shape...particularly in his cheeks. Gemma thought ruefully that he'd never be able to deny his lineage, that was for sure. But she really didn't mind. If she was going to have a kid, Bastian was a sweet guy to be her baby daddy. He really loved Puck, and he took good care of him.

Puck didn't quite live up to his namesake, as he wasn't very playful, but he definitely was an active and somewhat mean-spirited child, which fit. Mercifully, he inherited neatness from his parents.

Gemma, finally realizing that she was a mom now, began training him in her off-class house instead of constantly bed-hopping. He was adorable, and she loved him, but he was admittedly pretty good birth control as well.

The rest of the house continued pretty much as normal, with Zadie finally earning a gold gardening badge and bringing in lots of healthier food into the house.

And finally, it was time for the second year to be over. The underclassmen were now upperclassmen, and the seniors were ready to graduate and move back to Rosebud. The way they would celebrate was obvious.

At the graduation party, it seemed like everyone lost their minds. Homer jumped happily into the hot tub with Willow, who got one last woohoo before she left and gave Homer a memory to remember.

Zadie and Leo shockingly followed suit later, giving both of them a first-time memory they would never forget, even though Leo was moving on to adulthood and Zadie would continue on happily at university.

And finally, the whole party was capped off by another reason to celebrate: little Puck was growing like a weed and ready to become a child.

He definitely couldn't deny his father, that was for certain, but Gemma was so proud of her little boy that she didn't even care if she saw a college fling's face every time she looked at him. It was time for she and her little guy to move back to Rosebud, along with her two siblings.

[[Author's Notes: OKAY. So. I am an idiot. I never even remembered to put Willow and Gemma on birth control, and I shudder to think what COULD have happened with all the woohoo that was going on in that house. (Simultaneous pregnancies with natural twins, anyone? This is my reverse nightmare of what might have occurred, however unlikely.) I really feel worst because Bastian will forever have wants related to Puck, I suspect, and I have no intentions of marrying off either Gemma OR Willow. They're moving to their own little den of romance sim iniquity in Rosebud with poor Puck, who will have to suffer the endless stream of men and be the only true man of the house. Leo is going back to his parents' home to be the heir to the Vinci C household. The others stay put, and holy cow, next round is going to be insane too, as I'm cramming in eight of them yet again. It helps the uni rotation go faster when I don't have to blog that many houses, so. Anyway, I actually don't have any bloopers, as I just incorporated all the silly crap right into the update. Round 12 is up next!]]

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