University - Round 11 - Part 1: Chin Siblings


Sadie Chin, Young Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Space Pirate

Cole Chin, Young Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer


Last time we saw Sadie and Cole, they were leaving Rosebud for university life. Having secured a little house together on campus, the two siblings will now attempt to maintain both a social and an academic life at Sim State. Let's see how they do.

Sadie and Cole were ready. Having hit the mall before they even left Rosebud, the two were newly outfitted in more adult clothes, settled into their new little house, and ready to face the excitements and the challenges of university life.

Sadie wasted no time. The first thing she did was declare a Literature major. She wasn't sure how it would help her become a Space Pirate, but she didn't care; that's what she wanted her major to be.

The second thing she did was to promptly invite over Cosmo Tanaka, her somewhat sweetheart from back in her teen days. She had to admit, he looked damn good. College agreed with him. Apparently, Cosmo felt the same way about her. He couldn't believe how much she'd changed since he'd seen her last.

It quickly became apparent that there was definitely some chemistry between them, and not just leftover crushes from high school. This was something entirely different, and frankly, exciting and electric.

Sadie couldn't have chosen someone with whom she would have rather shared her first kiss. She was sure Cosmo had probably seen other girls since he started college, but right then, it didn't matter.

What surprised her was how right it felt for them to be physically intimate. Sure, it was probably crazy to rush into it so soon, but she really did feel like Cosmo could be the one.

In fact, after going steady only a few short weeks into the semester, Sadie felt so strongly that she proposed to him. Cosmo was shocked and, frankly, Sadie was shocked she'd had the nerve to do it. But to both of their delights, he said yes.

So, with a new house, a new fiancé, and a brand new A+ report card, Sadie was wasting no time in turning the world into her oyster.

But of course, no one could have all good luck all the time, and later that winter, their house was burglarized. They didn't have an alarm installed, so Cole was forced to hide in his bedroom on the telephone, whispering to 911 that they had an intruder.

What was most heartbreaking for Cole was that the thief stole his most prized possession: the old car he'd been fixing up. It was as depressing as it was shocking. He couldn't help but wonder how the thief fit the entire car into that tiny little bag she carried...

Fortunately, the cops were prompt in responding, and though Cole's car wasn't recovered, at least the thief was put behind bars and the insurance money helped him buy a new junker to tinker with.

As spring came, he had to grudgingly admit that this second car was going to turn out way better than the first one, on which he'd practiced copiously.

Sadie came home one day to find a strange, obviously crazy, old woman leaving a junky looking lamp on their front stoop. Sadie didn't think much of it, but the old lamp was kinda cool looking, so she left it outside as a yard decoration. It wasn't like the elements could ding it up any more than it already was.

Quick as a flash, freshman year was over, and the first semester of their sophomore year was beginning.

The semester was spent in a wash of elbow grease, term papers, takeout pizza, and for Sadie, ever increasing visits from Cosmo.

By the time summer rolled around, there was only one more summer term to go before they would officially be upperclassmen.

Cosmo frequently left gifts for Sadie on their front stoop, which inevitably caused Sadie to sigh and swoon at the romancing ways of her fiancé.

And Cole wasn't exactly the virgin of the house, either. He had discovered one of what he called "the best perks to pledging the greek house."

Sadie spent what time she wasn't doing her homework or shagging her boyfriend in the back garden she'd put in. She didn't have much of a green thumb, but she liked pottering around in the dirt. Everybody needed a hobby.

Finally, their sophomore year was over, and they were no longer on the bottom of the totem pool when it came to school seniority.

The best thing of all, for Sadie, wasn't being an upperclassman finally, but the shock of her life when Cosmo announced he was going to stay back with her until she finished college in two years instead of going ahead home to Rosebud. With no objection from Cole, who rather liked his sister's alien-kindred fiancé, the house became a three-person domicile.

[[Author's Notes: I don't remember playing a lot of this, but I do like Sadie and Cole a lot. I think Sadie and Cosmo are the perfect couple, as long as I can avoid mixing up Cole and Cosmo's names all the time. :p I have never seen a thief steal a car before, and the whole thing cracked me up; I couldn't help but include it. Also, ACR really affected these two this round. They may have been living with their sibling, but Cosmo and Sadie tried to jump into bed before she'd even had her first kiss, and Cole constantly booty called Willow! Sigh, these horny YAs and their ACR. Anyway, no bloopers, just an update of the Urele Cham house coming up next if I can ever motivate myself to blog it. Ugh. ]]


I love Uni updates - hopefully I can influence you to blog the next chapter, too. You know you want to - *staring in her eyes*

Lol, ahh, the guilt! I will 99% likely keep blogging uni, mostly because I enjoy playing it. The blog posts always kill me though because they're soooo loooong. But for you j68? Well...okay. :)

Sadie and Cosmo are so sweet together, Sadie looks kinda devious with Gretchen's squinty eyes. I can't believe Cole and his booty calling of will, lol, but it doesn't surprise me!

They are!!! It occurred to me, though, that I dressed both of my alien boys very similarly, oops. They just both look really good in berets!

I think Cole was just mad that everyone in that house was getting laid but him.

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