University - Round 7: The Urele Cham House


Imelda Vinci, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Space Pirate

Guillermo Chan, Young Adult Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children


It was a big day for the teens of Rosebud: moving in day at the university. Only two Rosebud teens would be joining the world of college this year: Imelda Vinci and Guillermo Chan. Imelda stood looking at the dorm with her dad, Enzo.

"I'LL MISS YOU SO MUCH," he gushed, squeezing her painfully tight and trying to suppress the tears in his eyes because he didn't want to embarrass her. "I'll be fine, dad," Imelda assured him. "Remember? I've been here before."

On another part of campus, the same scenario was taking place with Guillermo and Catalina.

"Be good, don't forget to study, and stay out of trouble!" Catalina warned him, sniffling faintly as she crushed him in her grip. "Mom...chill. I'm an adult now," he assured her, which only served to make her worry more. "You're a YOUNG adult," she corrected. "Make us proud."

The first thing on the agenda for both Guillermo and Imelda, even in their separate dorms, was to give themselves a college makeover. The same clothes they wore in high school would never do here. Guillermo decided to grow out his facial hair a bit to cover his awkward chin.

Imelda went for a more conservative style of dress befitting her knew scholarly endeavor but indulged in the makeup that her father would have frowned upon back in Rosebud.

After a brief stint in the dorms while they got their greek applications in, they were accepted as legacies and moved their things across town to the empty Urele Cham house and chose their majors. For Imelda, it was literature. She wasn't sure it would really help her with her career goal, but she loved to read and write, so it sounded good to her.

Guillermo chose history merely because it interested him. He didn't really care so much about the academic aspect of college, he was more looking forward to the experience. Girls, food, parties, football, parties, girls... and maybe some studying in there every once in a while.

Imelda, the more level-headed of the pair, was planning on having fun, sure, but she wanted to learn everything she could in her four years. And she wasn't planning on cheating on Marquez just because she was away at college and he still had a year to go before he could join her.

She and Guillermo settled into the greek house as what, at first, appeared to be a sort of odd couple. They knew each other through Marquez and from school, sure, but they'd never really been close per se. He was kind of a dumb jock, Imelda thought, and she was kind of a stick-in-the-mud smarty pants, he thought, but to both of their surprises, they got along quite well.

Imelda always reminded Guillermo to keep up on his studies so he could enjoy the college experience as long as possible, and it was to her surprise that he gave in so willingly to doing things like having group study sessions.

She didn't know that he was having hormonal fantasies about her; harmless and predictable for a college boy, but Guillermo hated himself for thinking it. Imelda may have been a brainiac, but she was a HOT brainiac. She was also the girlfriend of the closest thing he'd ever had to a brother, and that was something he could not let himself forget. Guillermo took a lot of cold showers.

In the long-standing tradition of the Urele Cham house, each new batch of members had to contribute something to the house. Guillermo decided he would contribute a basketball court, for all the future sports lovers that would come here. He and Imelda spent many an hour playing horse.

Imelda decided that the front of the house was too awful and boring and decided to plant a garden. When she realized how much upkeep it would require, though, and how quickly the yard got weedy, she also decided to throw in the hire of a gardener to keep the place looking nice.

Almost before they could realize it, the days wiled away with sports and hobbies and the nights filled with studying quickly passed their first year. Thanks to Imelda's tutelage and encouragement, Guillermo even managed to get on the Dean's List both semesters of his freshman year.

To celebrate his achievement, Guillermo decided that he'd call up an old flame: Aurélie Beaumont. Things had never really gone beyond that first kiss, but she was so pretty, and besides, Imelda was having Marquez over. He couldn't be some lame dude sitting in his room while Imelda had over her boyfriend. What Guillermo didn't expect was how attached he got to Aurélie so quickly. Perhaps he would cut down on the flirting the next year until Aurélie was around to join him. After all, he wanted a family some day, and he knew she did as well, and...who knew?

Imelda talked Guillermo into throwing in a bit more of his scholarship money to make one more major donation to the Urele Cham house: buying a drum set to go with the piano and guitar that already occupied the third floor. Next year's class could buy a bass so they had a full set, but for now, Imelda just wanted to polish her sweet drumstick spinning skills.

First semester sophomore year flew by in a flurry of term papers, greasy pizza, and late-night cram sessions.

They'd gotten their study habits down to such a fine science that they had plenty of time to pursue some hobby interests too. With all the cool things around the house, it was never hard to find something entertaining to do.

Soon, their sophomore year was over, and once again, they both passed with flying colors. Guillermo never would have admitted it, but he was a little sad to see this time pass. The next semester, the greek house would be full-up with new incoming freshmen, and he could no longer secretly indulge in his time alone with Imelda. He hoped the new blood in the house would give him a good distraction, because there was no doubt Imelda would be distracted with Marquez.

[[Author's Notes: Wow, so this was a little bit weird. Guillermo and Imelda have two bolts without any interference from me, and even though Guillermo is kind of a bastard, I can't imagine him ever putting the moves on his best cousin's girl...unless he was really drunk. And as for Imelda, she's smart and sweet, but I imagine her to have a touch of a petty side where she would never date a dumb jock like Guillermo when she has the hottest boy in Rosebud waiting to join her at uni. Not to mention Marquez is a lot nicer than Guillermo. I think I'm going to experiment on the next uni round with some hands-off playing. Just to see what drama happens, if any. I tend to micromanage my sims, but it makes for a drama-free environment, so I want to find out if Guillermo will overstep his bounds without me there to run interference. Should be a good time! Especially because Aurélie will be joining them too.

Guillermo really hates fixing things. // See, I told you he was a dick. I never even saw this option before with any of my sims. // Remember that flaming bag of poo on the steps of the Landgrabb House from like... the SECOND ROUND? Still flaming... // Guillermo: Please tell me that is not the streaker in the pool behind me. // Guillermo might have some anger issues with that shower. // Imelda: You know, you'd make a better door than a window, jerk. ]]

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The Vincis (D) - Round 7

[[Formerly the Tanaka E House]]


Inari Tanaka, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Salvatore Vinci-Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Hand of Poseidon


Last time we saw Inari, she was living in an apartment after graduation, waiting for Sal to graduate as well so they could begin their lives together. Sal graduated university early and finally joined her in Rosebud, with her dog Dakota, and together they moved into a new house. How will they do now that they are adults and living in the community?

Inari and Sal could hardly believe it. They were finally together and ready to start a life together. The first thing they did after the moving vans left was to kiss one another on their new front lawn, while Dakota happily looked on.

They'd been wanting to get married since Inari was in college, but now the time finally came. They picked a day and invited their families.

In their newly decked out back yard, with garlands and flowers all around, they exchanged their vows and their rings.

Paolo, in the background, couldn't believe he was here to witness his little brother get married. Their parents would have been so proud to see this moment, and Inari and Sal looked happier than they'd ever been as he dipped her to give her a kiss.

Their guests stayed late into the evening, talking, eating, and playing a rousing game of hackey sack in the newlyweds' living room.

It was the best party the neighborhood had seen for a long time, and Inari and Sal were just the two sims who deserved it most.

They didn't have enough money for a honeymoon, so they simply stayed in a hotel that night and enjoyed their first evening of wedded bliss.

They had searched all over the papers for this house, and they were delighted to have found it when they first visited. It was like a paradise to them, with a lush lawn and a unique layout.

It was definitely a starter home, but they didn't need anything more than a starter home. The modest kitchen and living room on the first floor was just the perfect size.

And what they lacked downstairs in luxury, they made up for with their enormous bedroom, which took up the entire second floor. Neither of them was in too much of a hurry to have children, so the house suited their needs perfectly and felt like their own little escape from the rest of the world.

The only thing the house lacked was a pond, where they could enjoy fishing the way they did back when they were teenagers. That was quickly remedied with a call to a landscaper, and the newlyweds spent a lot of their first week catching fish to fry up in their new kitchen.

Sal even got his silver fishing talent badge; long overdue, in his opinion, after all the fishing he'd done at college.

Inari soon caught up with him, and their refrigerator was stocked with all the bass, catfish, and trout they could eat.

Money was so low that Salvatore had to get a job, even though the only things open weren't in his desired career choice. He decided that he would work for a law firm temporarily until he could get a job in the Oceanography career, mostly because it paid a lot of money.

Fortunately, he didn't have to stick in that terrible career for long. After a few short weeks, he got lucky and found a position as a whale tracker - a job that he knew could eventually lead him to his lifetime goal of becoming the Hand of Poseidon.

Sure enough, he knew he'd found his niche when he came home after his first day with a big promotion and a bigger bonus.

Inari, too, decided that she needed to get a job, and she had bad luck at first finding a position in the education field as well. It was good for her that she excelled at journalism in the meantime.

With some of their bonus money, they gave their bland living room a makeover that better suited their tastes, and the house began to feel even more like a home. Sometimes they couldn't believe they were adults with their own place...a place they owned instead of rented, and one to which their parents had no claim.

The more time Inari and Sal spent outside, and the more Sal learned at his job, the more the two of them became interested in nature and the environment. They started a small garden so they could grow their own vegetables in addition to fishing in their pond. They even began composting their trash or recycling the things that wouldn't biodegrade so they could live a more green lifestyle.

Sal continued to get promoted at work thanks to his keen eye and ability to manage people while never forgetting the main purpose of his cause.

Inari switched careers again while waiting to find a position in education and ended up rapidly zooming to the top of the Natural Science career track. She and Sal were truly becoming landmark figures in the world of science, nature, and ecology.

Inari spent more and more time learning about things like vegetarianism, veganism, and the raw foods movement. Every time she entered a book store, she couldn't resist picking up a new cookbook to teach her how to make more delicious meals from the things they grew or the fish they raised.

While she was enchanted with her position, there was still a nagging feeling bothering Inari: she'd never achieved that goal of becoming an Education Minister. And now, with her new knowledge and experience, she could teach others what she'd learned. It was with a sad heart she left her job and took a high position in the education field. Perhaps once she'd achieved her goal, she could go back to her former position in ecology.

And that was when tragedy struck. Actually, Sal was just teaching Dakota how to play dead, but he was so convincing, even Dakota was worried for a little while.

The two newlyweds got along like no other couple. Their lives were completely uncluttered by traditional worries, and they lived their soothing, granola lives without much bother at all.

The worst thing they ever fought about was how Inari's bug collection far surpassed Sal's, but then she would collapse into giggles, kiss him, and tell him that she'd help him build his collection up, if only he'd teach her the secret of growing those fresh, ripe tomatoes of his.

[[Author's Notes: Awwww, I love this house! It's so naturey and lovely with all the grass and the pond. They're both turning out to be such granola hippies, I love it. They spend all their time on nature activities and even wanted to buy a tent, so I let them put one on the back yard for campouts. They go hiking together, with Dakota, all the time, and they're simply the most adorable couple in the world. I love playing this house because they're almost completely self-sufficient. They put in alternative energy sources, so there are no bills, they fish, and they grow vegetables. It's all very green, and I adore it. They've always been two of my favorite simmies.

This doesn't look like a day dream, it looks like a daymare. // It took so long for the guests to gather that strangers wandered into the ceremony and Sal and Inari started talking about hobby lot membership. // Inari disappeared halfway through the round, but apparently Aki can still see her. // Interesting want. I'll work on screwing a couple's relationship up for you right away, Inari.]]

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