University - Round 6: The Urele Cham House


Salvatore Vinci-Chin, Young Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Hand of Poseidon


Last time we saw Sal, he was at home with Gretchen and her new husband, Craig. He was dating Inari Tanaka, who was finishing up her time at the university. Now, it's Sal's turn for Uni, and he's determined to finish as quickly as possible so he can get back to Inari, to begin his life with her. Let's see how he does as the only Rosebud teen to be in college this round...

It was with great pride and immense sadness that Gretchen dropped Sal off at Sim State University. Even though he was on the accelerated program and Gretchen knew he was only a phone call or a few hours' journey away, it was the hardest thing she'd ever done, hands down. Leaving her little boy there! He wasn't just her son, he was her best friend. It had been just the two of them for so long, and now... well, she could hardly stand to let him go.

But Gretchen did what a good mother must, and she squeezed her son goodbye and bade him good luck. Sal immediately chose his major since he knew precisely what he wanted to do with his life. A biology major would be the perfect thing to launch him into an oceanography career as an adult, so that's what he chose.

Life alone in the formerly bustling greek house was mostly slow, though there was the occasional excitement - like the Breadfruit Tree in the front yard that caught fire seemingly at the drop of a hat...or every time the campus got a lightning storm.

Of course, every time he called the fire department, the head firefighter, Mitch, yelled at him for calling in an emergency when there was none. No matter how much a flailing Sal pointed and gesticulated at the burning tree, Mitch simply fined him and chastised him. Sal started to dislike Mitch a great deal.

Of course, without much company in the greek house, Sal found other ways to satisfy his social needs. Inari was always glad to leave her solitary apartment and come to the greek house. She had to admit that it was pretty romantic to have the whole huge house to themselves, where they could do whatever they wanted with no one around to complain or even say a word about it.

One night, Sal surprised her after they had particularly enjoyed the alone time in the house...with a diamond ring. She always knew they would get married, but Sal had used his scholarship money to purchase a beautiful ring so he could propose to her then and there. He said he couldn't stand not having her as his own...or at least with his ring on her finger.

Of course, she accepted, with a happy squeal and a leap into his arms.

It was one of the most positive and wonderful memories either of them had.

Of course, a great majority of the time, Sal was in the Urele Cham house alone. He didn't mind so much, as he was a thoughtful sim who loved to study and learn new skills, like fishing.

He spent so much time at the little pond, in fact, that he earned his bronze fishing badge. It wasn't all the solitude by the water or the way fish was a cheap way to feed himself that pushed Sal to fish. He remembered doing it with Inari in their early days at the park, and it was his quiet way of remaining close to her, knowing that she had done the same thing while she was in this house.

Being the bright and efficient creature of habit he was, Sal managed not only to keep up with the brisk pace of the accelerated program, but to exceed it. He'd finished all of his lessons ahead of time and spent the rest of his time learning anything else he could study. It filled his quiet nights efficiently, and he felt like a supremely well-rounded sim when it came time for him to graduate.

It wasn't long before he was throwing a private graduation ceremony for two - Sal, the happy graduate and his now-fiancée, Inari.

He graduated summa cum laude, in the top two percent of his class, and with an eager enthusiasm to return to Rosebud and be with his beloved. He was turning into a man who found a way to achieve his goals, no matter what they were.

[[Author's Notes: Since Sal was the only teen in Rosebud to be going to university this round, and since Inari is so patiently waiting for him, I decided to rush him along and play all four years in one shot, even though that's not *exactly* kosher by the rules. Nevertheless, he managed to max all of his skills and most of his other study-able book knowledge (fire safety, couples counseling, etc). I can't wait to get him back to the hood and with Inari! He's such a little over-achiever. No bloopers for this round; it zoomed by! Stick around for Round 8 in Rosebud!]]


I don't think there's anything in the rules that says how long you have to play university or when you have to play university so I think you're good to go! Sal managed to learn alot! I never have them study those life skills books unless i think it's lock worthy because they usually roll them up and then the want disappears before they can finish learning. Good for you for getting them all learned! psssttt... the Hand of Poseidon LTW is oceanography not natural science :)

Oh good. I try to stick with the rules even though I'm sooooo lazy about keeping track of points and whatnot. (And even though I've almost completely stopped attempting to get them all inducted into the secret society.) I just couldn't wait to get him through and out, and with all that alone time, all he had to do was study. I honestly was just bored with him, which was why he learned all those other skills! I'm curious to see if there's a use for them later on...

Ah, you're right. Edits!

Wow, Sal did an impressive amount of studying! I look forward to him and Inrai being together next round.

I basically plopped him in a house with a book and had him study for four years straight, haha. The poor guy. But it's worth it to get him out and with Inari before the age gap gets too big. He'll thank me when she doesn't die ten years before him! :p

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