The Tanakas (E) - Round 6

Starring:Inari Tanaka, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Last time we saw Inari, she was graduating from Sim State University Summa Cum Laude, with a renewed love affair with her boyfriend Salvatore Vinci-Chin. They struggled a bit through her college years, but their love was as strong as ever by the time she graduated and settled into an apartment building in Rosebud.

Upon her move back to Rosebud, Inari didn't bother trying to acquire permanent housing. Not only didn't she have the money to do so, but she knew that Sal would be joining her before long, and it wasn't worth wasting the money. So she took Kimi's old apartment, upon good recommendation by her older sister. She even got a discount on the rent thanks to a friend's acquaintence with her landlord. So she settled in to pass the time until Sal graduated.

Since it was pretty lonely alone in the apartment, Inari decided to adopt a little beagle puppy named Dakota, and the two of them became fast friends and nearly inseperable.

The one nice thing about the apartment complex was that Kimi still came by frequently, both to visit old friends and to see how her little sister was getting on.

The only thing Inari DIDN'T like about Kimi being around all the time was when she would drink too much and soak in the hot tubs, making herself sick and then puking in Inari's toilet. It seemed to Inari she was getting too old for this sort of behavior.

And then there was the fact that Kimi really didn't harbor any good feelings toward Inari's landlord (Kimi's former landlord) and constantly picked fights with him. All-in-all, Inari enjoyed seeing her sister but wished she didn't hang around quite so much. She couldn't wait for Sal to graduate so they could get married and move into a real house, all their own.

[[Author's Notes: This round was so uneventful, it was insane. Inari couldn't find a job in her chosen field, so she was home all the time, skilling and playing with Dakota. Kimi seemed to have forgotten that she no longer lived in the complex and was there literally the WHOLE round. All she did was puke a lot in Inari's toilet and pick fights with the landlord. Overall, kind of a bizarre round, though Inari's really just killing time until Sal graduates college.]]


LOL at Kimi partying hard at the apartment complex. She's not pregnant again is she?!?!?! Anyway, I can't wait for Sal to come back to Rosebud (for your sake and Inari's). P.S. I love the purple trench coat, is that a Maxis item?

She's not! That's the weird thing. I don't know why she kept puking in Inari's toilet because she certainly is NOT expecting. She ages into an elder in Round 7... very bizarre.

The trench coat is totally a Maxis item. Funny sidebar: when Inari transitioned to Adult, she transitioned into a purple trenchcoat and boots (as regular everyday wear) and a red trenchcoat for winter wear. Guess she likes trenchcoats. :p

Maybe Kimi had food poisoning?

That's my theory as to what happened because the landlord was throwing one of those neighborhood parties, and there was bad pizza sitting everywhere.

You'd think that common sense would discourage the eating of green, fly-coated, smelly food. Maybe common sense is non-existent in SimCity.

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