Anniversary Post #2

I've been working on getting a family tree up and running, and it's finally to a point where I can share it!

It's not all pretty and color coded like a lot of people's, but it's handily hosted by tribalpages, which makes my job a lot easier. Only pictures of sims who have already reached adulthood are uploaded, to save me the trouble of constantly changing pics.

With that, I present Rosebud Sims Family Trees. :)

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Anniversary Post #1

So it's about my two year anniversary with this blog, and I have no clue whether anyone is interested in this stuff or not, but I thought I'd share my reasons for choosing some of the names I've picked for my simbabies.

A lot of the time, I try to choose something that has meaning to me or is a nod to a character, musician, or thing I like, but for the names that aren't specially called out in this post, I probably just searched for baby names of the appropriate gender and nationality, then chose one I liked. These are the names that have specific meaning to me, with their origins and the reasons I chose them.

Clicky clicky.

There will probably be another anniversary post or two. I might do tours of some of my favorite houses, and I'm contemplating packaging and uploading some of my simmies. If anyone has any specific sim requests, let me know, and I'll be happy to oblige by uploading. I'd also love to start making wallpapers and floor coverings, but I don't know if I'll get into that in time for any shared uploads to count as being celebratory of my anniversary on this blog. So stay tuned for some more in-between posts to celebrate two years of my Rosebud babies!


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The Villaloboses (C) - Round 13


Nerissa Villalobos, Elder Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist

Catalina Villalobos, Vampire Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer


Last time at the Villalobos house, Nerissa aged well into an elder. Catalina lived pretty much the way she always had, only she became a serious night person. She kept her job and managed not to get burned to death running to her carpool in the early afternoon. Cat and Nerissa also enjoyed continuing to get it on in their adult years. Yay for elder love! Let's see how they're doing this round.

First on the agenda was to suck down a few glasses of the Elixir of Life. If Catalina was going to live forever, she may as well live forever as a young person instead of dealing with the aches and pains of middle age her whole eternal life.

She felt so good that she lured her love into bed to remind her of their earlier days together, back when they were both still young and spry.

Of course, one thing she didn't think of with her new youth was the fact that it wasn't just the outside that got was all the inner workings too. Catalina could hardly believe it when Nerissa told her she was experiencing the tell-tale signs of pregnancy.

Sure enough, though, Catalina's belly popped into a round little bulge, and Cat took off work to give herself time to rest and spend time with her baby mama before the baby actually came.

With the approach of a new child on the way, Nerissa felt herself getting sad and nostalgic for their older child, Guillermo. Even though he was now a werewolf, Nerissa still loved him more than the world. And besides, Nerissa's whole family was apparently going creature-feature these days, so what difference was it whether someone was a werewolf or a vampire? They still loved her, and she still loved them, and they would always be family.

Pregnancy didn't stop Catalina from wanting to be physically close with Nerissa, the same as her older physique didn't bother Catalina in the least. They both still thought the other as beautiful as they day they'd met.

As the days went by, Catalina grew larger and larger. Both women were truly delighted that they would have one more child together...especially since the unspoken understanding was that someday Nerissa wouldn't be around anymore while Catalina lived on.

It wasn't long before it came time for Catalina to give birth, and as she clutched her stomach, she gained a whole new respect for the pain her wife had gone through all those years ago giving birth to their son.

In a few hours, the women had a brand new baby - a girl with both Mommies' black hair and Catalina's brown eyes and skintone.

Mommy Nerissa named her Marianela and snuggled her delightedly. She was perfect.

She remained perfect in her mothers' eyes, but she most definitely didn't remain tiny. Soon it was time for the first baby birthday they'd had in many years.

Marianela grew up into a lovely little toddler with a not-too-bad personality either.

One thing Cat and Nerissa could agree upon: she most certainly didn't get her neat-freak habits from Catalina, and she certainly didn't get her outgoing nature from Nerissa. It made them smile to see both of their personalities reflected.

And who couldn't be charmed by the little girl? She brought new life and new happiness into a house that hadn't seen children for years.

[[Author's Notes: It was totally planned to let these two have another baby. I think it's because I feel so guilty letting Nerissa die while Catalina gets to live forever. I wanted to throw them one last bone so I could alleviate some of my terrible feelings about splitting up a couple that is very much in love. I'm hoping that the mixture of the two women's features will look better on a female child than it did on Guillermo, who looks a little bit wonky. I'm betting Marianela will be a beauty. She certainly won't win any charm competitions with that measly one nice point, ouch! No bloopers, just on to the next house! ]]

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The Villaloboses (B) - Round 13


Diego Villalobos, Elder Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become Space Pirate

Amber Villalobos, Elder Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become Captain Hero


Last round at the Villalobos house, Amber and Diego were helplessly boring without Marquez around to keep the house lively. Amber tried desperately to earn the wishing well but fell short. Diego joined her in her nature hobby interest, and the two spent a lot of time weeding and fishing. Not much more is in store this round, but let's check in with them anyway, shall we?

Diego and Amber got used to not having a child in the house. Marquez had moved into his own home with his wife Imelda, and that meant his parents had the luxury of truly enjoying the home they'd made for themselves without having to feel like the doddering old grandparents. Diego didn't mourn his elderhood but rather celebrated it. Just because his hair was gray didn't mean he and his friends couldn't whip a bowling ball down the lane in the basement for a satisfying strike.

Amber, too, was spared the dreaded "grandma syndrome," of becoming a live-in grandparent. She could still haul huge fish out of their backyard pond and get on her hands and knees to tend her beloved plants. She and Diego were definitely enjoying the retired life.

Despite Amber's spry knees, however, she still struggled to get the coveted wishing well from the gardening club. They'd even begun to give her money for what a great job she was doing, but the wishing well was still elusive. She was heartbroken to lose her last chance before the growing season ended that year.

Their home was beautifully adorned with decorative plants, not to mention the ones that produced food, and she still couldn't earn her well. It was depressing, but maybe next year...

Diego began to settle into a late-fall routine....finding ways to entertain himself indoors in preparation for the coming winter, when he and Amber's nature interests would curtail themselves.

Of course, life wasn't just what the couple made of was also what happened to them. Their lawn gnome, in particular, kept things interesting that fall with a constant disappearing act.

Amber had to laugh at her husband's seeming delight at their continually disappearing lawn gnome. It made him act like a kid again.

But she had to admit, it was refreshing to see him having so much fun - and good, clean fun. Plus, he always managed to get their gnome back.

Their life was simple and happy. They had everything they needed in the house, from entertaining ways to sustain themselves to other entertainment like friends and each other.

And their friends definitely didn't mind coming over to enjoy the place either.

[[Author's Notes: This house is fairly interesting with Amber's goal of getting the wishing well...I like the nature hobby a lot. But with winter being the next season, I'm afraid they'll be terribly boring. Guess we'll find out. No bloopers for you. ]]

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The Beaumonts (C) - Round 13


Alain Beaumont, Elder Family Sim, 2nd LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Meadow Beaumont, Elder Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens


Last round at the Beaumont house, Marc went off to college. Alain reached his LTW when the couple had their golden anniversary party. Cleo and Darcy passed away into the doggy heaven in the sky, and new pups Nikki and Jesse aged into adult dogs and were given up for adoption. Let's see how these two do by themselves this round.

Alain found that life didn't change very much with Marc gone at school. He still spent time bathing and feeding the dogs, helping Meadow keep house, and building toys in his basement workshop. He also found some time to do some fishing, keeping more fresh food on their table.

Meadow kept plugging along at her lifetime goal, starting the fall season off right with the birth of two new puppies: Betty and Gunnar.

She also decided to adopt another puppy at the same time, with the hopes that when Gunnar grew up, he might have a potential new mate, adding some fresh blood into the Beaumont doggy bloodlines.

The three pups got along swimmingly and were happy in their little puppy play area.

In fact, it wasn't long before they'd all grown up into adult dogs, and Meadow was delighted to see that Daisy would bring some interesting genes into her dogs' family line.

Betty and Gunnar looked exactly like Sara, only with Apollo's coloring, much like Nikki and Jesse had looked before them.

It was soon time to say goodbye to Betty, and Meadow and Alain gave her big hugs before she headed off to be adopted out to a new family. Sara and Apollo were moved to the "retirement home" for dogs, and Daisy and Gunnar were going to take on the role of the next breeding pair of pups. Sooner or later, Meadow swore she'd achieve this lifetime goal...and maybe Alain could get some happiness out of it too.

[[Author's Notes: They were a little boring this round, as all elders are, but the dogs are cute and keep me entertained. Does anyone know if Alain will get to claim his second LTW when the couple has raised a total of 20 puppies? Because that would be kind of awesome. Two for one and all that. Can't wait to see how the new pups turn out...I'm hoping we can lose that original gangly body shape that has been around since Darcy. Couple of bloopers for you.

Even ghost dogs like to be clean. // And apparently dogs aren't the only ones who prefer a water wiggler to a bath tub... // Okay, I used to think ghost dogs were cute, but I TAKE IT BACK. EEP! ]]

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The Vincis (C) - Round 13


Caitlin Vinci, Elder Family Sim, 2nd LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens (LOL)

Paolo Vinci, Elder Family Sim, LTW Have 6 Grandchildren

Leo Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Captain Hero

Doyle Vinci, Teen Family Sim, LTW Graduate 3 Children From College

Mario Vinci, Child Family Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Luigi Vinci, Child Romance Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Vinci house, things were crazy as usual. This house is never boring. Caitlin reached her lifetime want while Paolo found that it was harder to raise toddlers the older you got. Gina and Giovanni helped their parents out with the younger kids as much as they could. Mario and Luigi aged well into children, and Doyle aged well into a teenager. Gio and Gina eventually went off to university near the end of the round. Caitlin aged well into an elder (finally, her childbearing years are over, woot!), and everyone was generally content, as is the standard in this house. Let's check in on them this round, when Leo rejoins the household after graduating uni.

The houses in the Vinci house were constantly morphing due to the changing family dynamic brought upon by Caitlin and Paolo's constant procreation, but this time, everyone felt excitement and even relief to see the nursery torn out for good and an adult bedroom take its place. Leo now had a place to rest his head in his own, old home.

The first thing he did as soon as he moved in was to call Michelle Kearney, his first (and only!) love, so he could pop the question.

She said yes, of course, and joined the house, bringing $12,000 with her. Here are Michelle's stats:

Plus, she cleaned up quite nicely.

Michelle was now part of the madness that was the Vinci household, and Leo and his parents couldn't have been more delighted. He'd half-suspected he'd remain a bachelor his entire life, after remaining a virgin until he graduated college. But Michelle was the answer to all that, and she happily settled in to a life with lots of children running around, sweet elderly in-laws, and LOTS of grilled cheese.

Not wanting to wait, they got married in a very informal ceremony on the front lawn in their everyday clothes over a steaming pile of dead cockroaches. It was SOOOOOO romantic. :p

Leo was delighted to be back home. Home was his comfort zone, and he dove back into family affairs as though he'd never left. He'd missed his parents and set about renewing his friendships with Caitlin, Paolo, and his siblings.

A true family sim, he also took an interest in the welfare of his younger siblings. His parents were getting older, and Leo was more than happy to take over the more unpleasant tasks, like going through the tedious application process to private school.

With three adults in the house, it split up the responsibility into manageable chunks. Paolo cooked, Doyle gave the tour, Caitlin schmoozed, and Leo provided appetizing background music for their dinner.

With all of the Vinci children having been accepted previously, the whole affair was more for show than an application process. The headmaster knew that the Vinci children had always been valuable additions to Rosebud Academy, and he was sure this final generation would be no different.

There was definitely a little celebration going on that night in the newlywed bedroom. "I can't wait until we have kids of our own," Leo said wistfully, his poor attempt at pillow talk succeeding nonetheless.

Paolo and Caitlin found that with two more adults in the house and children who were getting older and more self-sufficient, they had more time to focus on their own romantic relationship...even if it did take place in some unlikely places.

I mean, so what if they had a fascination with bathrooms? They were as in love as ever.

With the house filling up again, Doyle decided it was time for him to follow the family tradition and head off to college at a fairly young age. He had already racked up a lot of scholarships anyway, so why postpone it?

Bye, Doyle; see you at uni!

In fact, Doyle left just in time to spare his parents the torture of three teenage boys in the house at the same time. That week was the birthday for the youngest and final Vinci twins.

Hahahaha, oh, Mario....

The boys chose their aspirations and decided what they wanted out of their future potential mates. Mario liked tough girls who didn't remind him of his mom, and Luigi only wanted the prettiest princesses.

Mario finally got his unfortunate skin tone issue solved and got a fancy new CC haircut since I felt guilty for being too stupid to fix him from a two-toned freak into a normal boy earlier.

As for their career choices...well, they were as opposite as they boys' aspirations.

True to form, responsible Mario got a job right off the bat. He wanted to get some experience in his future life career so he could really shoot up the ranks once he got back from college with the necessary degree.

Aaand, it looked like Leo would get his wish for children sooner than he thought when Michelle's belly popped into her new maternity pajamas.

When she popped again a few weeks later, the only major difference was one thing:

The teen boys knew they had to speed up their progress so they could get out and go to university before there was another crying baby in the house.

[[Author's Notes: I will say one thing about the ten kids ltw: it never allows a house to become boring. I still enjoy playing this house even though Paolo and Caitlin are elders because there's constant new blood in the home. This round was busy but not really difficult, as seems to be the usual. I honestly don't think I could have done the 10 kids LTW with any family but this one. Paolo and Caitlin are natural parents, and their kids have all been really well-behaved. Looking forward to seeing how Leo and Michelle's offspring turn out...and hoping they don't have her mouth. They should have some pretty green eyes, though, since Michelle and Leo both have them. A few bloopers for you...

Michelle: My foot feels wet. Why does my foot feel wet? Is it raining? // LOL, nice outfit, Mario.So many things wrong with this: (1)They are cuddling and thinking about bathtubs. (2)They are horrendously embarrassing their children in front of the other kids on the school bus. (3)Even the dog is annoyed that they're blocking the sidewalk. ]]

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