The Beaumonts (B) - Round 13


Steffi Beaumont, Elder Family Sim, 2nd LTW WooHoo With 20 Different Sims (lol)

Arnaud Beaumont, Elder Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Become Professional Party Guest

Bijou Beaumont, Teen Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate


Last round at the Beaumont house, Steffi reached her LTW of having a golden anniversary, promptly rolling a ridiculous and unattainable 2nd LTW. She continued to garden profusely, while her husband Arnaud contined to pretty much be a doddering old man, writing novels and restaurant guides to bring in money to the family. Bijou proved herself to be a strange cross between popularity sim and knowledge sim. She maxed out all of her skills, but she also brought home a different friend every day from school (all of the Silvervale teens, amusingly) and was not shy about admiring herself in the mirror. It's almost time for her to head off to college. Let's check in.

Bijou was bored. Yeah, she loved her parents, but she swore she'd go crazy if she did the same thing day after day the way they did. Her mother was always out in the greenhouse - newly rebuilt to accommodate her fruit trees - and her father was always typing away at his computer.

They'd both achieved all their lifetime dreams, and Bijou supposed that meant there wasn't much else for them to do but settle into their old age. With Bastian gone, she was the only young person left in the household, and it made her itchy to leave for university.

She wasn't an ingrate...I mean, she appreciated all the fresh produce that came from her mother's hard labors in the garden.

And, she reminded herself, she wouldn't have any kind of spending money to go out with her friends if her father didn't spend most of his days typing up his novels and restaurant guides.

She felt guilty for wanting to get out of the house, but some nights, her only comfort was gossiping with her girlfriends on the phone about what college life would be like. She couldn't wait one more minute.

She tallied up the scholarships she'd applied for and promised her parents she would be good at Sim State. They weren't worried about her grades at all - they knew she was as brilliant as her big brother. It was just that social side that they knew would go wild in college.... But Bijou reassured them that Bastian would be there to keep an eye on her.

She headed off right away to join the newest freshman class at Sim State.

Though she would miss her parents, she wouldn't worry about them finding ways to entertain themselves at home.

She could imagine exactly how they would spend their time while she was away. Her mother would putter in her garden, and her father would keep typing his novels.

She had to smile at how boring and predictable they were. She bet their lives wouldn't change a bit while she was off at school.

[[Author's Notes: This round was pretty uneventful, but I found it amusing that Steffi and Arnaud immediately began autonomously woohooing ALL THE TIME once Bijou left for school. They had a want for the hot tub, so I installed it in the back yard, figuring it was a nice golden anniversary present. That thing will get a lot of action, let me tell you. Not much else to add...but I've got two bloopers for you.

I really think that's an unwise decision, at this juncture Brad. // I told you so. (He has totally become the neighborhood newspaper thief! Jerk! <3>]]


My elders jump straight into bed, too, when the youngest leave for college. I bet real people do too! :)

I love how you wrote this entry from Bijou's perspective, very creative, and funny, and ironic at the end, lol. Also, yes, Brad is a total asshole, you just don't see it in Silvervale because I micromanage all the time. Also, in my hood I have so many mean sims that it's usually "who's going to steal the paper today lottery".

j68 - I think it's totally adorable, and you're right! I never thought of it that way, but I guarantee a bunch of parents sending their kids off to school definitely do a little celebrating of their new-found private time! :D

Liz - I don't know why I ended up doing it that way, it just came out sounding right. After all, it's all about Bijou anyway. :p And the only way to make pictures of Arnaud and Steffi doing what they always do was to have someone else narrate it. Otherwise, it would be me going, "Here's Steffi gardening again. Here's Arnaud puttering around and trying to catch butterflies."

Also, LOL @ Brad. I don't have that many newspaper thieves, but I'll be extra curious to find out who the new spy-ee is when Linda Tanaka dies away. She's the only one in Rosebud anyone ever looks at through the telescope!

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