The Beaumonts (C) - Round 13


Alain Beaumont, Elder Family Sim, 2nd LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Meadow Beaumont, Elder Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens


Last round at the Beaumont house, Marc went off to college. Alain reached his LTW when the couple had their golden anniversary party. Cleo and Darcy passed away into the doggy heaven in the sky, and new pups Nikki and Jesse aged into adult dogs and were given up for adoption. Let's see how these two do by themselves this round.

Alain found that life didn't change very much with Marc gone at school. He still spent time bathing and feeding the dogs, helping Meadow keep house, and building toys in his basement workshop. He also found some time to do some fishing, keeping more fresh food on their table.

Meadow kept plugging along at her lifetime goal, starting the fall season off right with the birth of two new puppies: Betty and Gunnar.

She also decided to adopt another puppy at the same time, with the hopes that when Gunnar grew up, he might have a potential new mate, adding some fresh blood into the Beaumont doggy bloodlines.

The three pups got along swimmingly and were happy in their little puppy play area.

In fact, it wasn't long before they'd all grown up into adult dogs, and Meadow was delighted to see that Daisy would bring some interesting genes into her dogs' family line.

Betty and Gunnar looked exactly like Sara, only with Apollo's coloring, much like Nikki and Jesse had looked before them.

It was soon time to say goodbye to Betty, and Meadow and Alain gave her big hugs before she headed off to be adopted out to a new family. Sara and Apollo were moved to the "retirement home" for dogs, and Daisy and Gunnar were going to take on the role of the next breeding pair of pups. Sooner or later, Meadow swore she'd achieve this lifetime goal...and maybe Alain could get some happiness out of it too.

[[Author's Notes: They were a little boring this round, as all elders are, but the dogs are cute and keep me entertained. Does anyone know if Alain will get to claim his second LTW when the couple has raised a total of 20 puppies? Because that would be kind of awesome. Two for one and all that. Can't wait to see how the new pups turn out...I'm hoping we can lose that original gangly body shape that has been around since Darcy. Couple of bloopers for you.

Even ghost dogs like to be clean. // And apparently dogs aren't the only ones who prefer a water wiggler to a bath tub... // Okay, I used to think ghost dogs were cute, but I TAKE IT BACK. EEP! ]]


Those silly dogs make me laugh every time with their unreasonably skinny necks, lol. Also, Daisy is super cute and I'm excited to see what her pups look like :) I guess if Alain has memories from all the puppies growing up, he should get his LTW (idk for sure though, will be interesting to see).

Eew, ghost dogs are really creepy!
I certainly hope that you'll get both LTW's in one go! Let us know :)

Liz - HAHA I KNOW! It's all Darcy's fault! That dumb original breeder dog's huge head and tiny neck has passed alllllll the way down the line, even when interbred with big bull-necked Apollo! These doggies will probably forever stay in the adoption pool, lol. I'm hoping that Daisy, another thick-necked dog, will FINALLY help get rid of some of that gangliness that runs in the family bloodline.

j68 - I KNOW, RIGHT? I'll definitely post whether he gets the LTW as well...I can't see why he shouldn't; he's been there as long as Meadow's been working on her LTW.

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