The Villaloboses (C) - Round 13


Nerissa Villalobos, Elder Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist

Catalina Villalobos, Vampire Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer


Last time at the Villalobos house, Nerissa aged well into an elder. Catalina lived pretty much the way she always had, only she became a serious night person. She kept her job and managed not to get burned to death running to her carpool in the early afternoon. Cat and Nerissa also enjoyed continuing to get it on in their adult years. Yay for elder love! Let's see how they're doing this round.

First on the agenda was to suck down a few glasses of the Elixir of Life. If Catalina was going to live forever, she may as well live forever as a young person instead of dealing with the aches and pains of middle age her whole eternal life.

She felt so good that she lured her love into bed to remind her of their earlier days together, back when they were both still young and spry.

Of course, one thing she didn't think of with her new youth was the fact that it wasn't just the outside that got was all the inner workings too. Catalina could hardly believe it when Nerissa told her she was experiencing the tell-tale signs of pregnancy.

Sure enough, though, Catalina's belly popped into a round little bulge, and Cat took off work to give herself time to rest and spend time with her baby mama before the baby actually came.

With the approach of a new child on the way, Nerissa felt herself getting sad and nostalgic for their older child, Guillermo. Even though he was now a werewolf, Nerissa still loved him more than the world. And besides, Nerissa's whole family was apparently going creature-feature these days, so what difference was it whether someone was a werewolf or a vampire? They still loved her, and she still loved them, and they would always be family.

Pregnancy didn't stop Catalina from wanting to be physically close with Nerissa, the same as her older physique didn't bother Catalina in the least. They both still thought the other as beautiful as they day they'd met.

As the days went by, Catalina grew larger and larger. Both women were truly delighted that they would have one more child together...especially since the unspoken understanding was that someday Nerissa wouldn't be around anymore while Catalina lived on.

It wasn't long before it came time for Catalina to give birth, and as she clutched her stomach, she gained a whole new respect for the pain her wife had gone through all those years ago giving birth to their son.

In a few hours, the women had a brand new baby - a girl with both Mommies' black hair and Catalina's brown eyes and skintone.

Mommy Nerissa named her Marianela and snuggled her delightedly. She was perfect.

She remained perfect in her mothers' eyes, but she most definitely didn't remain tiny. Soon it was time for the first baby birthday they'd had in many years.

Marianela grew up into a lovely little toddler with a not-too-bad personality either.

One thing Cat and Nerissa could agree upon: she most certainly didn't get her neat-freak habits from Catalina, and she certainly didn't get her outgoing nature from Nerissa. It made them smile to see both of their personalities reflected.

And who couldn't be charmed by the little girl? She brought new life and new happiness into a house that hadn't seen children for years.

[[Author's Notes: It was totally planned to let these two have another baby. I think it's because I feel so guilty letting Nerissa die while Catalina gets to live forever. I wanted to throw them one last bone so I could alleviate some of my terrible feelings about splitting up a couple that is very much in love. I'm hoping that the mixture of the two women's features will look better on a female child than it did on Guillermo, who looks a little bit wonky. I'm betting Marianela will be a beauty. She certainly won't win any charm competitions with that measly one nice point, ouch! No bloopers, just on to the next house! ]]


Marianela is a cutie, and I think you should let go of your feelings of guilt for Nerissa. Just BE the SimGodess you can be :)

Hahaha, thanks for the pep talk! I think I'll definitely get over it, but this will be my first sim couple whose relationship ended after a lifetime because one has to die and one has to live forever. But oh well. At least they had one more child; that's the bone I'm throwing her. :p

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