The Vincis (G) - Round 12


Willow Vinci, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Rock God

Gemma Vinci, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Professional Party Guest

Puck Vinci, Child Popularity Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


The last time we saw Willow and Gemma, they were at University, living it up in the Urele Cham house. Unfortunately, due to oversight, neither of them were on birth control and both were woohooing half the male members of the greek house. This was only remedied after it became apparent that Gemma was pregnant by Bastian Beaumont, and before she graduated, she gave birth to Puck, who aged from infant to toddler and toddler to child before the two sisters finally graduated. They've moved back to Rosebud into a bachelorette pad of a house with little Puck. Let's see how they do in the real world.

There was one thing the Vinci sisters decided they wanted, if they were going to move back home to Rosebud and attempt some sort of domesticity, and that was the most unique house in the neighborhood. They contracted a builder to build them a tower of a house, a leaning one. They were delighted when they showed up at the front door and looked at their cherries and cream house.

Their excitement diminished a bit when they got inside the house and realized they barely had the minimum they needed to survive. Building the house had eaten up all their savings. The first night, they were forced to eat leftover pizza from their college days because they couldn't afford groceries.

They couldn't even afford to build walls around a proper bathroom, which meant that the sleeping floor (a.k.a. the third floor), became an impromptu shower area as well. It was far from the ideal living situation, and the girls knew they had to do something about it, and quickly.

The lack of entertainment was another serious problem. When they weren't playing red hands or catch with Puck, the only thing to do was settle into bed with a book. They didn't have a TV or a computer or even a radio to keep them entertained. The situation was dire to them, having gotten used to the plush furnishings of the Urele Cham house.

Willow took the first job available, in the paranormal career track, because she wanted to get a paycheck as soon as possible, and this was the highest paying job she was qualified for at the time.

Fortunately, Willow was not only smart and a hard worker, but also very charming, and she came home with a promotion almost immediately. All the money went into the house. First on the agenda was a walled-off bathroom in which to shower, a couch, a cheap tv, and a few lamps.

Puck, finally in school for the first time in his life, suffered the most from the lack of entertainment. After doing his homework in the evenings, he was so starved for fun things to do that he started remedying the situation himself.

From the first week on, he began bringing home a series of kids from school that he could play with. Sure, there were no toys or video games, but if he and his friends used their imaginations, cops and robbers could almost be as much fun as SSX. (Pictured above: Pearl Vinci)

This clever arrangement allowed him excel at his studies without dying of boredom.

Willow continued to work while Gemma stayed home in order to be there for Puck when he got home from school. She brought home promotion after promotion, each time the money going to improve the house and add more features like better lighting, wallpaper, and actual carpet.

They even managed to purchase a cheap used telescope at a local pawn shop, which provided them with some much needed relief from the boredom of being stuck in a house with a pitiful bookshelf and a TV that only got three stations.

Finally, one night, Gemma was searching through the want ads and discovered a job she knew she wanted: a freelance web designer. The pay was decent, the hours were short (allowing her to be home for Puck in the evenings), and it just plain sounded fun. She snapped it up immediately.

Willow was relieved that Gemma had finally found a job that would suit Puck's school schedule. She liked her job and excelled at it, but decorating the house would have gone a lot faster with two incomes.

The girls finally managed to begin on the top floor in their decoration. The first floor was the kitchen, the second the living area, the third Puck's bedroom, and the fourth was to be their little mutual den of iniquity. Both extremely focused on romance, the two sisters were dying to finally settle in and have some dates with the men of Rosebud. They couldn't do it until the house looked halfway decent, but they were dying to get to that point. The first thing they did was design a fantastic shared bathroom on the top floor with all the amenities they (or their potential guests) could want. The bedrooms were next on the agenda.

Before they could start picking out egyptian cotton sheets, though, they had another matter to attend to: Puck's birthday. Gemma could hardly believe he was already becoming a teenager.

He grew into an awkward but still cute young man with both his mother and father's ice blue eyes.

He decided that he wanted to be the most popular kid in school. Perhaps it was because he felt inferior thanks to his parents not being married, or perhaps he just enjoyed the habit of constantly socializing he'd adopted as a child to stave off boredom. Either way, he knew that a sweater vest wasn't the way to be the most popular kid in school.

A quick makeover with the help of his Aunt Willow turned him into badass-looking kid that he knew everyone would respect. It was time to rule the school.

[[Author's Notes: This house was SO. POOR. this round. But it was kind of fun anyway because I'm getting tired of playing the main houses where they constantly have over $500,000 all the time. Poor Puck is going to have to wait for wallpaper in his room because the women are going into aspiration failure from lack of woohoo. So bedrooms for the ladies next, then finally finishing up the third floor for Puck. Third floor will also become the bedroom for any more oops babies that might occur during the course of all the woohoo that will inevitably happen in this house. Anyway, a couple of bloopers for you!

Could you have maybe found a more appropriate time to seek validation for your A+, Puck? // Oh Inari. You might reconsider what you wear out for a walk. // So you're preggers, Samantha!? SHOCKER! You only have 89548903432 babies already and are the size of a small condominium. // Alex looks SO thrilled to have been impregnated with alien spawn. ]]

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The Vincis (F) - Round 12


Conor Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Graduate 3 Children From University

Liam Vinci, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Captain Hero

Frances Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children

Jenny Vinci, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate


Last round at the Vinci compound, the twins Conor and Liam moved into the shell of the house they'd had built fresh out of college. They were poor enough that they couldn't afford to put anything in but a toilet and a phone, but as soon as they moved in their fiancées, Frances and Jenny, they had enough to finally buy necessities like a refrigerator. Frances and Conor couldn't wait to get married and rushed down to city hall for an informal joining. All four adults got jobs and received great promotions, though only Liam succeeded in getting his chosen career path. The boys continued to be best buddies, and the girls sort of had to get to know each other pretty quickly. At the end of the round, Frances revealed to Conor that she was pregnant with their first child. It proved to be a rather insane, though entertaining, house. Let's see how they do this round!

Conor started the round off in true Conor fashion: by being a responsible adult and picking up yet another promotion in the education field, thereby shooting him to the top of the ladder: education minister. He had to admit, it wasn't a bad gig, and he liked being around the kids. He thought he might just stick with it.

Besides, the education career, in the lower eschelons, wasn't very profitable, but it could be very lucrative in the higher-up stages. There was a lot of corruption at this level, but Conor was determined to be one of the good guys and earn his salary while doing what was best for the children of Rosebud. After all, his own unborn child was about to become one of them.

As time started passing, the four adults found themselves mixing and matching in their interactions a bit more. Liam was particularly good about making sure his twin's pregnant wife had food when she got hungry, and the two of them began to hit it off quite nicely.

The girls, too, started to get closer. With Frances on maternity leave and Jenny working mostly nights, they started to enjoy their morning ritual of watching Good Morning Simerica in their pajamas after the boys went off to work.

Of course, the twins were still as inseparable as they could be given the fact that they were both employed. Sharing a house together was the best idea they'd ever had.

Liam spent a great deal of his time studying, when he wasn't at work. He'd slacked off a bit more than his older brother in college, and now he was trying desperately to make up for it. If he wanted to make it to Captain Hero, he had to be in top condition, both mentally and physically.

Jenny, too, continued to focus primarily on her work. She and Liam wanted a family eventually, but they were in no rush the way Conor and Frances were. They both wanted to make sure they had enough money in the bank and enough maturity to be ready to make the sort of sacrifices having a child would entail. Even though Jenny wasn't in the journalism track, where she would have preferred to be, she had to confess that the entertainment field was...well, entertaining. She enjoyed it and the promotions she brought home.

While Jenny and Liam were focusing on their careers, Frances had a sudden keen focus on her and Conor's impending family...because it was about to start right now!

In the upstairs bathroom, a beautiful little baby girl was born with brown eyes and Conor's mom Caitlin's red hair. It was a lovely surprise, and they named her Lucia.

They already had the nursery prepared by the time she arrived, all decorated in unisex baby colors since they'd chosen not to know the sex of the baby before she was born.

Conor, of course, was a doting father to his new little girl. He could hardly believe the miracle he and Frances had created together, and though he didn't want to admit it, he couldn't wait to perform that miracle again. Family sims, go figure.

The twins called over their parents to come see their new grandchild, and Paolo especially was delighted. He'd always wanted an elderhood filled with bouncing baby grandchildren, and his joy in Lucia was apparent.

In fact, everyone in the house seemed to fall under Lucia's spell. All the adults in the house doted on her massively, and she was never short on willing volunteers to feed her a warm bottle.

Jenny continued to get promotions at work, though every night she continued to hunt for jobs in the journalism field that would allow her to achieve her ultimate lifetime goal.

Liam, too, in between working and taking care of Lucia, continued to study hard as well in his effort to become Captain Hero. He and Jenny had finally agreed that they wanted to reach their lifetime goals before they even started of thinking about having a family.

Unfortunately, this was apparently not in the universe's plan for them.

Bye, Liam. I'm very angry at you for being abducted, you know.

And now you're back. Great.

Yeah, yeah. Just wait until you figure out what it was those aliens did to you while you were up in space.

Conor, despite really wishing there was a paternity leave for fathers too, went back to work to bring home the bacon, so to speak. He continued trying to make the best decisions for the educational community with vigor now that Lucia had been born, and his efforts were appreciated by the town, the government, educators everywhere, and the parents of Rosebud. He was rewarded handsomely.

Frances, too, eventually went back to work, but it wasn't so awful to leave Lucia at home knowing that she would be with Uncle Liam and Aunt Jenny - there would be no babysitters for her children, only time spent with extended family.

And speaking of Aunt Jenny, one night while browsing through the want ads online, she finally spotted a position that made her heart leap: Horoscope writer. Sure, it wasn't exactly glamorous, but it would help her get her foot in the door, and that was all she needed. She snatched it up immediately and went to bed excited for her new position to start the next day.

The celebration didn't end there, however. It was time for baby Lucia's first birthday, and the family gathered around to watch Frances help blow her little girl's candles out.

Conor and Frances were startled by their beautiful little girl, now a toddler. Her red hair shone as brightly as Caitlin's, and her warm brown eyes stared up into those of the same shade possessed by her mother.

Lucia was definitely going to have a bit of "first born" syndrome, it was apparent. Conor and Liam joked that Silvio definitely had the same petulance, so it only made sense that it ran in the family. But Lucia was also shy and serious, with a serious playful streak and a distaste for messes. It could have been worse, and the whole family loved her no matter if she was mean as a snake.

Conor immediately set to work taking care of his little girl, which was his greatest joy in life these days. Being the educator, he especially loved taking a hands-on approach to teaching, and it was a miracle watching Lucia begin to process the things he was showing her.

Later that season, Jenny came home with her first promotion in her new field. She was now a sports columnist. She didn't care about sports so much, but she was an honest to goodness columnist! Before long, she'd be the most famous media figure in Rosebud, and she'd do it even if it killed her.

Frances and Liam shared in Jenny's good luck (or perhaps it was just reward for hard work). She managed to become a UFO Investigator, and for the first time since she'd started this job, she really felt interested in it. After what had happened to Liam, she finally felt a passion for really exploring this aspect of her career.

Liam's promotion was the final one he'd been waiting for, and now he was, like his brother, a towering pillar of the community. He'd become Captain Hero. If he could keep his family safe and Conor could keep his family well-educated, Liam thought that between the two of them, they could really make Rosebud an even better place in which to live than it had been all along.

And it was a good thing... Liam suddenly realized his promotion had come none too soon...and that Frances' new job could potentially come in very handy over the next nine months.

[[Author's Notes: Sigh, this house. It will always take me ages to blog because I always have a billion pictures, but I don't even care. I'm just delighted every time I play them. Things I was excited about this round: Lucia having Caitlin's hair color (yay!), Liam reaching TOC (yippee for permaplat!), Jenny finally getting into the journalism career ('bout time). Things I was not excited about this round: LIAM GETTING ABDUCTED. What. the. hell. I'm almost going to have to install the 'more than 8 sims per lot' hack if Frances will ever achieve her LTW and if I ever want Liam and Jenny to have natural children together instead of alien spawn. Sigh. If I do install it, I'm not going to make it a habit to have enormous houses, but I'm leaning toward yes on this one. Darn you, Liam/aliens!!! Anyway, only one blooper for you, and then we move on to the last house in this round, the newly formed Vinci G house (Gemma, Willow, and Gemma's lovechild with Bastian Beaumont, Puck).

Yes, Frances, I can see how fun that task is and how that might cause you to realize your undiscovered desire to tinker. ]]

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