The Villaloboses (D) - Round 9


Dorotea Villalobos, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Connor Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become City Planner

Taye Villalobos, Teen Fortune Sim, LTW Become Business Tycoon

Zadie Villalobos, Child Fortune Sim, LTW Become Chief of Staff


Last round at the Villalobos household, Zadie aged well from a toddler into a child with a serious artistic bent. Both children got into private school, and Connor achieved his 2nd LTW of Becoming a City Planner. Taye aged well into a teenager and decided to become a business tycoon someday. Dorotea continued to work at her career, gaining slow but sure promotions and ending up pregnant again at the end of the round. How will this family do with an increase in population in their tiny home? We'll see.

In case there had been any question of the tell-tale nausea Dot had been experiencing, a baby bump soon appeared to confirm what she already suspected was true. Another baby was on the way.

Zadie and Taye continued to get extremely good grades, even in the new, more difficult private school. They also continued to be quite popular with their classmates, frequently bringing home new friends.

Wait, Taye, WHOA! I thought you said you brought home a "friend" from school!! Taye: What, you can't kiss your friends? Me: Oh, you teenagers and your hormones... Well, don't get too comfortable because...

Dot, your son is going to kill you for not being able to wait just a few hours longer. Dot: I DON'T CARE! BABY COMING NOW. Shoo-flee!

And in that ill-timed moment, a new family member joined the Villalobos household: a little girl, Nala.

Nala arrived not too long before Zadie's own birthday, and the little girl was beyond excited to finally be a teenager. "Now I can go OUT with my friends instead of always having to stay at home!" she exclaimed, though she didn't push her luck when she saw the stern look her father gave her.

As she blew out the candles, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life: learn everything she possibly could. She'd already been enjoying soaking up all the knowledge her parents and older brother imparted to her, and she thought she might someday like to be as smart as her dad, who was the smartest guy she knew. And maybe, if she learned that much, maybe she could even have a big important job someday, like being a doctor or head of a hospital.

The one thing not on Zadie's mind on her birthday was how her looks might change as she got older. She'd never cared much about the way she looked. But when her mother looked at her and breathed out in surprise, she wondered what the big deal was. "What, do I have frosting in my hair?" Zadie asked, patting her head. "No," Dot breathed, beaming at her. "You're beautiful!"

And Dorotea was right: Zadie had turned out even more beautiful than her mother, a nubian goddess with a distinctly artistic flair about her. "I'll be beating the boys off with sticks," her normally serious father commented, a glint of pride and a small smile curling the corners of his mouth.

As a birthday present, Zadie got to redecorate her room any way she wanted, and she went for a very distinctive almost Egyptian look. She felt like her bedroom was a perfect little haven now instead of the pink nightmare it had been.

Connor, despite having already reached the top of his career, was not lacking in good opportunities to make money there. A particularly wise decision resulted in a shockingly large bonus of 50,000 simoleons that he could hardly believe was now his. He came home that day in absolute shock as he told the news to Dorotea. They had never been obsessed with money, but finally, they were beyond the level of having to worry about buying clothes for kids outgrowing theirs and buying a new refrigerator if their present one conked out. Dot jumped up and down with excitement when she heard.

To celebrate, the normally stoic Connor decided to indulge in his most current favorite hobby: tinkering. He was in such a good mood that he felt like the concepts sank into his head twice as fast, and he managed to earn a silver robotics talent badge that very night.

Dot, too, was about to come home with more great news that fall season. Having been able to study while she was off her feat on maternity leave, she'd finally managed to achieve her lifetime goal of becoming Education Minister! The hours were better, the pay was better, and she contributed almost $7,000 more dollars to the kids' college funds. It was nothing close to the 50,000 Connor had earned, but it was a hefty sum nonetheless. She almost felt as if they were in a dream.

Having finally reached this seemingly unattainable goal, Dot decided to turn her attention to something else. As the Education Minister, and in her various positions in the school system over the years, she discovered she had quite a knack for the business end of things. So, she passed on her title to another deserving up and comer and took her place in the business world, feeling like if she could have a wonderful family and have achieved her life goal, she could do anything.

Connor, too, decided it was time for a change of pace. He loved his job, but as a knowledge-minded person, he longed to master the arts of many different careers. Entertainment seemed as good a choice as any, so he dove right in without looking back.

As for the kids, not much changed despite the fact that they were getting older. They still frequently brought friends home from school (since Connor had absolutely put the kabosh on school-night outings), and really, it wasn't so bad at all. [Pictured above: Zadie talking to Leo Vinci; Taye talking to Cole Chin]

True to the promise she'd shown in her other career, Dot swiftly reached the top of the Business career! She was an outright tycoon now, and she laughed with an astonished Connor that perhaps she'd been in the wrong line of work all along.

Connor, having not quite mastered the arts of his new career path, nevertheless returned home with a promotion of his own. After all, architect to entertainer was a much bigger adjustment to make than education minister to business tycoon!

The Villaloboses had one final bit of wonder left as fall drew to a close: tiny Nala was growing up and no longer so tiny. She looked like a very neat cross between what Zadie and Taye had looked like when they were toddlers. Dorotea couldn't wait to watch her grow up.

Even if she was the grouchiest one in the house!

[[Author's Notes: WOW. So this house exploded this round, in a good way! This family struggled for so long with promotions, and they lived on such meager reserves for so long that it's really odd to suddenly see them with all this money! I'm happy for them, but I feel like they won't really change their lifestyle at all. They're just not the type. After seeing how beautiful Zadie turned out to be as a teen (I seriously think she's the most beautiful sim in my 'hood), I had to let Connor and Dot have another. Hence, Nala, and I can't wait to see how she looks as she gets older! Genetics are so fun. Stick around for the next house, as I've got no bloopers for you this time!]]

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I'm taking my first ever reader's poll!! Here's the issue at hand.

The more I think about Catalina and Nerissa Villalobos eventually aging into elders and dying, the more I feel like crying! I am SO attached to Catalina especially, and I'm wondering if I should turn her (and possibly Nerissa as well) into vampires so they can stick around the 'hood for a good, long time.

To give you a quick refresher, these are the ladies in question:

Nerissa (Chan) Villalobos. Wife of Catalina, Mother of Guillermo.
Adult Knowledge/Fortune Sim
1st LTW: Become Education Minister / 2nd LTW: Become Mad Scientist
Sign: Gemini
4 - Sloppy/7 - Outgoing/8 - Active/3 - Serious/3 - Grouchy

Catalina Villalobos. Granddaughter of Santiago. Sibling of Vinnie, Diego, and Dorotea. Wife of Nerissa. Mother of Guillermo.
Adult Fortune/Family Sim
1st LTW Become Hall of Famer / 2nd LTW: Become World Class Ballet Dancer
Sign: Aries
5 - Neat/8 - Outgoing/6 - Active/3 - Serious/3 - Grouchy

SO! Here's where you guys come in! I have no vamps in my 'hood yet, only a servo, a bigfoot, and some aliens. Cat has connections thanks to the creepy teenage stalking of Count Vasyl. The question becomes.

What Should I Do About Potentially Vamping Cat And/Or Nerissa???

a) Vamp Catalina, let Nerissa go so Cat can mate again and make generations of babies with future lovahs!
b) Vamp Catalina and Nerissa both, so they can have eternity together!
c) Are you on crack, don't vamp either of doesn't suit them at all.
d) I really couldn't care less no matter what you do.

Pleeease help! I am really torn about this. So much so that I almost don't want to play their round yet, but I will and just give them both a swig of elixir to put off the decision. Let me know what you think, my peeps!

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The Villaloboses (C) - Round 9


Catalina Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer

Nerissa Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist


Last round at the Villalobos house, Catalina and Nerissa adjusted to being in the house by themselves for the first time ever, and they took great advantage of their alone time. Nerissa finally reached her TOC to become Education Minister, and Catalina got the wild idea to buy a vacation house in the mountains after finding a map to a secret location there. Will they take advantage of their privacy and new vacation home this round? We'll find out.

The very first thing Catalina decided to do that first day of fall was to plan their first vacation to their new mountain getaway. Since neither of them had enough vacation days at work to truly stay as long as they wanted, they decided to do something to allow themselves the freedom to go.

Having reached their goals in their respective careers, both Catalina and Nerissa decided to call it quits...literally. They both had other aspirations now, and though it didn't seem wise to quit one job before securing another, they had enough in savings to buoy themselves over a temporary spot of unemployment. Plus, it afforded them all the time in the world to enjoy their new mountain paradise.

The cabin they purchased was rustic but beautiful with all the hand-hewn wood and stonecraft around the structure. It was dark and warm and exactly the opposite of their light, breezy home in Rosebud. It was perfect.

One of the first things Catalina did was light a fire in the living room and watch her wife busy in the kitchen making them a feast of a thick stew. The cabin felt like home already with the scent of woodsmoke and bubbling dinner in the air. They didn't stir from the place until the next day, when they went exploring their new surroundings.

When they finally returned home, Catalina decided that she wouldn't wait around for the perfect job in the dance field to come along. She took a job in the show business career that helped recoup their savings considerably after the large vacation home purchase and slight renovations and furnishings.

She was an icon almost before she could say the word, and with one hefty bonus, they had earned back half of the cost of their vacation home. Catalina couldn't complain about any job that did that, even if people tended to stare at her when she went out sometimes, wondering how they knew her.

Best of all, she finally got her helicopter. Granted, she didn't OWN it, but getting escorted around in it every day wasn't a bad second.

As for Nerissa, she was holding out for that perfect job in the science field but keeping busy in the meantime maximizing all of her skills. There was no way she couldn't be a mad scientist with that big brain in her head.

The fall season ended with the two in as much love as ever, thoroughly enjoying having the house to themselves and guiltily liking the fact that Guillermo had grown up enough to move out. They loved him, truly, but... nothing beat a little love nest for two.

[[Author's Notes: This round was so fun to play for me! I'm not sure why, other than I'm kind of getting into buying vacation homes. I warned you round 9 was vacation-dense! Now I've got sims with vacation homes in two of the three vaca locations, so I'm not sure who'll buy a home in twikkii island, but it'll be somebody eventually. Maybe Stella and Mari. I wonder if aliens can tan? Anyway, I digress. I particularly love the mountain vacation town because I love the mountains, so maybe that's why I had so much fun with this round. I want a vacation house in Three Lakes too!! No bloopers this round, but stay tuned for Dorotea, Conor, Taye, and Zadie in the Villalobos D house!]]

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The Villaloboses (B) - Round 9


Diego Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become Space Pirate

Amber Villalobos, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Rock God


Last round, Diego finally reached his LTW of becoming a World Class Ballet Dancer. Amber got promoted in the music field and continued to work toward her LTW of becoming a Rock God and managed to get a silver gardening badge in the process. Marquez finally moved out to university, leaving his parents behind.

Amber was really loving her new gardening skills. She made sure to study cooking as well, so she could make delicious dinners with all her fresh produce. Her juicer became her new favorite appliance in the house. She was constantly making concoctions out of her veggies and fruits.

As for Diego, he made short work of his second LTW, rapidly reaching the top of the Adventurer career to succeed in becoming a Space Pirate. He decided that from then on, he would simply drift from career to career as his mood and wallet required.

The next day, an ad in the paper sparked his interest: acclaimed muralist needed. He loved to paint, so why not combine love with work? He took the job.

Amber, meanwhile, kept working in her garden and going to her job as usual. She even decided to call the local garden club to see if she could gain membership. They accepted her almost instantly, even though they thought she needed more decoration.

Sadly, her efforts to reach the top of her career ended in enough stress to leave her sick with the flu. That meant no gardening AND no going to work. What a drag.

Diego, as he'd promised himself, kept bouncing from one job to another, leaving painting for entertainment later in the season. The bonuses of promotions were amazing, and they could use the money, after all.

Changing jobs didn't mean he couldn't dance or paint anymore, after all, and that was the important thing.

Besides, Amber had to admit that he was bringing home incredible promotions and bonuses with his fly-by-night method of job selection.

Amber frequently rewarded him with freshly-caught fish seasoned with fresh herbs and grilled to perfection. Their existence was a rather enjoyable one, even though they both missed Marquez, away at school.

Apparently, other people in the neighborhood felt they were doing well too. The gypsy matchmaker dropped off a surprise on their front porch one day, and Diego was eager to try it out.

Wish number one, and Diego felt younger than he had in years. He wanted to live to see his son's children, and he wanted as much time as he could get with his beautiful wife.

He also wished for a little more cash for the household. After all, he was a fortune sim, and he couldn't get enough of it.

He reserved the last wish for Amber, and she wished for a longer life as well. The two of them had always been the same age, and they would continue that way until the day they, inevitably, died together.

Diego began to enjoy the idea of settling into a life of luxury. In only a few years, he would be able to retire, and with any luck at all, Amber would be right with him.

[[Author's Notes: The most interesting thing about this entry was the fact that Photobucket screwed up on me like ten times, and it took me forever to get the pics uploaded properly! Pretty uneventful round, very peaceful. I've got lots of interesting bloopers, though.

Not a blooper, but aw, how cute, they're thinking of one another. // Diego kept getting morecash. Is this typical? Three waves of cash from the genie lamp? I get this ALL the time.

Also, Amber decided it would be a good idea to make pureed boot. Let's see what happens.

Yeaaaah, maybe let's lay off the pureed boot, huh?]]

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