The Villaloboses (C) - Round 9


Catalina Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer

Nerissa Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist


Last round at the Villalobos house, Catalina and Nerissa adjusted to being in the house by themselves for the first time ever, and they took great advantage of their alone time. Nerissa finally reached her TOC to become Education Minister, and Catalina got the wild idea to buy a vacation house in the mountains after finding a map to a secret location there. Will they take advantage of their privacy and new vacation home this round? We'll find out.

The very first thing Catalina decided to do that first day of fall was to plan their first vacation to their new mountain getaway. Since neither of them had enough vacation days at work to truly stay as long as they wanted, they decided to do something to allow themselves the freedom to go.

Having reached their goals in their respective careers, both Catalina and Nerissa decided to call it quits...literally. They both had other aspirations now, and though it didn't seem wise to quit one job before securing another, they had enough in savings to buoy themselves over a temporary spot of unemployment. Plus, it afforded them all the time in the world to enjoy their new mountain paradise.

The cabin they purchased was rustic but beautiful with all the hand-hewn wood and stonecraft around the structure. It was dark and warm and exactly the opposite of their light, breezy home in Rosebud. It was perfect.

One of the first things Catalina did was light a fire in the living room and watch her wife busy in the kitchen making them a feast of a thick stew. The cabin felt like home already with the scent of woodsmoke and bubbling dinner in the air. They didn't stir from the place until the next day, when they went exploring their new surroundings.

When they finally returned home, Catalina decided that she wouldn't wait around for the perfect job in the dance field to come along. She took a job in the show business career that helped recoup their savings considerably after the large vacation home purchase and slight renovations and furnishings.

She was an icon almost before she could say the word, and with one hefty bonus, they had earned back half of the cost of their vacation home. Catalina couldn't complain about any job that did that, even if people tended to stare at her when she went out sometimes, wondering how they knew her.

Best of all, she finally got her helicopter. Granted, she didn't OWN it, but getting escorted around in it every day wasn't a bad second.

As for Nerissa, she was holding out for that perfect job in the science field but keeping busy in the meantime maximizing all of her skills. There was no way she couldn't be a mad scientist with that big brain in her head.

The fall season ended with the two in as much love as ever, thoroughly enjoying having the house to themselves and guiltily liking the fact that Guillermo had grown up enough to move out. They loved him, truly, but... nothing beat a little love nest for two.

[[Author's Notes: This round was so fun to play for me! I'm not sure why, other than I'm kind of getting into buying vacation homes. I warned you round 9 was vacation-dense! Now I've got sims with vacation homes in two of the three vaca locations, so I'm not sure who'll buy a home in twikkii island, but it'll be somebody eventually. Maybe Stella and Mari. I wonder if aliens can tan? Anyway, I digress. I particularly love the mountain vacation town because I love the mountains, so maybe that's why I had so much fun with this round. I want a vacation house in Three Lakes too!! No bloopers this round, but stay tuned for Dorotea, Conor, Taye, and Zadie in the Villalobos D house!]]


Great cabin! I want one too :)

Haha, I already live in a log cabin, and I still want this one. :)

Now Nerissa can be an Icon Vampire--sort of like in Ann Rice's stories.

Awesome vacation, the mountain destination is definitely my favorite I think. So how come you're loading bigfoot up with goodies? For the next family he goes home with? hehe. Can't wait to see what you decided to do with these ladies. Is Guillermo going to be moving home?

Nah, I was just trying to get them to make friends faster. I figured gifts were a good way to build relationship points and get rid of stupid crap they don't need at the same time. :p Guillermo will be moving into his own pad with Aurélie, and I think I've decided what to do with these two... but it's a secret, shhh...

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