The Beaumonts (C) - Round 9


Alain Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Reach Golden Anniversary

Meadow Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Marc Beaumont, Child Popularity Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Beaumont house, Marc aged into a toddler and then into a child. Meadow earned her gold gardening talent badge, and Cleo's first litter of puppies was given up for adoption. How will the family manage this round? Will Meadow get closer to achieving her LTW? We'll see.

The fall season started off with good news: thanks to the tutelage of Meadow and Alain, Marc was getting straight A's in school - a very significant feat!

For the Beaumonts, fall was the season of hobbies. Meadow revived her love of fishing (which fit so well with her love of gardening).

She even managed to get a gold fishing talent badge. The badge wasn't at all what she was shooting for, but it was a nice memento for her to keep in honor of her excellence.

The real benefit to Meadow's gardening and fishing interests were that the family rarely had to go to the grocery store for anything but beef or pork. Meadow frequently made feasts of her fresh vegetables and freshly caught fish for the family. It was a great way to save money, and Meadow truly loved living off the land in this way.

Alain, too, indulged in his hobbies. In an effort to both feed his interest in art and augment the family funds, he continued painting and managed to earn a gold arts & crafts hobby plaque. It seemed amazing to him that his relaxing hobby could produce an income for the family.

The same happened with his toymaking hobby: he loved to tinker at the bench in Meadow's garden-basement, but it always surprised him that doing something he enjoyed so much could also earn the family some money.

Even Marc got into the act. He was learning how to be a true angler from his mom, and even though he hadn't gotten any badges for his efforts, he still loved spending an evening out by the water-side with his mom, quietly and calmly fishing.

Of course, as a young man attending public school, he had other interests too - like making new friends. There were plenty of children in the neighborhood, and there was never any shortage of friends to bring home to play with the dogs or even engage in a simple game of rock, paper, scissors.

Meadow continued to dote on her pets, as always, in between doting on her plants and catching her fish. One evening, Cleo gave birth to a small litter of two, much to Meadow's delight. Meadow dubbed the pair Max and Sara, for no particular good reason other than the names sounded right to her ears. Once again, the Beaumont house rang with the tiny yips of newborn pups.

Alain, deciding he wanted a change of pace from the architecture career, made a switch to a more artistic career path: music. Apparently, the switch suited him well, as he was shortly promoted to rock star and brought home plenty of cash in bonuses.

Meadow, finally feeling like the wife and mother that she was (instead of a freshly-graduated college student) decided on a change of looks. That dress was perfect for Susie Homemaker, but it wasn't right for Meadow... the earthy mom and wife who loved to garden and fish. She finally felt like she was growing into her own skin. Despite how young they still felt, Meadow and Alain were finally starting to understand that they were adults, and that they could craft their existence however they saw fit. It was an eye-opening and liberating realization.

[[Author's Notes: Wow, sorry for the lack of pics this round. They are pretty simple people! Alain works and makes toys or paints. Meadow takes care of the dogs, gardens, and fishes. And Marc does his homework, makes friends, and fishes too. It's a pretty simple existence for these guys, and a refreshing change for me! Stick around to see how these semi-hippies do next round. :) Only one blooper for you...

Jump around, what!?!?! Daddy Mack'll make ya...! ]]


I like these "semi-hippies!" and it is nice to read about a relaxing, peaceful lifestyle. The hobbies are so much fun.

They are pretty fun to play, too! Willow being home is the only way I'd ever be able to attempt raising so many dogs, though. Every day, she has to do a run to each of the "kennel" areas to clean beds, clean and refill bowls, and bathe any pups that are filthy. Then she can begin the rest of her day. Poor Alain barely sees her, actually. Nevertheless, it's a lovely house to play because it really is low-pace, low-key. :) Glad you enjoy reading about them!

This house must be very refreshing to play after the crazyness of the Vinci households! The family is so endearing :) Congrats on all the hobby plaques and badges earned this round.

It's pretty nice, though I have to admit can be a TAD bit boring from time to time. They have a set number of "chores" to do a day, and then they pretty much indulge in hobby activities. You're right, though, it's a TOTAL relief after the Vincis!

Cleaning takes so much time. I tried to have housewives/men and no maid sometimes (like in BACC where no services are allowed), but it nearly makes me crazy!

Poor Meadow :)

I knoooow, sometimes I feel like all Meadow does every morning is clean, but at the same time, if there was no cleaning, I probably would get bored with her if all she did was garden!

Jump around? What's that???

I have absolutely no. idea. Apparently something puppies do when a stranger visits?

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