The Vincis (C) - Round 9

[[No family pic...just this...which has spoilers, sorry. :( ]]


Caitlin Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Graduate 3 Children From College

Paolo Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Have 6 Grandchildren

Leo Vinci, Child Family Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Gemma Vinci, Child Romance Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Willow Vinci, Child Romance Sim, LTW Grow Up Well

Gina Vinci, Toddler Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Vinci household, the three oldest teens - Silvio, Conor, and Liam - moved out to attend Sim State. This made room for the family to adopt Willow and for Caitlin to give birth to the newest member of the family: Gina. How will this overstuffed house cope this round, when they still need to have three more children to have? We'll see!

Life at the Vinci house, in a word, was busy. In addition to the passel of children that actually lived in the house, there were always neighborhood children dropping buy to play basketball or tag or cops and robbers or any other number of games. It wasn't unlikely to see two or three children from two or three different families visiting with individual members of the young Vinci clan. [Pictured above: Willow playing basketball with cousin Grace Vinci, Gemma chatting with Bijou Beaumont.]

Caitlin and Paolo, despite what could have easily turned into a majorly hectic situation, continued maintaining a supremely regular schedule that kept the whole family on track and organized. Every night, the children were allowed to play until dinner time, with friends if they brought some home, and then it was the homework hour, where they all gathered to study with the help of their parents. Then, they could indulge in any hobbies like watching the Yummy Channel or playing the piano or chess. Then bedtime. It was a strict schedule, but the Vincis made sure that their children had plenty enough free time that they wouldn't mind the few stricter hours of the night. Chores were never really officially doled out. The rule was if you found something dirty, you cleaned it. If you dirtied something yourself, you cleaned it. It seemed to work okay, especially given that they had a neatnik in the house in the form of Gemma.

It always seemed like it was someone's birthday in the Vinci house, and this time, it was Gina's turn. Caitlin brought her up to the cake (they should have bought stock in Betty Crocker) and blew out the candles for the little infant.

Up sprang a little girl who looked very much like her daddy, though she had her mother's blue eyes.

She had a very balanced personality and seemed as though she would be a pretty even-keel little girl. She was decidedly playful and kind, and though she wasn't as neat as, say, Gemma and Silvio, she still wasn't the type to leave messes lying around the house.

She was a sweet little girl who loved playing with her music toy the most. Almost all day, the members of the house would pass by and hear the notes of her banging the mallet on the bars, followed by an infectious giggling.

She wasn't going to be the baby of the family for long, though, as was typical in the Vinci household. First came the morning sickness.

And then came the pop!

With so many children in the house and Caitlin pregnant and exhausted most of the time, Paolo made sure to put his cooking skills to good use. He made sure that the refrigerator was constantly stocked with kid-friendly food like grilled cheese, mac and cheese, hot dogs, and spaghetti. Of course, with Caitlin going through one more pregnancy, he also made sure there was plenty of Grandma's Comfort Soup on hand for her as well.

It was especially nice for the children to be able to come home, sometimes with friends, and have an afternoon snack to get their energy up for playing before dinnertime. Not only was the Vinci household becoming famous in the neighborhood for always having children to play with, they were also becoming famous for their yummy afternoon snacks!

Soon there was to be one less child in the house. Leo's birthday had finally come, and he was about to become a sparkly new teenager.

He blew out the candles and turned into a teenager that looked decidedly like his twin brothers Conor and Liam.

Leo was a family sim, and he was a family sim with goals. He decided that he wanted to serve his community of Rosebud in the best way he knew how: he wanted to be a police officer. More than that, he wanted to be a superhero. Then he could really fight crime in style.

Joining him in teenagerhood a few days later was his slightly younger sister Willow. As always, the family gathered around while she blew out her candles.

She grew up knowing that she wanted to enjoy the opposite sex as much as possible. In her old home, her father had had power over her. Now, she wanted to have power over men, and she knew that she could...

After all, who could resist that tan skin and those chocolate brown eyes?

With a quick trip to the mall for a birthday celebration makeover, she got some new clothes and a sassy new haircut. She felt like a million bucks and looked like it, too.

In fact, she felt so good, she felt she could do anything, even be a rock star.

The newly aged teens spent more time with their parents, though Willow had always been unusually attached to Paolo. She was even learning as much as she could from him about cooking. He had become her hero and, in some buried place in the back of her mind, her savior from the terrible life she'd had before.

Caitlin decided the family needed a break from all the birthdays, so she decided to have a birth instead!

Within a few hours, a bouncing baby boy with brown hair and blue eyes was born. They named him Giovanni, in honor of Paolo's Italian heritage.

As soon as Caitlin was recovered from the birth and on her feet again, it was time for little Gina to become a child. She was so pleasant and easy at entertaining herself that it was easy for her to get lost in the shuffle. That's why Paolo and Caitlin made sure to make a big deal out of her birthday.

She grew into a somewhat awkward but still adorable young child with the same sweet personality as ever.

Me: "Hey, Paolo and Caitlin. What are you guys up to?" Them: "Oh, nothing, just talking about the weather." Me: "Uh huh."

You liars.

Caitlin was already starting to show when it was time for Giovanni to age into a toddler.

He had the sweetest face, definitely with his mother's chin shape, and her blue eyes as well.

Again, they were blessed with a neat, kind child who was a little shy and serious, but very active.

Leo, with all these birthdays and births happening, spent most of his free time working on his skills. He wanted to have the best scholarships ever for college, and he was nearing maxing all of his skills at that young of an age! If he could get a job too, he'd have the highest number of scholarships in Rosebud!

[[Author Notes: Another insane yet somehow orderly round in the Vinci house! Their total tally of children is 8: Silvio, Conor, Liam, Leo, Willow, Gemma, Gina, and Giovanni. Liz suggested cheesecake for next round, and I'm totally going for it! Then I can put this crazy IW to bed and NEVER do it again. :) I have to admit, I picked the right family for it, though. These guys are great, even despite the fact that someone is having a birthday every other day. :) Lots of fun bloopers!

This is a series that requires a bit of explanation. Apparently, Opal Reimond came home with Willow from school one day. Remember anything about Opal? Yeah, that's right, she was Paolo's first kiss. Apparently, she never really got over him:

And then Opal ran away crying. Don't mess with a pregnant b*tch or her husband, Opal. You will ALWAYS lose. Caitlin practically tore Opal a new one. :')

On to more normal bloopers:

That can't smell good. // Voodoo baby. // Well, Willow, that might be a lot less gross if you were wearing shoes when you did it. // Dear god, Marc, what have your parents let you out of the house wearing?? // That looks...incredibly painful, Willow. // Yeah, you've definitely got a broken neck. ]]


You're doing so well with the IW, it really does fit this family though, and it's good that you're getting a pretty good mix of boys and girls. I'm surprised with all the kids bringing home kids from school your computer doesn't lag out and hate you mine even gets a little laggy in the Devivio 1 house with all the people hanging around all the time. LOL best bloopers ever! Did opal come home with one of the teens from school? that's too funny.

Here's rooting for girl twins next round to even the score! At least I won't have a million young boys in the 'hood without the female counterparts!

My computer doesn't really lag at all, actually. It didn't even before I got the graphics card and extra RAM. Then again, I know you have a lot more CC than I do, so that might be a contributing factor.

Haha, Opal came home with Leo from school one day. It was the most absurd thing I'd ever seen. Here I am playing, and my first thought was, Oh jesus, did someone come in and flirt with Paolo or Caitlin? Fortunately not, and the result was too entertaining not to laugh out loud. :)

Huh, I was sure I had commented here on how sims never forget, even if I do.
And I wanted to thank you for info on how you fixed your sound problem. My friend ended up buying himself a new sound card, too and the problem was solved.

It's so crazy how one kiss as teens can lead to a blowup this big as adults! I don't know if ACR has "reasonable jealousy" or not, where it fades with time, but Maxis should have come up with it!

Glad your friend got the problem solved!

Poor Willow and the broken neck! Also, that's crazy how many skill points Leo has as only a teen. He must do nothing but skill.

Haha, I don't know how I managed to pause the game just at that moment, but I had to take a screen cap because it looked so funny.

Leo skills all on his own! It's his preferred method of entertainment, it seems! I wish all my sims were that way instead of attacking the bubble blower all the time, lol.

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