The Villaloboses (B) - Round 9


Diego Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become Space Pirate

Amber Villalobos, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Rock God


Last round, Diego finally reached his LTW of becoming a World Class Ballet Dancer. Amber got promoted in the music field and continued to work toward her LTW of becoming a Rock God and managed to get a silver gardening badge in the process. Marquez finally moved out to university, leaving his parents behind.

Amber was really loving her new gardening skills. She made sure to study cooking as well, so she could make delicious dinners with all her fresh produce. Her juicer became her new favorite appliance in the house. She was constantly making concoctions out of her veggies and fruits.

As for Diego, he made short work of his second LTW, rapidly reaching the top of the Adventurer career to succeed in becoming a Space Pirate. He decided that from then on, he would simply drift from career to career as his mood and wallet required.

The next day, an ad in the paper sparked his interest: acclaimed muralist needed. He loved to paint, so why not combine love with work? He took the job.

Amber, meanwhile, kept working in her garden and going to her job as usual. She even decided to call the local garden club to see if she could gain membership. They accepted her almost instantly, even though they thought she needed more decoration.

Sadly, her efforts to reach the top of her career ended in enough stress to leave her sick with the flu. That meant no gardening AND no going to work. What a drag.

Diego, as he'd promised himself, kept bouncing from one job to another, leaving painting for entertainment later in the season. The bonuses of promotions were amazing, and they could use the money, after all.

Changing jobs didn't mean he couldn't dance or paint anymore, after all, and that was the important thing.

Besides, Amber had to admit that he was bringing home incredible promotions and bonuses with his fly-by-night method of job selection.

Amber frequently rewarded him with freshly-caught fish seasoned with fresh herbs and grilled to perfection. Their existence was a rather enjoyable one, even though they both missed Marquez, away at school.

Apparently, other people in the neighborhood felt they were doing well too. The gypsy matchmaker dropped off a surprise on their front porch one day, and Diego was eager to try it out.

Wish number one, and Diego felt younger than he had in years. He wanted to live to see his son's children, and he wanted as much time as he could get with his beautiful wife.

He also wished for a little more cash for the household. After all, he was a fortune sim, and he couldn't get enough of it.

He reserved the last wish for Amber, and she wished for a longer life as well. The two of them had always been the same age, and they would continue that way until the day they, inevitably, died together.

Diego began to enjoy the idea of settling into a life of luxury. In only a few years, he would be able to retire, and with any luck at all, Amber would be right with him.

[[Author's Notes: The most interesting thing about this entry was the fact that Photobucket screwed up on me like ten times, and it took me forever to get the pics uploaded properly! Pretty uneventful round, very peaceful. I've got lots of interesting bloopers, though.

Not a blooper, but aw, how cute, they're thinking of one another. // Diego kept getting morecash. Is this typical? Three waves of cash from the genie lamp? I get this ALL the time.

Also, Amber decided it would be a good idea to make pureed boot. Let's see what happens.

Yeaaaah, maybe let's lay off the pureed boot, huh?]]


Three loads of cash, at least, from one genie lamp. That's what I get too!
Lovely mirroring in the pond :)

Okay, so at least it's not my game warning of impending doom. Cool! That's a pretty decent genie wish!

Thanks! That was even the old graphics card! Every once in a while, it did a pretty decent job, usually at night.

No the three bags of cash is standard. The simultaneous thought bubbles of each other was so sweet.

And pureed boot, doesn't it sometimes make them literally run around crazy?

I know, they are the dearest couple.

Yes! I read that somewhere, and I was like MUST TRY. She was making all sorts of weird noises and yelling like she was talking to someone and hooting and hollering. Very amusing. :)

So I have to ask -- how do Diego's cheekbones look with your new gfx? lol. Congrats on all the promotions, I'm sure this family isn't strapped for cash anymore. Also, that fish Amber was grilling on the BBQ made me hungry... don't know why, but it did!

That's a sweet pic of them thinking of each other. Also, I think I should have sims focus on hobbies more.

Diego's cheekbones are still severe but somewhat muted with the new graphics, thank goodness. No more pixellated blade bones for him!

Hobbies are usually what I do when I don't know what else to with my sims. :X

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