The Tanakas (C) - Round 13


Kimi Tanaka, Elder Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Become Celebrity Chef

Takeru Tanaka, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become The Law

Amanda Tanaka, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister


Last round at the Tanaka house, Take was settling back into the house with his retired mum, Kimi, and he brought along his girlfriend from University, Amanda Royce. She wouldn't be Amanda Royce for long, though. They quickly planned a wedding and tied the knot since Take wanted to make sure Kimi was around to see it. At the end of the round, it turned out their celebratory post-wedding woohoo was a little more than just a pleasure cruise: Amanda was pregnant. Take made it to the top of two careers that weren't his LTWs, and all three of the house members became very close. Will Kimi live to see her grandchild? Will Take finally reach it to the top of the Law career? We'll see.

It seemed appropriate to start off the season watching Amanda grill up a delicious melty, cheesy sandwich for herself. Of course, she made one for Kimi too, knowing the older woman's deep-seated love for grilled cheese. It was one thing they could definitely agree upon while Amanda was harboring such hard core cheese cravings.

Kimi pretty much continued to be the raddest, most active elder ever, proving that she could still totally shred on her guitar the way she could in her early twenties.

Take brought home a happy surprise for her one night as well: he'd finally snagged a job in the law field and made quick work of that career. It barely took him a week to reach the top of his field, and then he got bored. Time to move on to something else. He'd already had three jobs in almost as many months, and he kicked ass at them all.

He thought he might try something radically different this time, though. Perhaps something to do with water. Sure, he didn't know how to swim, but he could figure it out quickly enough.

Kimi was a social creature and frequently could be found in front of the phone or with the receiver pressed to her ear. Sadly but appropriately, it was here that she met her end.

Having not met even her first-born grandchild, Kimi was NOT happy about shuffling off the mortal coil.

Death tactfully pointed out that she HAD gotten to see her only son graduate college with flying colors, get married, and achieve his lifetime want. Kimi had to agree, and she perked up a bit when death handed her a mai tai. She bade her family goodbye and faded into the night, suitcase in hand.

Amanda and Takeru were both devastated, but Takeru in particular was inconsolable. He'd always been a mama's boy, through and through, and he didn't know how he could ever go on without Kimi in his life.

Even his mother's generous inheritance to him wasn't enough to soothe the pain. He'd rather have had Kimi than her money any day.

For days, all he did was wander around listlessly, bursting into tears at the drop of the hat and wishing he could bring her back.

It seemed like nothing could pull Take out of the deep depression he was suffering at the death of his mother. Or almost nothing...

When Take heard Amanda screaming all the way from upstairs and over the sounds of his sobs, he went running only to find his beautiful bride in labor. He sniffled about how sad it was Kimi would never get to see their child, but Amanda just screamed at him to shut up his sniveling and get a hot towel.

It turned out Amanda had good reason to scream. It wasn't just one little one she was trying to pop was two.

Takeru could hardly believe what he was seeing, but somehow, watching his first child, a girl, be born made everything seem a little better. Circle of life and all that. He didn't have much time to ruminate, though, for another baby was coming swiftly after.

Baby #1: A girl, Sayuri Tanaka, with a skintone slightly lighter than Takeru's, both parents' black hair, and her mother's gray eyes.

Baby #2: A boy, Ichiro Tanaka, with a skintone between Take and Amanda's, both parents' black hair, and his daddy's eye color.

It quickly became apparent that the house needed some major renovation if it was going to be fit for a whole family. A second floor room was added on the other end of the house from the master bedroom, and a different roof got put on. They also bought a sensible sedan.

Takeru found that he absolutely loved being a daddy. He had learned a lot from his mom, and one of those things was how to be a good parent. Even though she was single and had never married his dad, she'd always taken care of him and made him feel loved. Take was determined to do the same for his children.

He was a good provider, too; there was no question about that. The family already had almost more money than they knew what to do with, thanks to Take's swift passage through many careers and to the inheritance left by Kimi. But at least the kids would have a safe, hefty college fund.

Babies never stay babies for too long, and it was soon time for the twins to grow into toddlers.

Sayuri grew into a hideously unnatural shade of hair which was quickly rectified. Such a pretty face, though!

It went well with her pretty personality.

Little Ichiro clearly favored his father, while Sayuri seemed to be a nice blend of the two.

One thing Take and Amanda could agree on: they sure did make purty babies.

[[Author's Notes: Okay, I am SOOO SAD to lose Kimi!!! *sniffle sniffle* She was a CAS teen, and she's the first of the original Tanaka siblings to go! She was one of my favorites, hands-down, and one of the prettiest sims I think I've ever created. Mariko is gorgeous too, and I know I'm going to die a little inside when she goes too. But I keep telling myself, like Take does, that this is the simmy circle of life, and I have to LET GO. After all, I can always extract her and play her later. >.> Don't tell Take. Amanda's twins were completely natural and completely a surprise. She ate no cheesecake, and I didn't realize until I looked at her lifetime aspiration rewards panel after the twins' birth that she has the family sim multiple birth boost or whatever you call it. No worries, though, I am more than happy to have the two kids grow up together. They really are gorgeous kids. Their headshots: Sayuri and Ichiro. :') Can't wait to see them grow up next round! No bloopers for you. This round was all SRS BZNS. ]]

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The Tanakas (B) - Round 13


Stella Terrano, Elder Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist

Mariko Tanaka, Elder Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become The Law


Last round at the Tanaka house, Mari and Stella met and became good friends with Angelica Eich (Silvervale).They both worked in Stella's electronics shop, and they both earned some new talent badges: Stella, a gold restocking badge, and Mariko, a gold sales badge. After busting their humps in the store, Stella finally decided to promote LeShawn to manager so she and Mari could enjoy their retirement instead of working through it. This round should be the round that their son Cosmo comes home, but since he decided to stick around another two years in uni to graduate with his girlfriend, Sadie Chin, he will be back next round, and Mari and Stella get one more season alone together in the house.

Mari and Stella weren't complaining about their alone time. They missed their son, sure, but they were so in love that it little mattered what else happened. They cherished all of their time together.

It seemed like they'd been together for a lifetime, and when they looked at the photo hanging on their bedroom wall, they realized they really had. Since they were young adults, the two had been inseparable, and here they were in their golden years, still as in love as ever.

They weren't completely insulated, however. They still met tons of people walking by their house while they were outside gardening. It seemed a day never went by that they didn't spot someone taking a walk from their perches on the front porch and invite them in for coffee. It was a habit they were developing together, and one they both enjoyed.

They even greeted the four-legged friends who passed by their place, including the spunky little pup, Sheba.

Stella took a special interest in the tiny dog, who charmed her by trying to carry sticks that weighed more than she did. The dog had a certain chutzpah about her that Stella found charming.

When Stella discovered that Sheba had no tags and no home, she decided on the spot to adopt the little dog and welcome her into their home. It was the beginning of a world of work for Stella, though she didn't know it yet.

She quickly learned that Sheba was indeed an independent little pup with loads of energy, and smart too. Unfortunately, she was also quite aggressive and a little messy to boot. Plus, she must have been a street god her whole life because she had absolutely NO house manners. She had the reverse of manners, in fact.

If it wasn't puddles on the floor, it was something else... destroying the furniture in the house. Poor Stella felt like she was running ragged chasing Sheba around the house and trying to correct her bad behaviors.

One night, Stella had had enough and locked Sheba into Cosmo's old room with her food, a chew toy, and a new pet bed. She had to get a break.

She didn't know whether it was getting older or her simple science-y curiosity that had her thinking of ghosts lately, but she knew that if she were ever going to see one, Wildflower Cemetery was the place. Sadly, all she got to do was talk to a few other ghosts showed their faces that night. When she got home and let Sheba out, nothing had changed. I challenge you to imagine funny music during the next photo's pretty much what I do for my own amusement. Perhaps some circus music or a little calliope. Little comment is necessary.

And finally:

It was a fun fall.

[[Author's Notes: Okay, the best thing I have ever done is decide to let Stella adopt this dog!! She is so hilariously bad that all Stella did was follow the pup around and scold her for things the whole round. Had me totally cracking up. Maybe by the time Cosmo and Sadie get back next round, she'll actually have a few good manners! Mariko was here the whole time, but she was puttering around being retired, so she didn't get much air time. Stick around for Kimi and Takeru!]]

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Howdy, everybody. :)

So, I was looking at my dashboard and realized that I have been at this prosperity story for nearly two years now. It seems sort of traditional to do anniversary posts, and I have a few random silly ideas for "behind the scenes" stuff I could post. I'm not sure anyone really cares that much about my behind the scenes crap, haha, but I'm curious about your thoughts on what I should post. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see/know? Questions you're burning to have answered?

The official two year mark is March 30th, so it's a little ways away, but that gives me some time to get stuff together. Thoughts? Any input is welcome and appreciated, and thanks for reading all this time!

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The Tanakas (A) - Round 13


Linda Tanaka, Adult Pleasure Sim, 2nd LTW Become Professional Party Guest

Jiro Tanaka, Adult Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers


Last round at the Tanaka house, Jiro and Linda were really boring! Homer had gone off to university, leaving his elderly parents to their own devices in the house. Linda played with her hydroponic orchid garden, and Jiro played with the dogs a lot. Otherwise, not much happened. And not that much happens this round either.

With all the free time that retirement provides, Linda really made swift progress on her orchid garden. She tended them multiple times a day, and they were truly beginning to be beautiful examples of the species.

Jiro continued to work on his secondary knowledge aspiration, craving for once in his life the ability to not be stupid. It sorta worked. The one nice thing was that he and Linda were both free to run around in their underwear as much as they wanted, having the house to themselves and all.

The dogs continued to provide an endless source of entertainment, and though neither of them would either be show dogs, both Linda and Jiro enjoyed spending hours teaching them new tricks. The smart pups caught on very quickly.

Linda helped as best she could with Jiro's new knowledge pursuits. Sure, she was a pleasure sim, but that didn't mean she was stupid. Yet again, Jiro found he learned better when in his underpants.

Finally, the time came when Linda's precious orchids were ready to be harvested. She couldn't wait to sell them...though perhaps out of town. No need to inundate her own turf and ruin Rosebud's children with her potent "orchids."

And she had to admit, their fragrance WAS intoxicating. This was the best hobby ever. She planned to head downtown to the big city to make her cash on the harvest. Or maybe she should invest in a nice bubble blower to test out her stock first.

Wait...what? You were really just growing orchids? All that time hydroponically gardening, and all you got was a pot of flowers? ...lame.

Hello, random cute townie with recessive hair. Perhaps you will make it into my challenge someday as the spouse of a red-hair-recessive carrier. See you soon, I hope!

With her newest crop of orchid seeds soaking happily in their nutrient bath, Linda found herself bored. She used to be the queen of the town, as Rosebud's premier professional party guest. She decided to get back into some of that action. She could rule this town once again!

Jiro studied. *yawn*

For all of his studying, though, he still wasn't very smart...or very observant.

At least you didn't pee your pants this time, Jiro. Congratulations. It appears Yuuna is angry because you two haven't been paying your respects and mourning her passing any more these days. Or maybe she's just trying to remind you what's coming up for you and Linda: a one-way trip to spectre-ville.

Linda didn't think she remembered the bottom of the slacker field to be so horrendously filled with common drudgery, but she took it in stride, licking her lips for the day when she would once again be the town's most sought after party guest.

Sadly for her, it seemed no one wanted to invite an old lady to their parties anymore. When her boss unceremoniously informed her that, at her age, she'd never make it above convenience store clerk, she promptly quit her job. Screw them, if they didn't realize she was still hip as ever. At the thought of hips, Linda rubbed her own. It was starting to ache more than usual lately.

Turning her attentions away from posh society's rude disposal of her, Linda turned her eyes homeward again. Homer was due to be graduating soon and would rejoin the house in a few short weeks. She knew how much he loved puppies, so she encouraged Belle and Sebastian to indulge in a little puppy love.

She was met with success. Soon, Belle was in a family way, and weeks later, two new puppies were joining the family.

Linda named them after the ultimate party guests of her generation and could think of nothing more appropriate: Sonny and Cher.

D'awwwwwwww. :)

[[Author's Notes: Lol, for some reason, I love to make fun of these two. They just seem to invite it; they're so silly. Next round, Homer rejoins the household and begins working on his LTW of raising 20 puppies or kittens. He's already got two (Belle and Sebastian), and now he'll have Sonny and Cher as well. I wished I could have gotten him started a little more quickly, but obv. you can't know a kid's LTW until he turns teen. Lame. Anyway, only one blooper for you!

Wtf, Sal, you have something against your much-older brother-in-law? I have no idea what sparked this, but it's another kind of hilarious thing to happen to this household. I'd want to kick their trashcan over too! ]]

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