The Tanakas (B) - Round 13


Stella Terrano, Elder Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist

Mariko Tanaka, Elder Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become The Law


Last round at the Tanaka house, Mari and Stella met and became good friends with Angelica Eich (Silvervale).They both worked in Stella's electronics shop, and they both earned some new talent badges: Stella, a gold restocking badge, and Mariko, a gold sales badge. After busting their humps in the store, Stella finally decided to promote LeShawn to manager so she and Mari could enjoy their retirement instead of working through it. This round should be the round that their son Cosmo comes home, but since he decided to stick around another two years in uni to graduate with his girlfriend, Sadie Chin, he will be back next round, and Mari and Stella get one more season alone together in the house.

Mari and Stella weren't complaining about their alone time. They missed their son, sure, but they were so in love that it little mattered what else happened. They cherished all of their time together.

It seemed like they'd been together for a lifetime, and when they looked at the photo hanging on their bedroom wall, they realized they really had. Since they were young adults, the two had been inseparable, and here they were in their golden years, still as in love as ever.

They weren't completely insulated, however. They still met tons of people walking by their house while they were outside gardening. It seemed a day never went by that they didn't spot someone taking a walk from their perches on the front porch and invite them in for coffee. It was a habit they were developing together, and one they both enjoyed.

They even greeted the four-legged friends who passed by their place, including the spunky little pup, Sheba.

Stella took a special interest in the tiny dog, who charmed her by trying to carry sticks that weighed more than she did. The dog had a certain chutzpah about her that Stella found charming.

When Stella discovered that Sheba had no tags and no home, she decided on the spot to adopt the little dog and welcome her into their home. It was the beginning of a world of work for Stella, though she didn't know it yet.

She quickly learned that Sheba was indeed an independent little pup with loads of energy, and smart too. Unfortunately, she was also quite aggressive and a little messy to boot. Plus, she must have been a street god her whole life because she had absolutely NO house manners. She had the reverse of manners, in fact.

If it wasn't puddles on the floor, it was something else... destroying the furniture in the house. Poor Stella felt like she was running ragged chasing Sheba around the house and trying to correct her bad behaviors.

One night, Stella had had enough and locked Sheba into Cosmo's old room with her food, a chew toy, and a new pet bed. She had to get a break.

She didn't know whether it was getting older or her simple science-y curiosity that had her thinking of ghosts lately, but she knew that if she were ever going to see one, Wildflower Cemetery was the place. Sadly, all she got to do was talk to a few other ghosts showed their faces that night. When she got home and let Sheba out, nothing had changed. I challenge you to imagine funny music during the next photo's pretty much what I do for my own amusement. Perhaps some circus music or a little calliope. Little comment is necessary.

And finally:

It was a fun fall.

[[Author's Notes: Okay, the best thing I have ever done is decide to let Stella adopt this dog!! She is so hilariously bad that all Stella did was follow the pup around and scold her for things the whole round. Had me totally cracking up. Maybe by the time Cosmo and Sadie get back next round, she'll actually have a few good manners! Mariko was here the whole time, but she was puttering around being retired, so she didn't get much air time. Stick around for Kimi and Takeru!]]


I'm really glad these two are still around! I'm certainly going to miss them when they're gone. Too damn funny about the dog! Who knew all it would take is an ill-behaved dog to make an elder household less boring :) At least being a genius she should learn behaviors a little more quickly. You know you can praise and they learn as well? if the dog goes outside you can praise good behavior instead of just scolding bad :)

I know! I'm wondering if when Sadie and Cosmo breed, Stella's skin color will come through or not. Should be interesting.

Sheba was a total riot! All the rest of the time, I sort of let Mariko run free and do what she wanted, and she spent nearly the entire round spinning on the Electro Dance Sphere. I was so tempted to remove it...I hate the noise it makes!

Huh, I know I'm far behind, but am I really this far behind?!
Fun with the dog - I support Liz' tip of praising good behaviour - if the dog has any that is :)

Yeah, usually when I get pets as puppies, it's easy to just praise the good behaviors. This time, the dog had so many BAD behaviors that I had to do solid yelling until some remote instances of good behavior actually appeared, lol.

No worries about being behind...I was on a roll there for a while, and I've been stalled lately.

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