The Tanakas (A) - Round 13


Linda Tanaka, Adult Pleasure Sim, 2nd LTW Become Professional Party Guest

Jiro Tanaka, Adult Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers


Last round at the Tanaka house, Jiro and Linda were really boring! Homer had gone off to university, leaving his elderly parents to their own devices in the house. Linda played with her hydroponic orchid garden, and Jiro played with the dogs a lot. Otherwise, not much happened. And not that much happens this round either.

With all the free time that retirement provides, Linda really made swift progress on her orchid garden. She tended them multiple times a day, and they were truly beginning to be beautiful examples of the species.

Jiro continued to work on his secondary knowledge aspiration, craving for once in his life the ability to not be stupid. It sorta worked. The one nice thing was that he and Linda were both free to run around in their underwear as much as they wanted, having the house to themselves and all.

The dogs continued to provide an endless source of entertainment, and though neither of them would either be show dogs, both Linda and Jiro enjoyed spending hours teaching them new tricks. The smart pups caught on very quickly.

Linda helped as best she could with Jiro's new knowledge pursuits. Sure, she was a pleasure sim, but that didn't mean she was stupid. Yet again, Jiro found he learned better when in his underpants.

Finally, the time came when Linda's precious orchids were ready to be harvested. She couldn't wait to sell them...though perhaps out of town. No need to inundate her own turf and ruin Rosebud's children with her potent "orchids."

And she had to admit, their fragrance WAS intoxicating. This was the best hobby ever. She planned to head downtown to the big city to make her cash on the harvest. Or maybe she should invest in a nice bubble blower to test out her stock first.

Wait...what? You were really just growing orchids? All that time hydroponically gardening, and all you got was a pot of flowers? ...lame.

Hello, random cute townie with recessive hair. Perhaps you will make it into my challenge someday as the spouse of a red-hair-recessive carrier. See you soon, I hope!

With her newest crop of orchid seeds soaking happily in their nutrient bath, Linda found herself bored. She used to be the queen of the town, as Rosebud's premier professional party guest. She decided to get back into some of that action. She could rule this town once again!

Jiro studied. *yawn*

For all of his studying, though, he still wasn't very smart...or very observant.

At least you didn't pee your pants this time, Jiro. Congratulations. It appears Yuuna is angry because you two haven't been paying your respects and mourning her passing any more these days. Or maybe she's just trying to remind you what's coming up for you and Linda: a one-way trip to spectre-ville.

Linda didn't think she remembered the bottom of the slacker field to be so horrendously filled with common drudgery, but she took it in stride, licking her lips for the day when she would once again be the town's most sought after party guest.

Sadly for her, it seemed no one wanted to invite an old lady to their parties anymore. When her boss unceremoniously informed her that, at her age, she'd never make it above convenience store clerk, she promptly quit her job. Screw them, if they didn't realize she was still hip as ever. At the thought of hips, Linda rubbed her own. It was starting to ache more than usual lately.

Turning her attentions away from posh society's rude disposal of her, Linda turned her eyes homeward again. Homer was due to be graduating soon and would rejoin the house in a few short weeks. She knew how much he loved puppies, so she encouraged Belle and Sebastian to indulge in a little puppy love.

She was met with success. Soon, Belle was in a family way, and weeks later, two new puppies were joining the family.

Linda named them after the ultimate party guests of her generation and could think of nothing more appropriate: Sonny and Cher.

D'awwwwwwww. :)

[[Author's Notes: Lol, for some reason, I love to make fun of these two. They just seem to invite it; they're so silly. Next round, Homer rejoins the household and begins working on his LTW of raising 20 puppies or kittens. He's already got two (Belle and Sebastian), and now he'll have Sonny and Cher as well. I wished I could have gotten him started a little more quickly, but obv. you can't know a kid's LTW until he turns teen. Lame. Anyway, only one blooper for you!

Wtf, Sal, you have something against your much-older brother-in-law? I have no idea what sparked this, but it's another kind of hilarious thing to happen to this household. I'd want to kick their trashcan over too! ]]


Even though it's an elder house, these two still make me giggle. I love how the rivalry of their youth is still there even in their old ages. I can totally envision Linda being totally condescending to Jiro and him having no clue, lol. For some reason I though Homer had already graduated, but I guess I just fail at reading comprehension. Can't wait to see what happens next round when he moves back in (with Zadie?)

A very long Uni period for Homer, it seems.
I hate those potted flowers that are the result of the Slacker career reward. SO lame! >:(
And Linda experienced the glass ceiling of age discrimination, I see!
By the way, your second blooper doesn't have a working link!

Actually, he was gone the normal amount of time! Liz, you probably are thinking he should be home because you hear about stuff that has happened in my play schedule but not in my blogging schedule yet. In real time, Homer HAS graduated, but in game time, he's not due back until round 14. He left home at the end of round 11, so his uni time would be the entirety of round 12 and round 13. Never fear, he will be back in round 14. (Yes, with Zadie!) :)

These two make me giggle too, and I especially love poking fun at Jiro for some reason. He's just such an easy target. I'll miss picking on him when he's gone.

J68 - AGREED. I think that career reward could be so much more fun. The only thing it's good for is extensive nature hobby interest building, especially since they "tend" it for hours upon hours and never seem to run out of stuff to do.

Poor Linda...she just doesn't have a grasp of the limitations for Rosebud party people. :p And there is actually only one blooper, I just didn't link all of the text. :)

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