The Villaloboses (A) - Round 13


Vincente Villalobos, Elder Romance, 3rd LTW Have 50 First Dates

Taye Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Business Tycoon


Last round at the Villalobos household, Vinnie was settling into elderhood, but not necessarily peacefully. He was amusingly befuddled sometimes, spending more time on the couch with Alegra than with any of his lady friends. He still managed to get in a few dates, a few woohoos, and a lot of drinks, though. This round, he is joined by his nephew Taye, who agreed to move in with Vinnie and help out with some of the things that are harder for Vinnie to take care of in his elderhood. Let's see how they do together.

Since Taye was moving into the house, and since Vinnie had successfully spread out his things all through the place, it was decided that an addition be built onto the original Villalobos house, adding a half second floor with bedroom and bathroom for Taye. It wasn't as if Vinnie didn't have the money, after all, and it would be nice for the two bachelors to have separate spaces.

As for Taye, he was delighted to be out of college and ready to start his adult life. With some snappy new clothes and a new place to live, he was ready to dive in head first.

He had never known his Uncle Vinnie very well, but he had been around for some family functions in the past. All Taye really knew about Vinnie was that he loved the ladies and had been a bachelor his whole life. It was interesting getting to know the old man, though; he certainly had plenty of good stories.

And his charming ways hadn't stopped, even if they had slowed down a bit. Taye was always careful not to look out the back window of his bedroom when Vinnie had a lady over because he could have singed his eyeballs on the sight of his elderly uncle getting it on in the hot tub.

Taye was too busy worrying about getting into the job market to enjoy the same leisure activities that his uncle indulged in. He was lucky enough to snag a job in his chosen field the first week back in Rosebud.

When he was promptly promoted to Business Tycoon after his first day, he realized why his father had pushed for all of his children to study so hard and get such good grades. It was certainly paying off now.

He immediately decided that his next goal was to focus on Oceanography. It wasn't nearly as practical as business, but now that he'd achieved his business goals, why not?

He was so delighted at his promotion that he decided he could focus on something other than JUST his career, however...enjoy his success a little bit. Perhaps he could take a note from his Uncle Vinnie and enjoy the ladies in Rosebud a bit more. Or even just one, and enjoy her a lot.

It just so happened that later that week, he saw a gorgeous nubian goddess walking by the house, and he had to greet her. Appropriately, her name was Angelica. She looked like an angel, that was for sure.

Better yet, his attraction didn't seem to be one-sided. Even though Angelica was only walking by, neither of them were eager to see her continue her journey.

After a few short hours of talking, he found that he could think of little else besides Angelica. They planned a date for that very evening.

A night out on the town quickly led to enjoying the amenities available in the nearest city to Rosebud. Clubs with hot tubs were totally unheard of in their still-small burg, but downtown, they were common.

Whether it was hormones or love, the date went VERY well.

It may have been hormones at the beginning of the date, but by the time Taye said goodbye to Angelica that night, this feeling they had for one another was definitely blossoming into something more.

As Taye talked to Vinnie about what had happened with Angelica over dinner that night, the two of them really bonded, and Taye knew he'd made the right decision about moving in with his uncle. Vinnie, too, had to admit, it was great to have his nephew in the house, keeping him company and entertaining him with stories and cooking great meals. This living situation would work out just fine.

[[Author's Notes: So, something different for the Villalobos A house this time! Vinnie wasn't especially jonesing for a roomie, but this is one of the original five households in the neighborhood (thus essential to continue to be lived in) and also, Vinnie is getting old and I thought he might like some company. I hate to see a sim die alone, and Taye needed a place to go. This turned out to be a surprisingly good fit...much like the romance between Taye and Angelica, from Silvervale! I am so excited that one of my sims hit it off with one of Liz's imported babies! I see a lovely future for these two. Only one blooper for you.

If I were Taye, I wouldn't really feel as though encouragement from an uncle I'd barely known was particularly motivating, but whatever. I guess any older relative can "encourage" in this game. ]]


The nieces/nephews moving in with elderly aunts and uncles is really good. Nice seeing Angelica with Taye - let's hope for choclate babies in this house!

Ohai Angelica /waves! She's so cute and girly in your game, not at all the tomboy she is in mine, Kinda bizarre seeing her with a ::gasp:: man! I love it, hehe. I'm glad to see Taye and Vinnie hitting it off, two bachelors living it up. Also, the house looks great, quite a change from Santiago back in the day

j68 - Normally, I would have just let a childless sim's house go empty if no other youngins needed a place to live, but since this is one of my original five founder houses, the rules say I have to keep it going. Thus, the Taye/Vinnie combo. It's working out surprisingly well.

Liz - Haha, I'm so excited that they have chemistry! I can't wait until I have a chance to play this house again because I want to see if he gets wants to marry her. And if he doesn't...I might still make him propose. >.> I want Taye/Angelica babies!!!

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