Hi, Howdy

Hey everybody. I don't know how many people out there are waiting on baited breath for new posts (lol probably none), but just in case anyone is wondering where I've disappeared to, I started my master's degree on the first of September. With a full-time course load and a full-time job, this means very little time for my sim-babies. I haven't given up or abandoned my 'hood, but it might take a while for me to get new posts up, at least until my Thanksgiving and winter breaks.

Hope everyone in simlandia is happy and healthy. :*

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The Tanakas (B) - Round 14

Hey, peoples of the internets! So I've been pretty absentee lately, and that's because I recently started my master's degree at University of Maryland. Not only am I working full-time and doing a full-time course load (40 work hours + 9 credit hours), I have to commute 160 miles round trip each day I drive to campus. And on top of that, I've caught the old familiar demon, bronchitis, again. So since I'm hacking up a lung, already woke up at 8 to read a twenty page long hella boring theory of information paper and now feel like playing sims instead of blogging them while enjoying my nice hot mug of tea... you get a slackery update. Enjoy this slideshow, and sorry for the cop-out entry.

I recommend pausing this and clicking through the images since Photobucket's slideshows go so damn fast.

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