The Tanakas (C) - Round 13


Kimi Tanaka, Elder Romance Sim, 2nd LTW Become Celebrity Chef

Takeru Tanaka, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become The Law

Amanda Tanaka, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister


Last round at the Tanaka house, Take was settling back into the house with his retired mum, Kimi, and he brought along his girlfriend from University, Amanda Royce. She wouldn't be Amanda Royce for long, though. They quickly planned a wedding and tied the knot since Take wanted to make sure Kimi was around to see it. At the end of the round, it turned out their celebratory post-wedding woohoo was a little more than just a pleasure cruise: Amanda was pregnant. Take made it to the top of two careers that weren't his LTWs, and all three of the house members became very close. Will Kimi live to see her grandchild? Will Take finally reach it to the top of the Law career? We'll see.

It seemed appropriate to start off the season watching Amanda grill up a delicious melty, cheesy sandwich for herself. Of course, she made one for Kimi too, knowing the older woman's deep-seated love for grilled cheese. It was one thing they could definitely agree upon while Amanda was harboring such hard core cheese cravings.

Kimi pretty much continued to be the raddest, most active elder ever, proving that she could still totally shred on her guitar the way she could in her early twenties.

Take brought home a happy surprise for her one night as well: he'd finally snagged a job in the law field and made quick work of that career. It barely took him a week to reach the top of his field, and then he got bored. Time to move on to something else. He'd already had three jobs in almost as many months, and he kicked ass at them all.

He thought he might try something radically different this time, though. Perhaps something to do with water. Sure, he didn't know how to swim, but he could figure it out quickly enough.

Kimi was a social creature and frequently could be found in front of the phone or with the receiver pressed to her ear. Sadly but appropriately, it was here that she met her end.

Having not met even her first-born grandchild, Kimi was NOT happy about shuffling off the mortal coil.

Death tactfully pointed out that she HAD gotten to see her only son graduate college with flying colors, get married, and achieve his lifetime want. Kimi had to agree, and she perked up a bit when death handed her a mai tai. She bade her family goodbye and faded into the night, suitcase in hand.

Amanda and Takeru were both devastated, but Takeru in particular was inconsolable. He'd always been a mama's boy, through and through, and he didn't know how he could ever go on without Kimi in his life.

Even his mother's generous inheritance to him wasn't enough to soothe the pain. He'd rather have had Kimi than her money any day.

For days, all he did was wander around listlessly, bursting into tears at the drop of the hat and wishing he could bring her back.

It seemed like nothing could pull Take out of the deep depression he was suffering at the death of his mother. Or almost nothing...

When Take heard Amanda screaming all the way from upstairs and over the sounds of his sobs, he went running only to find his beautiful bride in labor. He sniffled about how sad it was Kimi would never get to see their child, but Amanda just screamed at him to shut up his sniveling and get a hot towel.

It turned out Amanda had good reason to scream. It wasn't just one little one she was trying to pop was two.

Takeru could hardly believe what he was seeing, but somehow, watching his first child, a girl, be born made everything seem a little better. Circle of life and all that. He didn't have much time to ruminate, though, for another baby was coming swiftly after.

Baby #1: A girl, Sayuri Tanaka, with a skintone slightly lighter than Takeru's, both parents' black hair, and her mother's gray eyes.

Baby #2: A boy, Ichiro Tanaka, with a skintone between Take and Amanda's, both parents' black hair, and his daddy's eye color.

It quickly became apparent that the house needed some major renovation if it was going to be fit for a whole family. A second floor room was added on the other end of the house from the master bedroom, and a different roof got put on. They also bought a sensible sedan.

Takeru found that he absolutely loved being a daddy. He had learned a lot from his mom, and one of those things was how to be a good parent. Even though she was single and had never married his dad, she'd always taken care of him and made him feel loved. Take was determined to do the same for his children.

He was a good provider, too; there was no question about that. The family already had almost more money than they knew what to do with, thanks to Take's swift passage through many careers and to the inheritance left by Kimi. But at least the kids would have a safe, hefty college fund.

Babies never stay babies for too long, and it was soon time for the twins to grow into toddlers.

Sayuri grew into a hideously unnatural shade of hair which was quickly rectified. Such a pretty face, though!

It went well with her pretty personality.

Little Ichiro clearly favored his father, while Sayuri seemed to be a nice blend of the two.

One thing Take and Amanda could agree on: they sure did make purty babies.

[[Author's Notes: Okay, I am SOOO SAD to lose Kimi!!! *sniffle sniffle* She was a CAS teen, and she's the first of the original Tanaka siblings to go! She was one of my favorites, hands-down, and one of the prettiest sims I think I've ever created. Mariko is gorgeous too, and I know I'm going to die a little inside when she goes too. But I keep telling myself, like Take does, that this is the simmy circle of life, and I have to LET GO. After all, I can always extract her and play her later. >.> Don't tell Take. Amanda's twins were completely natural and completely a surprise. She ate no cheesecake, and I didn't realize until I looked at her lifetime aspiration rewards panel after the twins' birth that she has the family sim multiple birth boost or whatever you call it. No worries, though, I am more than happy to have the two kids grow up together. They really are gorgeous kids. Their headshots: Sayuri and Ichiro. :') Can't wait to see them grow up next round! No bloopers for you. This round was all SRS BZNS. ]]


NOOOOOOOO Kimi! I promise she'll have a nice fulfilling life in my hood starting in a few households :) Also, those kids are adorable. Sayuri's weird blonde hair is a result of some retexturer being too lazy to remove the child textures of a hair that isn't meshed for children. It's pretty easy to take that stuff out with SimPE if you have the time (something I need to do with my bloated hair folder!). Anyway, the kids are gorgeous and I can't wait to see more of them.

I knoooow. Sobbles! I'm so glad that she gets to live on in your game. She'll give Jack some fun bedroom times, for sure. :D

I don't mind the weirdness so much, and I'm really lazy when it comes to organizing my downloads folder. Maybe since you like doing it, someday I'll buy or make you dinner a couple of nights and you can help teach me how to straighten it out better. :)

I'm anxious to get back into the household to see what they look like as children. I have to admit, for the first time in a long time, I'm really tempted to look at how they will appear as adults. :X I will restrain myself!

The new generation for the win! Have a nice afterlife Kimi!

I know! I'm still only on Gen 3, but I'm eager to keep the new gens coming. It seems like it's taking forever! I swear, when my first gen 5 baby is born, I'm throwing a party.

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