The Vincis (A) - Round 13


Craig Chin, Elder Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Max Out 7 Skills

Gretchen Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, 4th LTW Own 5 Top Level Businesses

Bitsy Ray, Knowledge Servo, 4th LTW Become Space Pirate


Last time at the Vinci house, Craig FINALLY achieved his first LTW and celebrated by rapidly achieving his second LTW in the same round. Gretchen retired in order to have more time to dedicate to her hobbies. Bitsy continued to zoom through various careers. This round, I confess, is stupefyingly boring. Everyone is platinum, and all they had wants to do all round was indulge in hobbies. Thus, this round will be more of a photo gallery of achievements than thematic entry. Don't worry, this house will be more interesting next round when Cole rejoins the household.

This round: BADGES AND PLAQUES!!!!! Let's see who earned what. First Up: Badges.

Bitsy: Gold Sewing Badge.

Bitsy: Bronze Pottery Badge

Bitsy: Silver Pottery Badge

Craig: Bronze Sewing Badge

Craig: Silver Sewing Badge.

Gretchen: Gold Sewing Badge.

Bitsy: Gold Pottery Badge.

Bitsy: Bronze Toymaking Badge.

Bitsy: Silver Toymaking Badge. Bonus -- Gretchen: Maxed Nature Enthusiasm! Score one plaque!

Bitsy: Gold Toymaking Badge.

Craig: Gold Sewing Badge.

Yes. I told you ALL THEY DID was to do hobbies all day, every day, for the entire Summer. Well, that's not fair. Two other things did happen...

Bitsy reached the top of the entertainment career track...

...and Gretchen indulged her gamer passion with the gamer career reward, earning the family ridiculous amounts of money in the process. And that's about it.

[[Author's Notes: Yes. Mind-numbingly boring. I think I played this on super fast-forward for the entire round. At least maybe I can work on the collection of all hobby badges and plaques in this house. Meh. I will be so happy to have Cole back in the house next round. Two bloopers for you.

I'm not sure that's actually possible since you don't age, eat, or feel extreme temperatures, Bitsy.And we see the first signs of oncoming senility. I've heard of femme bots before, Craig, but I know you didn't design Bitsy quite for that purpose. ]]



I'm dying for Cole to return, even if it just means the round will be all "elders indulge in hobbies, Cole repeatedly booty calls Willow." :p

I'm impressed that you got so many pictures. Rounds like that I sleep through, and miss the badge icons :)

Haha, it's become such a habit to take those shots that I guess I was excited whenever something new popped up on the screen. Like, "OH YAY, SOMETHING ACTUALLY HAPPENED." I'm really hoping next round is more interesting, lol.

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