I'm taking my first ever reader's poll!! Here's the issue at hand.

The more I think about Catalina and Nerissa Villalobos eventually aging into elders and dying, the more I feel like crying! I am SO attached to Catalina especially, and I'm wondering if I should turn her (and possibly Nerissa as well) into vampires so they can stick around the 'hood for a good, long time.

To give you a quick refresher, these are the ladies in question:

Nerissa (Chan) Villalobos. Wife of Catalina, Mother of Guillermo.
Adult Knowledge/Fortune Sim
1st LTW: Become Education Minister / 2nd LTW: Become Mad Scientist
Sign: Gemini
4 - Sloppy/7 - Outgoing/8 - Active/3 - Serious/3 - Grouchy

Catalina Villalobos. Granddaughter of Santiago. Sibling of Vinnie, Diego, and Dorotea. Wife of Nerissa. Mother of Guillermo.
Adult Fortune/Family Sim
1st LTW Become Hall of Famer / 2nd LTW: Become World Class Ballet Dancer
Sign: Aries
5 - Neat/8 - Outgoing/6 - Active/3 - Serious/3 - Grouchy

SO! Here's where you guys come in! I have no vamps in my 'hood yet, only a servo, a bigfoot, and some aliens. Cat has connections thanks to the creepy teenage stalking of Count Vasyl. The question becomes.

What Should I Do About Potentially Vamping Cat And/Or Nerissa???

a) Vamp Catalina, let Nerissa go so Cat can mate again and make generations of babies with future lovahs!
b) Vamp Catalina and Nerissa both, so they can have eternity together!
c) Are you on crack, don't vamp either of doesn't suit them at all.
d) I really couldn't care less no matter what you do.

Pleeease help! I am really torn about this. So much so that I almost don't want to play their round yet, but I will and just give them both a swig of elixir to put off the decision. Let me know what you think, my peeps!


a) Totally go with A
1 you gotta have at least 1 vamp. ya just gotta! 2 she's too pretty not to have baybees!

For now I have to vote C.
I do that because it feels wrong to do it deliberately. But if you're interested in one/both of them becoming vampires, let them hang out with the count more and see where the story goes...

I would pick either A or C on this one. Catalina seems like she fits the vampiress persona and she has that look to her. I'm not so sure about Nerissa though because she's a townie. I can totally understand wanting to preserve a CAS simmie. I pre-drew my jar cards for Round 10 the other day and I pulled a "make a vampire" card, I won't tell you which lot though because I want it to be a surprise (though I might crack and tell you before that since I'm super excited about it)

I would chose A but then I might see if she bites Nerissa autonomously. That would be cool.

So sorry I'm late responding.

Thanks for the input everybody! I still have a while to decide, so please everyone else chime in if you have an opinion! I like hearing some of these points I hadn't thought of...

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