Anniversary Post #2

I've been working on getting a family tree up and running, and it's finally to a point where I can share it!

It's not all pretty and color coded like a lot of people's, but it's handily hosted by tribalpages, which makes my job a lot easier. Only pictures of sims who have already reached adulthood are uploaded, to save me the trouble of constantly changing pics.

With that, I present Rosebud Sims Family Trees. :)


I love the family tree :) I think I started one once upon a time but never got around to getting everyone put into it, lol. Yay for anniversary posts!

I'd really love to do a pretty one with all the little symbols and color codes, but I honestly am too retarded to do that, lol. Family trees confuse me for some reason. Maybe if I got a chart, I could fill it out, then follow that pattern in order to make a pretty self-made one. :)

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