Anniversary Post #1

So it's about my two year anniversary with this blog, and I have no clue whether anyone is interested in this stuff or not, but I thought I'd share my reasons for choosing some of the names I've picked for my simbabies.

A lot of the time, I try to choose something that has meaning to me or is a nod to a character, musician, or thing I like, but for the names that aren't specially called out in this post, I probably just searched for baby names of the appropriate gender and nationality, then chose one I liked. These are the names that have specific meaning to me, with their origins and the reasons I chose them.

Clicky clicky.

There will probably be another anniversary post or two. I might do tours of some of my favorite houses, and I'm contemplating packaging and uploading some of my simmies. If anyone has any specific sim requests, let me know, and I'll be happy to oblige by uploading. I'd also love to start making wallpapers and floor coverings, but I don't know if I'll get into that in time for any shared uploads to count as being celebratory of my anniversary on this blog. So stay tuned for some more in-between posts to celebrate two years of my Rosebud babies!



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