The Vincis (B) - Round 13


Fiona Vinci, Elder Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Enzo Vinci, Elder Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer


Last round at the Vinci house, the twins were teenagers, but only one was the rebellious sort. Leah snuck out with friends while Grace covered for her. At the end of the round, they both racked up some serious scholarships and headed out to Sim State. The animal control people found runaway Sage, and in the meantime, Enzo and Fiona had adopted a new kitten - Cheddar - who grew into an adult. Kittens Shallot and Rhubarb grew into adult cats and were thus given away for adoption along with Sage, making room for the three kittens Fiona needed to raise in order to achieve her LTW. Marmalade and Cheddar are now slated to bring about the newest generation of kittens in the Vinci household. Let's check in with them.

Enzo and Fiona missed their girls. They couldn't deny it. Most days, they could only think about having them back in the house. Perhaps it was getting older that spurred the emotional connection into overdrive, but regardless, neither of them could wait until the girls graduated and came back to Rosebud.

Since the two of them had no human babies to coddle, they took to coddling the kitties instead, encouraging Cheddar and Marmalade to have another bath of kittens. It would bring a youthful playfulness into the house, Fiona thought.

Both Enzo and Fiona found that raising kittens was not quite as good as raising children, but it was a relatively decent substitute and distraction from the knowledge that their baby girls were off at university becoming adults.

Enzo was the only one in the job with a house, and he managed to reach the top of the political career track only to decide that at this point in his life, he deserved a healthy retirement.

It was a good thing, too - there were soon going to be three new kittens in the house who needed looking after.

That day, three new kittens were born and dubbed Walnut, Peanut, and Almond. When these three kittens grew up, it would mean the completion of Fiona's lifetime goal.

That didn't stop her from loving kittens, though. Cheddar and Marmalade headed off at her encouragement to start making a brand new batch.

Bad luck struck the Vinci house later that season. A burglar decided that their home was just too tasty a tidbit to resist breaking into. What he didn't know was that they'd had an alarm system installed since the first day of moving in.

Fiona heard the racket and rushed downstairs to see the police officer spar with the crook. It was terrifying, but she wanted to offer some sort of moral support to the cop who was risking her life to protect them.

To Fiona's delight, the police officer won. She cuffed the criminal and hauled him out to her waiting police car.

Once the criminal was safely locked in the back seat of the cruiser, Fiona realized how scared she'd been. She definitely needed something to take the edge off.

Enzo, on the other hand, slept through everything. He wasn't much help.

However, once he was awake and Fiona told him about the incident the next day, he promptly went about comforting her the best way he knew how.

[[Author's Notes: These guys are like most elder households: pretty uninteresting. I have to admit, though, I can't wait to get back to the house and FINALLY see Fiona reach her LTW. It will be the first time I've achieved the Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens LTW in this game, woohoo! Not sure why I chose to have Fiona encourage the adult cats to have MORE kittens. Must have been drunk. :p Anyway, no bloopers, just moving on to the next household: Paolo and Caitlin and the youngest of their 11-child brood!]]


I admire your persistence with the 20 kittens want. I have still to do that one...

Yay, you've almost done it! Fiona definitely deserves it, and good on ya for attempting the LTW :) I think cats are probably easier than dogs because they require less attention usually. Also, I'd love to see both girls move back after college, just a thought :)

j68 - Fiona's has been the hardest because she's the first sim I attempted it with; Meadow's is going a little bit easier, and I'm hoping that with all this experience, Homer's will be (relatively) a breeze. Guess we'll find out. :p

Liz - The crazy thing is that I played it for round 14, and when these ones grew up, I thought she would go perma-plat, but she didn't. I'm wondering if my count is off somewhere, boo. Cats are TOTALLY easier than dogs, especially if you teach them how to use the toilet...then no more litter pans.

HAHA, oh jesus. I don't know if I could handle both of them in the house. I think Grace has a beau and will be moving in with him once she graduates to be the wife of the inheriting son. As for Leah...she's got a beau too! You'll see who eventually. Both girls really got busy in the greek house. :p I have no idea who will inherit this house, though someone should; it's gorgeous. Maybe one of Paolo and Caitlin's kids, since there are so frackin' many of them.

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