The Tanakas (D) - Round 7

[[No Family Portrait, Sorry]]


Aki Tanaka, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends

Tara Cleary, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Education Minister


Last round at the Tanakas, Aki and Tara bought a house together with a large garage for the purpose of opening a home business. Aki got an entry-level position in the journalism field, and Tara accidentally burned herself to death while trying to clean up fall leaves in the back yard. Aki quit his job and got a job in the paranormal field so he could ressurrect Tara, which he did successfully. They are now back on track for their lives, and we'll see how they do.

Tara, in particular, felt as though her life were beginning afresh, which no doubt had something to do with her return from the dead. With the new-found knowledge and understanding that life is too short to screw around, she immediately found a position in her chosen field of Education.

With almost no effort at all, she received her first promotion and big bonus - a necessity since they were pretty poor from paying the grim reaper his dues to bring her back.

Aki, too, received a promotion and brought home a big bonus. He was still in the paranormal career track because he couldn't find anything better at the moment, but he hoped to eventually move out of this field now that it had served his purpose. He liked helping people, but the paranormal wasn't really his bag.

He did discover one night while hunting for a different job that there was a position in the same field open for a competing company. It paid more, so he decided to make a lateral career move and change companies.

When the two of them weren't working or skilling to try to receive promotions, they spent time in Tara's shop, hoping to build up their stock of goods before opening the doors to the public. They even used some of their bonus money to build a second story onto the garage where Aki could open a little shop of his own, selling his hand-sewn goods. Sure, a robotics/sewing shop was a weird combination, but they made kind of a weird combination. Their relationship wasn't the most passionate one on the planet, but they worked extremely well together, and that made their partnership work.

In between skilling and building mechanical goods for her new shop, Tara managed to continue being promoted at work. She had a ways to go yet, but she knew she would succeed, and then she could really focus on building up her business to the towering success she knew it could be.

And by the end of the season, Aki finally decided to leave the paranormal career track. He made good money there, but he simply wasn't into it. He moved back to his career in journalism and made a fresh start of it, taking a pay cut but delighted to be doing something that interested him once again.

[[Author's Notes: This house is kind of boring. I don't dislike the sims in it, they just...don't do much. They work and skill and work on goods for the shop. And they really don't seem to be in love, which is kind of a shame since they used to be so into each other. They hardly ever have any wants for one another, so maybe one day they'll break up and go their own separate ways. Remain business partners but not lovers, or something like that. It's a shame because I'd hoped that Aki resurrecting her might put a flame back into the relationship, but they act more like brother and sister than anything. Weird. Anyway, not much else happened this round. Hopefully the business will be open next round. :)

I love this game glitch! // Aki knew it was time for a career change. He wasn't sure how he knew, but it just seemed like it wasn't worth it anymore. // Werewolf convention! ]]


This couple doesn't seem to be happy. Maybe not miserable either, but indifferent.
They need some lovers I think!

I know, right? They're so blah. SOMETHING needs to happen at any rate. They're presently stuck in a loveless (and woohooless) marriage. Perhaps a boyfriend/girlfriend would be their answer. :)

Poor Aki and Tara you'd think they'd have a little more passion after Tara's resurrection. I agree with J68, they need to take some lovers ;) I could totally see you installing ACR sometime in the future, you are way more balls-y than I am when it comes to things like that.

HA! I am such a control freak, though!!! I kind of want to install ACR, but I don't know if you can control the LEVEL of activity that is randomized and romantic. I don't want every sim in the hood that has one bolt with any other sim to be hitting on them all the time because the drama would be intolerable. But these two need some sort of kick-start. I don't even look forward to playing them because they're so...dry. And I don't dislike the individual sims, they're just terrible together! Maybe you and I can brainstorm a way to change this before I play them next round. :)

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