The Beaumonts (A) - Round 7


Armand Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Adelaide Beaumont, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Chief of Staff

Alexandre Beaumont, Teen Knowledge Sim, LTW Become City Planner

Aurélie Beaumont, Teen Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens


Last round at the Beaumonts, Aurélie and Alexandre transitioned into teens, Adelaide reached her LTW of being Chief of Staff and got a new one: to max all 7 skills. Armand continued to work toward his LTW of being Education Minister, slowly but surely. Let's see how the family and Abbey do this round.

The Spring season started off well, with Alexandre excelling as usual at school and even managing to gain himself a mechanical skill point with his science fair project.

Armand, too, had a spot of good luck when he scored some tickets to the ballet. They weren't exactly what was expected, but he loved the performance anyway, as did Adelaide.

Alexandre excelled at making friends, too. He brought home Marquez Villalobos from Rosebud Academy one afternoon, and the two made friends quickly. Alex was such a friendly, pleasant boy that it was almost impossible for anyone not to like him.

Working hard still, Armand finally brought home another promotion, to High School Principle. He didn't really enjoy the job, as he felt it was more like being a Teenage Police Officer than doing anything worthwhile in the education field, but he hoped not to be stuck in the position for long.

Nevertheless, a promotion was a promotion, and Adelaide and Armand celebrated accordingly that night. It was a blessing, they knew, that after all this time, they still loved each other as much as they did the very first day. Their birthdays were fast approaching, and they would soon grow into an old woman and man, but their hearts were healthy as ever when it came to loving one another.

Armand was the first to go, and Aurélie and Alex teased him by putting as many candles on the cake as they could possibly fit.

As he aged, his hair seemed to grow gray, and his back stooped slightly. Elderdom felt heavy on his tired shoulders, but he had much to be grateful for. He ate his cake with relish.

Adelaide was next, and the twins played the same mischievous trick with her cake candles. She was delighted, though, to finally move from the stage in her life where she had to be responsible for so much and so many other people to the phase where she could begin to relax and enjoy her life.

It was hard for her to accept the changes that came over her body, but Armand quickly assured her that she was as beautiful as ever, and the faint female ego in her was soothed.

Mercifully, Armand was promoted shortly after he celebrated his birthday. He didn't have the energy to keep up with teenagers, and being a college senior professor was much more suited to his abilities. He still wasn't quite where he wanted to be, but it would come eventually. With age came experience, and he was convinced that experience would aid him in his lifetime goal.

Adelaide took the physical transition a bit better than Armand. While he seemed to be stricken with new aches and pains, she continued to do chores around the house as always, like a graying superwoman, fixing the appliances and getting down on hands and knees to repair the trash compactor whenever it needed it.

Alex continued to make friends around the neighborhood, his friendly personality drawing more people than his sister's more coarse nature. Imelda Vinci was beautiful, but Alex didn't think of her as a beautiful girl...just a fun friend to hang out with. This was a shock to most of the rest of hot-blooded teenage males in Rosebud.

Both Aurélie and Alexandre, though, were concerned with their impending college entrance. They knew their family wasn't made of money, so they worked hard to acquire skills they thought might be attractive to Sim State University officials. Together, they restored an old car, increasing their mechanical knowledge.

When all the mechanical work was done, Alex (always the soft touch) allowed Aurélie to choose the paint color. The shade of green she chose made his eyes widen and his mouth curl into a bit of a cringe, but he let her go ahead.

When the car was finally finished, Alex had to admit that the Granny Smith Apple Green that she'd chosen DID make the vehicle stand out...

Since the car was done, the twins decided to take on another activity that they hoped the universities might look positively upon: getting a part-time job. Alex took a job in the slacker career - not because he felt that he was a slacker but because it afforded him more time to study other subjects at home. Aurélie decided on a part-time job in the Oceanography career. "To get exercise and look hot in a bathing suit," she explained as her reasons, when Alex questioned her motives.

Meanwhile, Armand and Adelaide were enjoying their early retirement age quite nicely, even though both were still working full-time jobs. They would retire eventually, but with two kids who were about to go into college, they needed all the income they could get.

They spent more time especially with Abbey, and Armand entertained himself in the evenings teaching her more tricks and skills.

With all the things she'd learned since they'd adopted her, Armand figured it was a great idea to get her a job in pet showbiz. After all, she was a beautiful dog, loyal, and brilliant. And if she could help contribute to the kids' college fund, even better.

Alex managed to get promoted to the top position he could possibly acquire while still in high school, and the same day he got the promotion, he added it to his resume. Sure, being a gas station attendant wasn't exactly the job for a young philosopher, but it showed his responsibility and work ethic.

After a wise decision at work, Aurélie received a promotion as well, which she promptly rubbed in her brother's face (affectionately) until he pointed out he'd gotten one too.

The promotion got her as high as she could get in her field as a teenager, and she was satisfied. Alex pushed her to update her resume for college and she grudgingly did.

The spring ended with Armand getting one more Dean of Students at the college where he was teaching. He felt like he'd been working toward his goal his entire life, but he was closer than ever now. Even though the aches and pains of elderhood and the tiredness that was new to him sometimes discouraged, he knew if he stuck in, he could make it to the top.

[[Author's Notes: This family is so cute. I really love the relationship between Aurélie and Alexandre. I can totally picture him making friends and her adopting them later because he's the sweetie and she's so headstrong. They are pretty inseperable. I look forward to seeing what happens with them in college and adulthood. Adelaide finally reached her LTW, so she's fast on her way to achieving her second of maxing all 7 skills, but Armand is still slowly slowly SLOWLY chugging along on reaching the TOC in Education. I guess I'm spoiled by my adults usually having a lot of skills already, so my poor little CAS sim is suffering his way slowly to the top. He'll make it, and then it'll be all blissful retirement for the both of them. Yay. Aurélie and Alex leave for Uni next round, so they'll have the house to themselves in their old age. It should be pretty sweet.

Most awkward friendly visit ever. She's really not good at making friends. // Never seen this pet response before; how funny! // With an age meter that full? Dream a little dream, buddy.]]


awww, your first group of adults aging into elders! Armand kinda looks a little crotchety in his old age, lol. The twins are pretty darling and the rivalry is really cute :)

HAHA, doesn't he look like a mean old bastard? It kind of cracks me up. :')

I'm looking forward to playing the twins as YAs and adults. Not really sure what's going to happen.

I was gonna say that Armand looked pretty good as an elder. I guess I'm wrong! And it's weird how some sims are SO SLOW at reaching TOC.

Oh, I definitely think he looks handsome, he just also looks like he's got a tad of grumpy old man syndrome, haha.

He's been one, along with Colm Cleary, who just struggled and struggled forever to get there, so I'm glad he finally made it in the next round. It's a load off me for sure.

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