The Tanakas (D) - Round 6

Due to some strange activity that somehow led to my deleting every picture from the Tanakas D, Round 6, I have no pictures of it.

However, I can summarize what happened in a few bullet points.

Aki Tanaka, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends

Tara Cleary, Adult Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Aki Tanaka and Tara Cleary moved into a house in the Tanaka district of Rosebud. They bought a house with a large garage so that Tara could transform it into a shop where she could sell the products from her electronics bench.

Aki got a job in the Journalism field and began to work his way up so they could increase their bank account. Unfortunately, while he was at work one day, Tara decided to rake and burn some leaves in the backyard, caught fire, and burned to death with no one but two less-than-helpful passers-by.

When Aki got back home, he realized what had happened and immediately took a job in the paranormal career, hoping to be able to rescue her. Once he'd gotten high enough up in the field to acquire a Ressurect-O-Nomitron, he got one and promptly spent every cent in his name (mostly earned through sewing quilts and selling them) to get Tara back.

She was successfully resurrected with no side-effects, and the two of them found their love renewed thanks to their reuiniting.

This totally sucks without pictures, and I'm sorry! But I have them for next round, so we'll see how they get on in round 7.


Oh Noes! Poor Tara. I'm glad Aki was able to resurrect her. I would have been so sad if she was gone. Was she dead the entire round?

Haha, she was dead from like...the second day of the round until the last day of the round. The rest of the time, Aki spent making quilts like an insane person and attempting to get a job in the paranormal career. I wish I hadn't lost the pictures. It was actually kind of weird: he didn't have a memory of her dying at all. Even though other people who lived on different lots had that memory. It was like she just disappeared, and he didn't even notice. Weird. I wasn't letting her go, though, so I had to find a legal way to get her back. :)

Has it really been this long since I've read? I guess so. May not get through it all today. Anyway, that's terrible about Tara! Glad she made it back.

I couldn't bear to let her be naturally selected out. :X I'm hoping to get better at letting sims go when they die in-game. It feels like the game's way of controlling the population.

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