The Tanakas (A) - Round 7


Jiro Tanaka, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Linda Tanaka, Adult Pleasure Sim, LTW Become Professional Party Guest

Homer Tanaka, Infant Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last time at the Tanakas, Linda got pregnant with hers and Jiro's first child. The two had a quickie wedding before she began to show, and Jiro got a killer bonus thanks to a good chance card. How will they handle parenthood? Let's find out.

Personally, Linda couldn't have been happier about Homer. Sure, a child hadn't exactly been in her life plans, but as she got older, it was nice to know that there would be a little of her blood passed on into future generations. Plus, she'd seen Yuuna pass away, and she knew how important it was to have family that cared for you in your old age. Not to mention Homer was completely adorable, and she doted on him happily.

Jiro and Linda settled into a grudging monogamy, mostly because the responsibility of a child added too much to their already hectic schedules for them to have many dates outside the house. And they still got along well - Jiro considered Linda his best friend more than anything, and vice versa - so it wasn't like their home was their prison. They still hadn't given up desirous ideas for other people, though.

Now that Linda had achieved her goal of becoming a Hall of Famer, she decided that she'd like to more fully indulge in her pleasures and lay back and enjoy the life and fame she'd created for herself: she wanted to be a professional party guest. With a quick and painless career switch to the slacker career, she was on her way.

Meanwhile, Jiro had acquired enough points to choose a secondary aspiration, and he decided it was time to make up for all those years ignoring what few brain cells he had. He was going to try to learn some stuff. You know, besides how to be good in bed and hit home runs. Besides, chicks dig smart guys, right?

Linda got promoted quickly, being the easy overachiever she'd been her whole life. Besides, she was suited for this sort of work completely. It was easy, and it didn't take up too much of her time. Life was good.

Of course, their monogamy didn't equal celibacy, and Jiro and Linda still enjoyed their bed as much as they ever did. It was definitely a good way to pass their time off together while Homer was napping.

The little tyke wasn't destined to stay baby-sized forever, though, and it was soon time for his birthday.

Toss the baby!

From the front, little Homer appears to have his mother's cheeks, chin, eyes, and mouth.

The nose is definitely daddy's though, as is the hair color.

Little Homer was extremely outgoing, and otherwise a very well-balanced child. It was no doubt, given who his parents were, that he was born to be a supremely social creature.

Jiro surprisingly seemed to enjoy being a dad. He constantly talked about how he was going to teach Homer to play football, baseball, soccer...and every other sport in between. He took great pride in hanging out with "the little man," as he fondly referred to him. Homer seemed content for now to simply learn walking and talking.

Linda continued with her promotions, no doubt in part to her attractiveness and exceptional skills at flirtation, in addition to her intelligence.

In her off time, which shifted drastically with each promotion, she always carved out time to spend with Homer while he was awake, helping him learn all the things he needed to while growing up.

There seemed to be a lot of storms during this season at their home, and the bamboo in the front yard almost acted like a lightning rod. This was the first time it caught fire, and it wouldn't be the last.

Freaking out about the fire must have made Linda hungry. Do you really think a pizza is the best solution to a house fire, MunchieBot?

After the fire drama, Linda headed off to work and scored herself another promotion and another new schedule. The bonuses were really starting to rack up, though, and she plopped a large amount of their household funds into a college account for Homer, in case he wanted to go. Linda had never been much of one to think book learning was that important. She knew that she was smart, even though she'd never been to college. Frankly, she thought she was smarter than Jiro, and he'd gone through all four years.

It bothered her a little that she didn't have that piece of paper, but she decided it didn't matter. She could be the smartest sim in Rosebud if she just put her mind to it. And so, she decided to start studying up with Jiro. They could be study buddies.

Another fire struck the bamboo at the front of the house, and this time Homer came out to see what all the commotion was.

Surprisingly, Jiro felt a knife of terror slice through him at the thought that Homer might be hurt in the fire, and he quickly swept the boy up and took him far away from the blaze until the fire department could put it out. Afterward, Jiro reflected he'd never known he had that sort of love and parental impulse in him.

Yet again, the fire appears to have made the house hungry. Perhaps some chinese food will cool the panic of potential immolation?

Homer and his parents survived the summer blazes, and soon it came time for another birthday.

Homer grew up well into a very handsome young man. He was delighted to finally be old enough to play with his dad and learn all the sports he'd been hearing about since he was a toddler.

And the older he got, the more apparent he was that he was a very good mixture of both of his parents, the features seeming to change and resemble more cleary each distinct set of traits in his parents' faces.

One of Jiro's new goals in life, since his new desire to get smarter struck him, was to finally get his gold robotics badge. He'd been tinkering his whole life but never really taking it seriously, and now he did. It wasn't long before he achieved his goal and could now make servos. The idea thrilled him.

He also wanted to become a werewolf, which perhaps wasn't quite as smart a goal.

Linda acquired her knowledge in more traditional ways.

And little Homer entertained himself however he wanted; the house was pretty much a playground for him, and when he wasn't playing with the karaoke machine or on the computer or with his toys, he was trying the ballet barre or playing catch with his dad. It was turning out to be a pretty decent life for all of them, despite the fact that none of them ever suspected they'd end up here.

[[Author's Notes: HAHAHA, okay, so. Jiro rolling knowledge as a secondary aspiration? Hilarious to me. In my head, he is the dumbest sim in my 'hood, so it's kind of entertaining for me to play with the idea that he's got this misguided notion to become smart, somehow. Linda continues to be exceptional at everything she does. (Isn't it weird how everything just seems to come easy for some sims? Kimi Tanaka is the same way.) And little Homer is pretty cute. I haven't really gotten much of a feel for his personality yet, as he's pretty even keel in terms of personality traits, but I like the look of him. Curious to see what happens with this household. As for Jiro's second LTW? Eeesh. Maybe he can try after Homer goes away to college, but I really don't see that happening before he drops over dead of old age. I think he and Linda are both due to transition into elders in the next round... we'll see. Anyway, on to Mari and Stella and Cosmo next. :)

Okay, now I can't make fun of Jiro for having a dumb want, Linda, thanks. Maybe this is some weird result of romance/pleasure mixed with knowledge aspirations? // Uh, no. She's your sister-in-law, and she's a lesbian. Check your aim, there, buddy.]]


Jiro and Linda are a really good match. I like their competitiveness with one another. I think Homer will grow up to be a well adjusted (though possibly spoiled) little guy. He's pretty handsome, he got a lot of the good features from each parent :) There's no rule that you have to fulfill second LTWs after their first if fulfilled (only the first counts toward points anyway).

I think they are too! I almost hate that they're romance/pleasure, but if they weren't, they wouldn't be who they are. Homer will be a good kid. I don't remember what his intended aspiration is; I think I forgot to roll it.

20 wooHoos is do-able! Have him retire when reaching an elder and it's financially do-able. Then spend all his time dating.

Hahaha, I kind of want to wait until Homer is out of the house so he's not like, "Why is Daddy in bed with that other lady?" I might go for it, though, as they're both wanting to get their woohoo on. :)

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