The Villaloboses (B) - Round 7

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Diego Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer

Amber Villalobos, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Rock God

Marquez Villalobos, Teen Knowledge Sim, LTW Become Media Magnate


Last time we saw the Villaloboses, Diego and Amber had just graduated college and moved into a new house in Rosebud with their son Marquez. Marquez got into private school, Diego got a job in the dance field, and Amber got a job in the music field. Amber hit a spot of bad luck and was fired, but she quickly regained a position in that career track. And last but not least, Marquez aged into a teen and shared his first kiss with Imelda Vinci. What will happen this round? Hard to say.

The Villaloboses had a very warm and loving home. Somehow, between college and adulthood, Amber and Diego had really settled into parenthood, and they'd raised such a bright and handsome young boy that they could hardly believe where they'd come to be. A beautiful house, a beautiful life, a beautiful family. They were very blessed.

They even remained close with their extended family. Marquez frequently had over Guillermo, who felt more like his big brother than his cousin.

Marquez was one of the only people in the world who was free from the threat of Guillermo's sometimes sarcastic and bullying tongue. In truth, Guillermo would have beat the snot out of anyone who tried to hurt his little cousin.

Marquez was a pretty social creature overall. He frequently brought home friends from school, like Conor Vinci, who was his girlfriend Imelda's cousin. Marquez had to admit, it was nice getting to know some of her family, and to know that they liked him as well.

Being a knowledge sim, Marquez also spent a good lot of time studying everything he could think of to study. His parents were less studious and more focused on fun in their off time from work, but he didn't mind. It gave him plenty of peace and quiet to do what he wanted.

After a short while, Diego was finally promoted to the top of his career: he'd reached his lifetime goal of becoming a world class ballet dancer. He knew that it wouldn't be for long, most likely, since youth was especially valued in the field, but it was immensely satisfying to know he'd made it before his body was too old and worn out.

The achievement allowed him to contemplate focusing on some other things, like remembering his friends. He'd sort of fallen out of contact with a lot of them since moving to Rosebud and focusing on his career. Now, he would finally have time to reconnect, though.

He also began thinking about what he might like to do next with his life. For most of his years, he'd seen nothing but the insides of dance studios. It occurred to him he might like to see a little bit more of the world. Perhaps be a bit of an adventurer.

When he had Catalina over to visit, she agreed wholeheartedly, and Diego decided that as soon as the first opening in his new chosen field opened, he would retire from ballet dancing and give it a go.

Amber still retained her interests from university. Diego had a little greenhouse built for her so she could continue with her gardening hobby. Plus, he had to admit he liked having fresh fruits and vegetables in the house - they were so much better than the store bought.

Amber, however, was still stuck at her former position as a concert pianist. When the time came again for her to play with her rival, she was determined not to be made a fool of again. This time, Amber altered the music in an attempt to get revenge on Francesca.

Again, Amber took the fall, and she felt like she could do nothing right, but at least she wasn't fired outright this time. She took a hit to her confidence, but she still had a job.

To her shock, a co-worker of hers must have spoken to her boss and explained the situation. The man took pity on Amber and, in light of how she'd been mistreated the first time (and how the concert piano position wasn't large enough for both Amber and Francesca), he decided to promote her to symphony conductor. Amber was delighted and promised to be the best he'd ever seen.

Later that week, Diego headed off to work. It was sad thinking of leaving when he'd worked so hard to achieve this goal, but he knew it was the right thing to do. He would enjoy it while he could and go out on a high note instead of a washed up old dancer who should have retired years ago.

[[Author's Notes: I enjoy this house. It's not terribly eventful, but the characters appeal to me. I can't wait until Marquez goes off to college and is with Imelda and Guillermo; those three uni babies should get along quite well together, I think. I thought about allowing Diego and Amber to have another child, but my hood is kind of on population overload right now in terms of reproducing, so maybe Marquez will be an only child. Anyway, not much else to report.

Every time it storms, something in this house gets set on fire. // Typically something expensive.]]


Diego looked fabulous in the black vest uniform, like a matador! He's got some scary cheekbones, however...

I know! I love him in that outfit; it suits him perfectly! But yes...the cheekbones are a problem. Thank god Marquez didn't inherit them. Maybe they'll die out. He was the only one of the four Villalobos kids in that generation to have them! And Vinnie got the scary nose...

I could have sworn I commented on this entry before I left for vacation but oh well... This family, like all your families, is so dear. Lol about Marquez is immune to Guillermo's ass-hattery :) That's TOC dance uniform is just silly on men, IMO, I'm glad Diego made the decision to switch careers soon, although the adventure uniforms are just as silly!

Haha, I wish Diego could have stayed a flamenco master forever. He looked so cute in that outfit. Just think, with any luck at all, soon he'll get to look like a sea captain! :D

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