The Villaloboses (A) - Round 7


Vincente Villalobos, Adult Romance Sim, LTW Become Celebrity Chef


Last time we saw Vinnie, he was adjusting to life alone in the house after the deaths of Santiago and Roisin. Pequito, now an adult dog, kept Vinnie company when Vinnie wasn't at work or keeping company with more attractive human female companions. This season brings much of the same...

The summer started off with a bang for Vinnie, no pun intended. He made a few calls to a girl he'd dated once or twice but never really...cemented... things with. This time, he was successful.

He was also successful in finally reaching the top of his career, and therefore, his lifetime want. He'd made it to the enviable (and profitable) position of Celebrity Chef.

In true Vinnie fashion, once he had something he set his eyes on, it lost its luster a bit, and he immediately wanted to do something else. Being a rock god sounded good to him, and he figured it would be an even better way to meet women who weren't particularly interested in forming meaningful, long-term relationships, of which he was still oddly afraid.

He made the decision one morning to adopt another dog, as a companion for Pequito. The poor little guy was alone in the house all day while Vinnie was at work, and even when Vinnie was home, he frequently had company or was busy skilling. It was simply good fortune that a pretty lady happened to be walking past as Vinnie waited for the pet adoption service to arrive. And he was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

And so, little Alegra joined the family. She wasn't a puppy but a full-grown full-grown as she could be considered to be, as tiny as she was. Pequito wasn't sure about her at first, but they quickly grew to be friends.

They soon played together all the time, both good-natured dogs. Vinnie knew he'd made the right choice.

And it certainly was good insulation to have more than one dog snuggling on the bed when there was no girl to snuggle up to.

After a few weeks of scouring the online job opportunities, Vinnie finally spotted something that he thought could be his foothold for leaping into the music business. The pay was awful compared to what he was already getting, but he had some money stored up, and he understood that one had to work their way up to this sort of thing. He humbly accepted the job.

Vinnie's easygoing nature and strong work ethic quickly netted him results, and shortly after being hired, he slipped into a position as a studio musician. It didn't give him quite the access to the ladies that he would normally like, but that was okay.

His loyalty also served him well. He was an honest, hard worker, and as word began to spread about his reliability, things started to look promising for Vinnie's future career goals.

Of course, his new work schedule didn't at all interfere with his dating schedule, as he simply shifted to morning and afternoon dates when he had to work nights. There was always a pretty girl's number in his little black book that he could dial up when he got lonely.

And now that Pequito and Alegra weren't lonely without him anymore, it made him feel a little less guilty about having company over to the house. Letting them sleep on his prized, plush bed seemed like the least he could least when he didn't need it himself.

Being in the house by himself suited Vinnie. The older he got, the more certain he was that marriage and love were not for him...not the "true love" stuff they talked about in books and movies anyway. In his way, he loved all the girls he was with, and respected them. He just knew that he could never be more than a temporary fling for any of them.

By the end of the summer, Vinnie's list of loves totaled 19. Though a sort of unlikely cassanova, Vinnie had the highest tally of loves in the neighborhood. But he still felt strangely alone.

[[Author's Notes: Poor Vinnie. I don't know what it is, but he's such a serious boy. He enjoys being with women, for sure, but he never seems to get great pleasure out of anything, and he seems like he wants love but is terrified of it. Of course, this could just be me projecting my weird creative brain on him, but that's the way he seems to act. He's really successful in all of his work-related stuff, and he really knows how to charm the girls, but he never seems quite...happy. Oh well. It's fun to play him. I'm shooting for the IW of 30 simultaneous loves with him. Wish me luck!

He's so conflicted.]]


You're well under way to IW, I see. If you let him stray a bit over the line you already have 24 in this picture alone

I know! I can't believe I'm actually within range of achieving this one. It really did seem impossible. However, I can't imagine doing it with a lot of sims...ALL Vinnie does is skill and woohoo! It's kind of fun to have one sim in the 'hood like that, but multiples would seem like such drudgery...

I thought about doing that, but I'm going to see if I can do it with all girls. In the future, if I have to do the 20 Simultaneous Lovers LTW, I'll probably slip and let it be males and females. It's awfully hard to get sticking to a single sex. :)

Nice job on the simultaneous lovers, you're getting so close :) I hope Vinnie can find happiness in his life. The doggies are cute, too bad they can't inherit the house if Vinnie doesn't produce an heir at some point, lol. I guess you could have a nephew with the same name move in with him to carry on the family name!

Yeah, I'm planning on moving in a nephew when Vinnie dies. Maybe Marquez and whomever he decides to marry. I haven't decided yet. I might let it go to Taye, too, depending on how old Vinnie lives to be and who's the right age and in the market for a house at that time.

Oooo, you're gonna make it! It's sorta fun, isn't it? Even if Vinnie isn't enjoying as much as you'd like.

It is kind of fun! Weirdly, I always used to hate romance sims, but he's made me like them more. I dig the single ladies' man thing, and it's a great change of pace from all my families. I was very excited to get this far!

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