The Vincis (E) - Round 11


Silvio Vinci, Adult Fortune Sim, LTW Become Prestidigitator

Beth Thayer, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer


Last time we saw Silvio and Beth, they were sharing a house on Sim State University campus with Neal Cleary and his betrothed, Tessa Ramirez. They knew after a short while that they wanted to be together, and when they graduated college, they purchased a house together with their little bit of cash. Let's see how this brand new couple fares in their new home.

Silvio stood in front of his new home, surveying it with a mix of pride and annoyance. He and Beth had pooled their funds, but still, they could barely afford the unfurnished house that didn't even have siding or windows yet. He was happy to own something but impatient to have a complete house.

They had a little bit of cash left over from the purchase of the home to buy some few things: kitchen appliances, a kitchen table, a bed, a toilet, things that were required for the simple purpose of living. Beth, too, shared Silvio's mixed feelings. Perhaps they were being a little ungrateful for what they had, but not even owning a couch put a tiny damper on their enthusiasm.

The very first thing Silvio did in their new home (after their cheap dinner of lunch meat sandwiches) was to finally propose to Beth. He wanted them to be married good and proper if they were going to live together, and this was the first step. He didn't have a ring to give her, but the gesture was meant with all due seriousness.

Beth, of course, accepted. She loved Silvio simply and earnestly, and she wanted to be with him. So they might have to rough it for a little while...who cared? They did, a little, but not enough to deter her from marrying him.

They went on a brief shopping "spree" to a local discount store and managed to get some new clothes for their new life together.

Silvio had many pairs of jeans, so he simply got a few new shirts to augment his wardrobe, and the two of them felt brand new and ready to begin their lives.

Of course, they did want to celebrate a little bit first. The animal print bed simply seemed to demand that they do, and there was no reason not to.

After a while, the two of them both took jobs in the adventurer field, even though they weren't particularly interested in the work. They were desperate for cash, and even with Silvio's painting ability, they were still only able to purchase the fewest things for their living room, like a bookshelf, couch, and coffee table. They were careful to make good decisions with their purchases, buying quality things even if they were more expensive because they wanted the items to last.

Beth had to admit, she was enjoying her job, even if it wasn't ultimately what she wanted to do. The outfit was awesome, for one thing, and she was meeting loads of interesting people.

Unfortunately, she seemed to have come down with an illness in the empty house. She chalked it up to cold, uncarpeted floors and living off of grilled cheese sandwiches and lunch meat.

One night, however, she woke up in the middle of the night with a strange feeling in her belly. She seemed to be gaining weight despite all reasonable evidence that she should be thinning, if anything. It was then that she realized Silvio and her celebration of their new home resulted in something entirely unexpected: she was pregnant.

In all truth, it was a terrible time for a pregnancy. They couldn't even afford carpet, let alone a baby. Silvio began trying to think of better ways to improve his position as a hostage negotiator. He brought a colleague home from work one night. He tried to make friends with the man, knowing he had some pull, but it didn't result in anything more than extra money being spent on a dinner they couldn't afford. Silvio and Beth continued to go to work, Beth even into the last trimester of her pregnancy. They hoarded every penny they could.

One night, the time finally came for their little baby to enter the world. Into a room with no wallpaper or carpet was born a baby girl, named Ruby, with her mother's coloration of skin, hair, and eyes.

Silvio and Beth had saved up enough to do a little bit of decorating in honor of baby Ruby's arrival. They started with her room, giving her a crib and at least some real floors and walls, instead of sub-floor and drywall.

There was money left over, so they decided to finally start making their house look more like a home. A stone floor and a cranberry-colored wall treatment hit the kitchen and dining room.

The living room got a dark teal carpet and paneling. It was cheap, but Silvio and Beth chose carefully to get something tasteful.

The front entrance hallway got its own stone flooring, the most expensive purchase they made but totally worth it.

The master bedroom and master bath even got a makeover...the most expensive in the house. Silvio and Beth figured they were the ones who worked so hard to earn the money, and Ruby was still too tiny to appreciate it, so why not?

Silvio thought his new baby daughter was a pretty little thing, even if she did eat and cry and poop a lot. He made an effort to spend time with her now and then and wondered if she would have her mother's looks too.

Ultimately, life didn't change TOO much for Silvio. Since Beth needed to stay home with the baby, he continued going to work and fighting for promotions. Every time he got a promotion or a bonus, the money went straight into the house.

After a while, the house even got some outer decoration, in the form of some shingled siding that Beth declared "bold and exciting," some railing, and a front walk.

After a few more paydays, they managed to furnish the office better as well. The house was finally starting to look like a real home. 90% of their rooms had some sort of planned flooring and wall treatment!

Beth, sick of being stuck in the house with only a babbling infant for company, went back to work with the aid of the local nanny service, and with her next promotion came the money they needed to finally finish off the house.

The second bathroom was finally put in, and Silvio and Beth were jubilant. Sure, they didn't have all the things they WANTED, but at least they weren't living in a house that looked like it was still in the process of being constructed anymore.

Later that week came an even better stroke of luck: there was a job open in Beth's chosen field, and she snapped it up before anyone else even had the chance. She was going to be a Hall of Famer no matter what.

She started training right away. After all, just because the house was furnished didn't mean and and Silvio had everything they ever wanted. More money meant more good things, and together, they could really build the home of their dreams.

[[Author's Notes: Beth's pregnancy was totally unexpected and unplanned. I merely took her off birth control when she exited college, and I sort of forgot I'd done that when I had them woohoo. Besides, with ACR, it seems harder for risky woohoo to take. Go figure that my poorest starting couple would get preggers almost instantly. Beth and Silvio seem pretty indifferent to Ruby, which would be sad if she were a real baby but is kind of funny in simlandia. I enjoyed playing this house because I'm sick of all the families that are rich as hell all the time. I have a few bloopers for you!

Nice priorities, Silvio. You don't even own a crib. // Poor Ruby, she doesn't stand a chance. Her mother doesn't have any better priorities than Silvio! ]]


Pregnancies are not always well planned, but still happen. I find it very realistic :)
Silvio's wants (in bloopers) are really typical for males, aren't they? On the other hand, Fortune sims usually wish for cribs and all when their kids are born

I know, he was like, "I want a stereo! I want a bar! Screw the crib; the kid can sleep on the floor!" Even wishing for curtains would have been slightly more appropriate, lol.

And yeah, I was actually delighted she got pregnant randomly, even though they had like ZERO money. Literally, they never had more than $50 the whole round, except when someone got a promotion, and then the money immediately got spent.

Nice job pretty much building the house from the ground up, it's always fun to do that with new families especially after playing established households that have more money than they know what to do with. Ruby is going to be a beauty... I'm excited about this new household!

Thanks! With this house, it felt like it took forever for some reason. Probably because (a)it's huge and (b)they couldn't seem to get decent jobs/promotions. It was fun, though, and I think Ruby is going to look a lot like her mother. I'm hoping for a little Silvio, though!

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