The Vincis (F) - Round 11


Liam Vinci, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Captain Hero

Conor Vinci, Adult Family Sim, LTW Graduate 3 Children From University


The last time we saw Conor and Liam, they were living in the little bachelor shack on Sim State University campus, working on cars to supplement their income and trying to find love in the crazy world of dating. Now that they've graduated, they decided they couldn't possibly split up now, and these twins are settling into a two-family home in the Vinci family neighborhood. Let's see how they do.

Liam and Conor stood outside the house they had contracted to be built and stared up at its stone edifice. It was a huge Greek-style home, complete with pillars and sweeping staircases. They could hardly believe it was theirs.

It truly was their own home now, but the problem was that the building of the house left them nearly bankrupt, and it was still completely unfurnished. They didn't even have a bed to their names, though they did insist on at least a toilet being installed. The upper floor was still all drywall and subfloor.

The first floor wasn't much better. They knew they had better get jobs, and fast, because they couldn't live in a house with absolutely nothing in it.

Despite their worries, they did love their home. It even had a stone patio and balcony on the back that made them giddy just to step out upon. And after all, Silvio had started with not much more than this, and he was doing great. They knew they could make it; they had in college with barely any funds.

And so, the twins settled in happily, determined to have an optimistic outlook and work hard to turn this shell of a building into the home they'd always wanted. Their lives were getting more complicated with adult worries, but they were still very much the boys they had always been.

The first thing Conor, the responsible older brother (by two minutes), did was to apply and take the first and best paying job that was available. It was in the education field, and he thought he might actually like being a college professor. It seemed like a nice, stable job.

The first thing Liam did was to immediately invite over his girlfriend from college, Jenny, and ask if she wanted to move in with them. They were already engaged, after all, and Liam planned to make this his home for a long time. Jenny moved in and, to the shock of both boys, brought a stunning sum of money with her. They could finally afford a refrigerator, a toilet, and some beds; not to mention a whole lot of other stuff!

Jenny's Stats:

Jenny didn't have a job, having just graduated Sim State, but she did have ambition to become a media magnate, and her personality was definitely outgoing enough for her to achieve that goal.

Liam couldn't get over how lucky he was to have such a beautiful, peppy, loving girl like Jenny to be his future bride.

Conor, once he'd settled into his job, followed suit and asked Frances somewhat shyly if she would like to move into the house with he and his brother. The two hadn't been dating as long as Liam and Jenny, and they weren't engaged yet, but Conor could tell this was the woman he was supposed to marry. She accepted his offer and brought with her another windfall of cash that helped the boys start making such improvements as adding paint and wallpaper to the walls and carpeting to the floors.

Now the house had many of the essential things they needed to live AND a lot of the perks that they'd always dreamed of. It was still a bit empty-looking, but that would change as they all settled in and began working.

Liam had to admit, Conor had chosen a great girl too, and one that suited him well. Frances had a classic sort of beauty that Liam knew his brother found irresistible, and she was smart as hell, too.

Frances' Stats:

Liam felt blessed. He had his best girl, his brother, and his brother's best girl all under one roof. This was exactly what they'd wanted, and now they were just at the beginning of a great new life, all together.

Conor and Frances, both more family-oriented sims than most, felt that the whole nesting behavior was so romantic they couldn't keep their hands off one another. There was something about this new living arrangement that made them feel they were playing house instead of actually being adults.

Conor, as everyone settled into the house, continued to go to work and attempt to bring home the bacon, so to speak. With four adults in the house, they went through a lot of food, and the electric bills were astronomical. He fortunately seemed to excel in his profession, bringing home large bonuses as he made his way up the career ladder.

Liam, always more interested in people than his twin, decided he needed a profession with a little more excitement. When he was there was a job in the paranormal field available, he snatched it up, spending a lot of his time studying up on exorcisms and other things in their new living area.

The girls didn't know one another very well, but it quickly became apparent that they had to get used to the unnaturally strong bond between the brothers. In a way, it was good for Jenny and Frances because it made them grow closer faster, when the boys went off in their own little world together.

The boys didn't neglect their women, though. Conor, when he realized that Liam had beat him to the punch, opened his eyes to the fact that he and Frances weren't even engaged yet. He swiftly remedied that, proposing on the complete spur of the moment while they were getting ready for bed one night.

Frances was so excited, she wanted to waste no time. They got married right on the spot, not even caring if they had a big wedding or not. Just being married to one another was enough for them.

Liam and Jenny, of course, were behaving basically like a married couple, secure in the fact that they were "allowed" to do it since they were engaged.

But they weren't quite as family-driven as Conor and Frances, and Liam spent a lot of his time at home indulging in a new hobby: novel writing. He decided that if he was good at making up stories at work that people believed, he could certainly do it in the form of a book.

Frances finally managed to find a position that paid well, though it didn't suit her at all. She and Jenny both got jobs in the entertainment career track. It was a perfectly suited profession for Jenny, but Frances was just biding her time until they could finish the house and she could take a job more satisfying, if less fruitful in terms of the paycheck.

The next period of life in the Vinci house was filled with a windfall of cash and promotions, as the new adults got adjusted to life and began to really put their mind to their professions. Liam's novel sold amazingly well...

...Frances excelled despite her general dissatisfaction with her career...

...Conor delighted in his job and came home every day utterly happy with both what he was doing and the recognition he received for it...

...Jenny excelled beyond everyone's expectations in the entertainment career. She was really suited for the work, and even Liam had to admit, she was so charismatic that it was hard to imagine how anyone couldn't want to watch her...

...and Liam managed the greatest feat of all: getting to the top of his career and bringing home a smashing promotion. With all the money the four of them earned, they furnished and decorated the rest of the house like kids in a candy store, finally able to finance all their greatest home design schemes.

Liam even managed to have MORE good luck when he noticed an ad in the paper that night for a police chief. Despite his success in the paranormal career track, he instantly switched jobs. Today, a cult leader; tomorrow, Captain Hero!

Frances shyly mentioned to Conor one night that she was happy they were finally getting to a more stable financial position, and that the house was really starting to look like a home. When Conor casually agreed, she insisted that it was important...after all, they were starting a family. Conor was ecstatic and bounded off to tell Liam.

The four adults were settling comfortably into their lives and into their beautiful new home.

Frances came home from work one night happy with herself for receiving a promotion, but that wasn't the only thing she received: her first baby bump swelled under her shirt, and she could hardly wait until she and Conor's baby was born.

[[Author's Notes: Whew, that was a long entry. So much to do with moving the girls in and getting everyone a job, skilling, decorating the house, etc, etc, etc. This house will probably always be insane, especially since Conor wants to have at least three kids. Frances wants six, but unless I move them out into their own home, that's not going to happen. I really feel 99.9% unwilling to do that because I feel these brothers need to stay together, and also, like we need six more Vinci kids in this neighborhood. Three from Conor and Frances and one from Liam and Jenny will be more than enough, and that will take me to my 8-sim limit for this lot. I might have a change of heart later on, but I doubt it. Maybe I'll reroll Frances and give her the family aspiration again, just get her a different LTW. That's not TOTALLY cheating, is it, since I never got to reroll her in college? Jenny's mouth scares me a little, but I think she's cute, and Frances is really starting to grow on me, especially with the new haircut. Anyway, I love these kids, and I have a TON of bloopers to share. That's it! Stick around for uni next!

Jenny is the most awesome NPC marry-in ever. She gave him a flat-screen tv. // Frances tries to compete for the title most awesome NPC marry-in ever? // Guys, I know you love each other, but can you knock that shit off? It's really weird. // HAHAHAHAHAHA! NERD! // Okay, Jenny, you win. Your outfit is totes more ridiculous than Conor's. // Apparently, you have never heard or experienced in any way music until you dreamed it. // Frances: Pro-Marriage, Anti-Engagement. ]]


This will be a hectic house, I bet.
6 kids is developing to be my most feared LTW, especially combined with InTeen miscarriage risk.

It doesn't really scare me after completing the 10 Kids IW, lol, but sad to say, I think Frances is going to have a lifetime of unfulfillment if that's her ultimate goal. :p

I ADORE these boys, and it's funny how you portray them as being more devoted to each other than their intended spouses, lol. You could download the more sims per household hack, it would only make your life slightly insane :p I actually downloaded it to be used exclusively in my ISBI (to add interest). The girls are pretty, though I agree about Jenny's lips... but a little genetic diversity won't hurt anything.

Haha, I love them too. <3 They seriously spend more time with one another than the girls; I wasn't even exaggerating. Though Conor is a touch more involved with Frances than Liam is with Jenny...I chalk that up to his family tendencies. Let me know how you like that hack because I might just do that; I'll have to decide.

A family sim who was unhappy to be engaged? That's bizarre. Also yay for moving in rich girls!

I thought it was weird too, and a little bit worrisome since Conor and Frances seem to be the more stable couple (being family sims and having child-related wants and all). The marriage was apparently a positive, though, and everything went smoothly after that, so it seems it must have just been a weird fear of hers? Who knows. But yes! This family is going to be interesting!

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