The Beaumonts (D) - Round 11


Aurélie Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children

Guillermo Chan, Adult Family Sim, LTW Marry Off 6 Children


Last round at the Beaumont house, Aurélie joined Guillermo at the home he'd purchased for them in downtown Rosebud. Guillermo continued to work toward TOC in the dance track, and Aurélie got a job in the paranormal career track. She also continued with her hobby of flower arranging to help augment their funds. They settled in for the winter with hopes of getting married in the spring. Now that it's spring, we'll check in on them.

As spring rolled around, the winter of hard work paid off for Aurélie and Guillermo. They hit the local nursery and stocked up on trees, shrubs, and a new lawn fertilizer for the outdoors. The lot was really starting to shape up, and they were nicely insulated by their downtown neighbors by the trees.

Aurélie kept working on her flower arranging and managed to earn her gold flower arranging badge.

She was also making new friends. Some strays in the neighborhood seemed drawn to the wooded area behind their home, bedding down there for the night, and Aurélie took pity on the poor creatures, even sneaking out a bowl of food from time to time.

Guillermo, meanwhile, kept working toward his goal of becoming a World Class Ballet Dancer. It was an unusual career for a man, granted, but he was strong and knew that he was man enough to wear tights.

Life continued contentedly this way, with Aurélie researching new ways to control the masses as a cult leader - which she most certainly would become some day - and Guillermo working on his creativity for his stage productions. For two kind of grouchy loners, they were perfect together.

One dusk on a rainy day, Aurélie went out to fill the food bowl and found one of the strays outside waiting for her. They were really quite friendly, and this particular one came to visit her often.

During a particularly rambunctious game of razzle, the dog accidentally nipped Aurélie's hand, though. She was NOT pleased, but it wasn't a deep wound, so she said goodbye to the stray and went in to clean off her hand.

Later that evening, Aurélie was enjoying a jump in one of the spring puddles outside on the lawn when she started to feel strange.

Something was happening to her, and Guillermo wasn't even home. She couldn't call anyone for help. She seemed to be...changing...before her very own eyes. She clawed her way indoors to look in a mirror, and when she got there, she couldn't believe what she saw.

She was covered in a fine coating of fur all over her body, and her eyes had a strange feral quality to them. She looked down at the healing bite on her hand. What had that stray done to her?

Later that night, Guillermo came home with great news and in wonderful spirits: he had finally reached the top of the dance career. He was a World Class Ballet Dancer! He ran into the house and up the stairs to tell Aurélie.

To his shock, she greeted him not with a hug of congratulations but by attacking him. "What are you doing!?" he yelled as she pounced on him from behind the bedroom door.

She didn't give him time to answer, she just thoroughly and soundly trounced him. When he stood up, he felt strange. Aurélie grinned her feral grin at him, and he realized she looked totally different. "What...?" he asked, in confusion, unable to process what had happened to her or what seemed to be happening to him.

It turned out he'd had no choice - Aurélie, driven by desires she didn't quite yet understand, had changed him the same way the stray dog had changed her. Guillermo wasn't sure what that meant, but he thought it meant they were...werewolves.

They were having all sorts of urges, only stronger than usual, and they gave into them without thought.

The next morning, Aurélie awoke and found that she was normal again. She peered at her hands. Had it all been a dream?

The thought that it may have been real sent her running for the nearest toilet. After she threw up, she walked out to the living room to talk to Guillermo. He, too, was normal looking, but he'd had the same "dream" as Aurélie. It must have been real, then.

They had been planning to have a big spring wedding, but this change made them hesitant to invite their family and friends over to see what had happened. They instead exchanged rings in their living room, quiet and together and determined to live their lives together, werewolves or not.

As the days went by, both of their personalities seemed to change, in a similar way. They both got grouchier but more active and outgoing. They were definitely changing, but it was a comfort to change together.

A few weeks later, Aurélie discovered that her new lycanthropic makeover wasn't the cause of her digestive upset. She and Guillermo were having a that was conceived the very night they both changed.

She wondered if the kids would be werewolves too, as she munched on some comfort soup Guillermo had made for her. If they were, she would definitely get them vaccinated and cured. They deserved a normal life. As for she and Guillermo, though? They were actually having a pretty good time.

[[Author's Notes: Yaaaaaay, my first werewolves! I find them much more entertaining than vampires, mostly because the vamps bug me with their darned sensitivity to light. The werewolf shuffly growly walk gets annoying, but they can still accomplish things at any time during the day or night, which is nice. Since both of these kids want to marry off six of their own, Aurélie is going to be a baby-making machine for a while and snarfing down the cheesecake. I think the two of them were such jerks already that they were a perfect couple for werewolfiness. :) Kudos to Liz for pointing it out to me. A few bloopers for you!

Aurélie really is a bitch. And this was BEFORE she went all wolfie. // Cultured wolves. ]]


Warewolves... Awesome! They are totally perfect for it! I love how you pointed out their personality change, it's amazing you can get any meaner than these two, lol. I'm very excited to see the babies, i wonder if you'll get any nice ones out of these two.

Ohhhh hellz naw. They are going to breed nasty little demon children. And lots of them!!! Grouchy, messy little monsters. :)

Werewolf kids, that would be something! I never had a werewolf in all my sims-life!

It's pretty fun, actually! I mean, you get the annoying two second "STOP ALL ACTIONS" behavior so they can change in the evening and back in the morning, but otherwise, the werewolves are totally functional. So far, the babies have not changes overnight, so apparently werewolf-ism isn't genetic. ;)

Ooo, Werewolves! I'm interested to see the babies.

They just turn out like normal humans, which was a little bit of a disappointment, but I think they're going to be cute anyway. I'll spoil the surprise and just share one fact from round 12: one of their daughters looks just like Guillermo. I know it looks really weird on a toddler; I hope she grows into it. :\

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