The Vincis (D) - Round 11


Inari Tanaka, Adult Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister

Salvatore Vinci-Chin, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Head of SCIA

River Vinci-Chin, Child Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Vinci-Chin house, River aged well into a grumpy, messy and serious toddler and then into a child. Salvatore reached his LTW of becoming the Hand of Poseidon, and Inari got her gold gardening badge and reached the top of the Natural Science career track. The whole family pretty much continued to be a bunch of happy hippies.

Sometimes, Sal and Inari wondered if they should have had another child to keep River company, but then they realized that she was perfectly content as an only long as she had Dakota to play with from time to time.

Inari, in the meantime, was loving her new job. Not only was it morally and financially rewarding, but she got the most badass outfit ever.

Plus, she could fly. See you later, Inari!

River also found her own way to keep her social levels up when Dakota got boring. She brought friends home from school from time to time, though none of them really seemed to interest her too much.

Mayhew London, for example, had really unusual eyes, but his gossip about what the other girls were wearing at school wore thin River's nerves.

They settled on an activity that any child could agree on with a peer: some television. River was still bored, though. She didn't like being cooped up in the house as a general rule.

More often than not, she packed off her potential friends and went out to spend some time in her parents' garden. She too took an interest in nature...catching bugs and picking fruit and fishing and all that, but this summer, her parents finally agreed to let her have complete control over the garden. She took this task very seriously and only really felt happy when she was digging in the dirt and taking care of her plants.

Inari and Sal were pleased to see their daughter take a firm interest in nature, just as they had. And they were still learning too: Sal only just then, after years of fishing, managed to finally earn his gold fishing badge.

Their interest in nature spread out to all sorts of outdoor activities.

You know the saying... if this tent is a-rockin'...

Inari's new goal was to finally finish her bug collection. She only had about five more left to complete it, and she spent hours outdoors trying to find those last few elusive bugs.

Thus the whole family spent most of their spring with their outdoor hobbies. It wasn't just something they all enjoyed, it was something that brought them together.

[[Author's Notes: Sorry that this entry seems so disjointed. I don't know if it's my brain's lack of creativity this morning or if it's because all the happenings were sort of commonplace, and I was stretching for pictures to include. Probably a little bit of both. I do, however, have the most hilarious bloopers ever. So funny that I'm not putting them behind links. I'll just let them tell a little story...

Inari: Look at me! I'm smelly, half-naked, and social!

I have no good caption for this, the picture just amused me. :D

Awkward much? Salvatore:'re a colleague of my wife's from work??

The End. Stick around for Aurélie and Guillermo!]]


Psst! You call River Inari most of the time!

And the bloopers were really funny! I have one ecological guru in my game, but I didn't see her in that outfit yet. Luckily, maybe, since she's an elder :)

Hahaha, whoops. I'll have to edit that. I'm so used to typing Inari that I do it without realizing it! I loooove the ecological guru outfit. It's my favorite TOC outfit ever in the game. :)

LOL @ the bloopers. I've never kept a sim in Natural Science long enough to see them in the work uniform... especially since they only work 1 day a week. I love this little crunchy granola family, River is such a cutie and she really is a good mix of both parents.

I kept thinking of all these funny things I was certain my characters must have been thinking. I really can't wait to see Inari transition into YA because I'm hoping she settles into her features a little bit more. She was a little ungainly looking as a child, and I think she's so pretty and a good mix, but still a little bit awkward in terms of how her features blend. Guess we'll see when she heads off to uni. :)

Wow I have never seen that outfit before. It's both hysterical and disturbing. Also I've never been close to completing the bug collection! Maybe I should work on that.

Hahahaha, the outfit absolutely cracks me up. It makes me want to put all my non-career LTW sims in the Natural Science track just so they can wear that outfit. Also, they only work one day a week and get ten thousand dollars for that one day, which is pretty awesome.

I don't know if you get some kind of special reward for completing a bug collection or not, but I figured if any of my sims have even the tiniest chance of doing it, it would be Inari. :)

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