The Beaumonts (C) - Round 11


Alain Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Reach Golden Anniversary

Meadow Beaumont, Adult Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Marc Beaumont, Teen Popularity Sim, LTW Become The Law


Last round at the Beaumont house, Meadow adopted a new Rottweiler puppy whom she named Apollo. Max and Sara, the last litter of Darcy and Cleo (who were retired to the doggy retirement home built specially for that purpose), grew up, and Max was given away for adoption. Apollo and Sara aged into adult dogs and quickly were encouraged to breed by Meadow. They had a litter of two, Winnie and Sam. Marc aged well into a teen with the desire to Become The Law. He also got into private school. Will Meadow succeed in her positively absurd LTW of raising 20 puppies? Will Marc and Alain go crazy from having so many pets at the house? Will Alain get featured in an update for more than thirty seconds? We'll see.

The first thing that happened that spring in the Beaumont house was a birthday, but not of the human variety. Both Cleo and Darcy had become elder dogs, appropriately making them of the proper age to be in a posh doggy retirement home, where they could live out their remaining days in peace and comfort.

The young blood wasn't all gone, though. Sara and Apollo's litter, Winnie and Sam, were still frolicking about the puppy yard and generally enjoying the warming weather.

Alain continued to wander from career to career. Not only did he find it a good way to earn money via promotions, but it kept him interested and entertained. He was truly becoming a jack of all trades.

Meadow, when she wasn't tending to her furry family's needs, was tending to her green babies: her plants. The garden in the basement still produced magnificent produce thanks to her attentions, and the fruit trees outside were healthier than any in the neighborhood.

Of course, no couple could be all business all the time. Meadow and Alain made time for each other and enjoyed a weekly "date night," even if the date was at home. It was fun to pig out on the couch while watching a movie or fish together or even just watch the stars. And the bedroom action at the end of the night, while having an air of scheduled entertainment, was still quite enjoyable.

And they had every right to enjoy themselves; after all, it was soon birthday time for both of them.

It seemed as though the weight of years began to stoop their shoulders when they realized how old they really were on this birthday. They were eligible for elder discounts now! It seemed unreal, yet there were the gray hairs, starting to creep in at first and then taking over completely. [[Though what's with these outfits, guys? Ugh.]]

Meadow still retained quite a bit of her youthful beauty, AND her charming figure. Sure, she couldn't prevent the effects of gravity, but Alain still thought she was the sexiest mama on the block.

Alain was no slouch either. Age had given him a bit of a paunch, but Meadow thought the gray hair made him look dapper.

And it must have been birthdays all around because Meadow discovered when she headed to the lawn that little puppies Winnie and Sam weren't so little anymore!

She knew she had to give them up, and that was okay with her. She loved all her puppies, but her goal was to give them good homes while they were growing, then let them go to new homes where they would be loved forever.

Alain, perhaps because of the dignity and insight his age gave him, was soon promoted to Ecological Guru. He had to admit, the pay and the hours were nothing but fantastic, and the bonus was that his nature-loving wife thought it was pretty sexy to be married to an ecological guru.

Alain, in his somewhat awkward teenage years, withdrew from his parents a bit, in the way that teenagers tend to do. He was more preoccupied with his own life...and figuring out this alien species called "girls." He saw Leah Vinci walking down the street one day and had a terrible idea. Terrible but hilarious. She thought she was so tough...he felt impossibly propelled to prove her wrong.

At the risk of harm to his hide (judging from her reputation), Alain played a prank on Leah, joy buzzering her until her teeth chattered in her head. He almost cringed back from her, waiting for a beat-down.

But to his surprise, Leah laughed, finding it hilarious. "Alright, alright, you got me," she laughed. "Truce?" She stuck out her hand.

Alain promptly got his payback. But she didn't do it malevolently, just in the spirit of mischief. It turned out that Leah wasn't so bad, for a girl, even though she was totally fug. She was almost like a mix between a boy and a girl, which made talking to her a lot easier.

It was the beginning of a very strange friendship.

[[Author's Notes: Ahhh, the 20 puppies or kittens LTW. I missed it so much. -.- Meadow actually has a shot, though, unlike Fiona, who I think will die within like three kittens of reaching her LTW. By the end of round 11, Meadow has raised 11 puppies, and she only JUST turned elder: Blix, Darcy, Cleo, Chester, Greta, Libby, Sara, Max, Apollo, Sam, and Winnie. Sara is preggers again, so that means another litter of at least two in round 12, and I'm hoping that not giving up the old dogs for adoption won't impact my pets-per-lot limit so severely as to prevent her achieving her LTW. Guess we'll see. Alain is boring as usual, though he'll become perma-plat this next round since I will be throwing them an anniversary party, and Marc made me laugh thoroughly with his completely bizarre prank-based friendship with Leah. :') My simmies are so cute. Anyway, on to the bloopers!

Are you guys really so stupid that you can't tell the difference between a cat and a skunk? I swear, Meadow, you're supposed to be all informed about nature! // Mmmm, shmexy, Alain. ]]


Guess your second blooper picture really WAS schmexy, since uptight photobucket refuses to show it ;)

SERIOUSLY!? OMG. It was totally just Alain with the funny head of Natural Science outfit - a single plant leaf over his naughty parts! That's LAAAAAME, photobucket!! Maybe I'll just upload it here to blogger because it really is funny.

LOLLOL @ Marc and Leah, Could there be a romance in the works for these two? hehe. I can't believe that Alain and Meadow are elders already... sheesh, I think you might be ahead of me for real... I gotta stop playing with all my CC and start playing the game some more :P

Hahaha, aren't they hilarious!? I would consider them hooking up because they're both double recessive hair color genes. That means their babies would definitely be either blondes or redheads, yay! I don't remember if they have chemistry though... guess we'll have to see what happens with ACR at uni. :p

I know, man, the Beaumont clan seems like it just keeps getting older and older.

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