The Villaloboses (C) - Round 11


Catalina Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer

Nerissa Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist


Last round at the Villalobos household, Nerissa and Catalina adjusted to the idea that Guillermo wasn't returning home after university and that they had the rest of their lives to enjoy one another. Nerissa and Catalina both enjoyed the new pottery wheel they invested in, though Nerissa was first to earn a silver pottery badge. The two also indulged in buying a new pet: Diana, a cockatoo who entertained them both greatly. Catalina also got stalked a lot by her former childhood stalker, the Grand Vampire. The house was broken into, but fortunately, nothing was stolen. Let's see how they do this round.

Nerissa continued with her love of pottery. She found she was really getting good at molding things out of clay...even when it was so cold outside that her fingers felt numb after a little while.

Catalina preferred more warm indoor entertainments, like playing with Diana. She couldn't get over how talkative the bird was getting. Granted, both she and Nerissa chatted with the bird all the time, but their avian companion's ability for learning startled them both.

Catalina did indulge in a bit of pottery herself, but after being interrupted with her clay-laden hands multiple times by her vampire stalker, she decided to do something about it.

She had repeatedly invited the vamp over to talk with him about why he wouldn't leave her alone, but each time, she was rejected. Finally, she decided to fake him out a bit. She called and asked him on a "date," which of course was a complete farce.

Nevertheless, she was pleasantly shocked that he agreed! Catalina figured she finally knew what he actually wanted. Men, they were all alike. But the joke was on Vasyl Hogan...he wasn't her type, by a long shot.

Something strange seemed to happen when they began to talk, though. He had definite hypno-eyes, and she found herself liking him better than she had, forgiving him the years of annoying stalking.

She wasn't even fully aware of what he was doing as he swept her up into an embrace. She was still contemplating how he wasn't really THAT bad...

As he let her down, she felt as though she needed to catch her breath. "What the hell did you just do to me, Vasyl?" she asked, puffing. She wasn't mad with her new friend, she just couldn't figure out what was going on.

Of course, it became clear a few minutes later as Catalina felt a massive change takeover her body. She felt pain, then power, then hunger. She realized as she looked down at her pale hands that he had turned her into one of his kind.

And he didn't even stay around to help explain. "Goodnight, my pretty," he said, pulling her into an embrace and kissing her before disappearing into the night.

Catalina felt such a mixture of emotions and feelings... powerful, sad, bewildered, worried, curious... The first thing she knew was that she had to break it to Nerissa, and she was completely unsure how her long-time wife would take it.

After a long amount of talk and a record-speed construction of a basement (and lightless) apartment, the two worked things out. It wasn't the ideal situation, and Nerissa had many conflicting emotions about the whole thing, but the bottom line was that they still loved one another, and they would deal with this.

Now that Catalina would spend most of her time sleeping during the day, Nerissa spent it thinking over and over her wife's situation. She barely even noticed when she earned her gold pottery badge. She was too busy contemplating the implications of being married to a vampire.

Catalina, too, began to wonder what this would mean for her. Eternal life and apparent friendship with all the wolves in the neighborhood, but what about Nerissa?

She looked up at the stars. Did she want to live forever if it wasn't with Nerissa? Did she want to live perpetually in darkness for the rest of her days?

She didn't know, but as she painted a portrait of her beautiful Nerissa to keep with her always (no matter what happened), she hoped some understanding and clarity would come to her soon.

[[Author's Notes: Ah, I feel kind of guilty for doing this out of my own selfish reasons, but oh well. Catalina is gorgeous, and I want her to sire beautiful babies. Plus, I needed a vamp in my hood, and I don't like anyone well enough to have them live forever besides Catalina. Sorry, pumpkin. It's kind of sad because Nerissa keeps rolling up two wants all the time: to become a vampire or that Catalina is cured of vampirism. It's like...I don't care if we're both vampires together or humans together, as long as I don't have to be away from her. :( Sigh. Now I have guilt. Over pixellated people. D'oh. I built a sorta neat basement apartment for Catalina, which makes me happy. So far, she hasn't burned up on her way to work, so we're hoping to continue that trend. Only one blooper for you.

Yeah, because just being a vampire is cool, but those warlocks suck. ]]


You're too soft :D
Just get over it, and let Nerissa work it out for herself, too. Good idea to keep Catalina!

Haha, I totally am! I will eventually get over it in a round or two. I can't wait to have Catalina around for a while. :)

I support your decision to vamp Catalina... if Nerissa wasn't a townie, I'd probably have vamped her too... My decision with Tia Eich was much easier though since she was already a man eater, lol. I can't wait to see all the babies... you could do a mini alphabet challenge and have Cat have a baby for every letter of the alphabet, hehe.

Yeah, I feel like Nerissa is more expendable since she's a townie, though I've had her in my game since the very first round of the 'hood, so I'm a little sad. She and Catalina used to play together as children, remember? So sad.

OMG, I can NOT have that many Villalobos babies in the 'hood! I'll go from Vinci overload to V-name overload! There are definitely babies in the future, though. :)

That's so sad that Nerissa wants them to be together as vamp or non-vamp! Also, vampires are cool, but warlocks suck...hahahaaa.

I know!!!! I'm so torn about it, but I really love Catalina and want to keep her around. It makes me all sappy that she just wants to stay with Cat, no matter whether they're humans or vampires.

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