The Vincis (B) - Round 11


Fiona Vinci, Elder Family Sim, LTW Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Enzo Vinci, Elder Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become World Class Ballet Dancer

Grace Vinci, Teen Fortune Sim, LTW Become Hall of Famer

Leah Vinci, Teen Family Sim, LTW Become Education Minister


Last time at the Vinci house, Fiona continued her insane lifetime wish of trying to raise 20 kittens. Two kittens were born to Roux and Brownie, whom she dubbed Margarita and Mojito. Salt and Pepper (the previous litter) were given up for adoption. Roux and Brownie had one additional kitten, named Marmalade. That was where we left the kitty situation. On the human side of the news, Grace and Leah grew up well into teenagers, and their birthday party got broken up by the cops for smustling too loudly. Grace got fit, and Leah worked on her debate skills. Enzo was mostly a boring old man. Let's check in with them in round 11!

No one particularly minded Fiona's obsession with cats. Especially not the girls, who, like most young girls, thought they were adorable and fun to play with and cuddle. Plus, their mother's obsession with bringing up kittens "properly" meant that there was always a fresh stream of cute kitteny goodness in the house. It was fun.

Mojito and Margarita, the kittens born to Roux in the previous season, grew up into cats, and Enzo knew what that meant.

He called the adoption agency one morning while Fiona was still sleeping, hoping to spare her the unpleasant task, and asked for someone to come pick up the newly grown kittens.

Fiona was not fooled. She woke up at the sound of the car pulling up and ran, crying, down to say goodbye to her "babies." The older she got, the worse she became at dealing with seeing her little kitties off to new homes. Enzo frankly couldn't wait until she got over this stupid obsession. It hurt him to see her heart constantly broken by having to give the kittens up.

Nevertheless, he knew that she wouldn't stop until she achieved her goal, and so he tolerantly agreed when she said she thought she might like to adopt a new kitten, to be friends with Marmalade, the single kitten born to Roux the previous season.

And while she was at it, she figured she might adopt another kitty...just to add to the feline family.

Especially since a task even more difficult was coming up. The house was getting overrun by cats, and Fiona knew that if she wanted to achieve her goal, she would have to do the same painful thing that had happened with Pumpkin and Cinnamon. She had to give her aging adult kitties up for adoption. But she hoped to be able to talk Imelda into taking them once again since she knew that they would have a loving home that way. Roux and Brownie left that evening to the tune of Fiona's crying.

But Fiona and the kitties weren't the only ones living in the house. The girls were having a very entertaining teenage life. Grace got fit and noticed some very positive results besides a healthier, stronger body.

For the first time in her life, boys started paying attention to her, and for the first time, she didn't simply want to noogie them for their efforts. Homer Tanaka was pretty fun, and he came home with her from school a few times to hang out. He didn't seem to mind her sometimes abrasive personality. He was pretty mellow.

He even told her how awesome the Rosebud Academy was, and she immediately rang up the Headmaster, casually informing her mother two hours before he arrived that if she ever hoped to be the education minister, a private school education would really help. Fiona's eyes bugged out, but she only got quickly to work cleaning up. That was Leah.

Fiona quickly discovered that she wasn't as good at hurrying as she used to be. And that she was a bit more forgetful than she used to be. The Headmaster was treated to a terrifying ball of flame threatening to consume their kitchen. Fiona got it out and began restarting dinner, with Enzo's help. At least the Headmaster could see how cool and calm they could be in a crisis, Leah pointed out to him.

They finally were able to sit down to a nice, unburnt dinner, and with all the schmoozing Leah had done in the meantime, he wasn't immediately ready to turn them down.

In fact, by the end of the evening, he ended up being quite impressed with their household and admitted the girls happily.

Fiona and Enzo celebrated.

The next day, the girls happily donned their new outfits and headed off to private school.

Again, even in the new school, Leah found herself the center of attention from boys she wasn't quite sure she liked. "I mean, you're just so charismatic! It's awesome being around you!" "Well, duh. Look, are you leaving soon? I need to work on my homework."

Leah didn't mince words. And she didn't neglect her studies, especially not for some pretty boy. And, she had to admit, he was pretty. But studies came first.

Back down in the cathouse, Marmalade and Parsley grew into beautiful adult cats. Since there were two males and only one female, Fiona decided to cut any competition off at the pass and give one of her little tomcats up.

Parsley left to find a new home that night.

Also that night, Sage and Marmalade were encouraged to enjoy their new adult capabilities by Fiona.

Catastrophically, however, they didn't get along at all! The two cats had multiple fights in a row, and during the final one, Fiona couldn't run down fast enough to break it up.

That night, she came downstairs to realize that Sage had run away! She was heartbroken and sick with worry.

Right away, she called the animal adoption agency and all the other local humane societies to report Sage missing in case he should get picked up somewhere. He was barely an adult kitty, how would he survive out there!?

She barely felt reassured by the woman's assurance that they would keep an eye out and let her know if Sage appeared in their facility. She went to bed that night sick with worry, next to a husband who could only roll his eyes but still hold her, hoping that this would all be over soon.

[[Author's Notes: Okay, so Fiona kind of lost her mind a little bit this round. She was constantly crying every time a cat got given up for adoption, and her fears panel constantly registered fears about the cats. She might be turning into a little bit of an old cat lady, lol. Oops. Well, honey, with that kind of LTW, what did you expect? Her current tally of kittens raised is 12: Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Brownie, Sugar, Spice, Salt, Pepper, Mojito, Margarita, Marmalade, Sage, and Parsley. Only eight more to go. I don't know if she can do it or not! We'll see, I guess. And the girls continue to be adorable. Especially Leah, who cracks me up constantly. A couple of bloopers for you.

We don't pay you to do that, but awwwww. // Um...Homer, I don't think you're supposed to be doing that. ]]


Man, I love these girls! I can't wait to see what kind of guy Leah ends up with, it will be funny to see I'm sure, hehe. Poor Fiona having to give up all her kitties... I can't say I envy you going for that LTW multiple times, heh, I'm definitely NOT looking forward to that one.

I love them too! They crack me up, especially Leah, who makes a hilarious cameo in the Beaumont C household. Fiona is totally cracking up from being a cat lady. I'm going to be mega-sick of this LTW after all three of the current sims are done with it. I've already decided that I will do this LTW NO more. All family sims with this LTW are getting re-rolled, for realz.

This craziness is what I'm afraid will happen with my Gerd, who wants 20 puppies or kittens, too :/
Well, you have to try it sometimes, right?!

That's exactly why I'm completely not doing it after these three sims. I figure I'll have all three "species" - small dogs, large dogs, and cats, and then I'm out. It's fun to try, but it totally dominates the entire household because everyone almost has to help out to keep all the pets happy, healthy, clean, and fed.

Wow, that must be nuts with all those cats! I'd probably be crying to give up sim-cats too though.

Haha, dude, I know. My only consolation for Fiona is that all of her "breeder" pairs will be adopted by Imelda and given a pretty plush retirement in a new home. It's not too bad getting rid of kittens the second they turn adult, but it's hard when I need to make room and there are elder kitties taking up valuable spaces. :\

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