The Vincis (C) - Round 11

So, because my computer likes to thwart me, FRAPS didn't open automatically after a restart of my computer. And because I'm an idiot, I didn't notice the entire time I was playing the Vinci C house in round 11. I kept hitting the keystroke to take pictures, and imagine my surprise when I finished the round, went back to look for a specific photo, and found none there. Growl. So enjoy this rapid and sorely unsatisfactory recap.

What happened in Round 11?

-Doyle aged into a child.
-Gina aged into a teen.
-Gio aged into a teen.
-Paolo aged into an elder.
-Caitlin has a memory of achieving her LTW of graduating three kids from college, yet her LTW didn't change. At least she is perma-plat, though.
-Caitlin gave her FINAL BIRTH to SURPRISE twins, Mario and Luigi, bringing their total number of offspring to ELEVEN instead of merely ten.

Some pics...

Awwwwwww, elder Paolo. He's got such a warm spot in my heart. Caitlin should age in this next round, I believe. They're both proportionately way older than the other individuals in their generation because I had to let them swig from the elixir to help them achieve the IW of ten kids. I explain it by saying children keep you young.

Gio turned out surprisingly handsome, though I shouldn't really be shocked given how cute the twins (Conor and Liam) are.

Gina, whose face worried me as a toddler because she had her father's rather masculine jawline, grew into a surprising beauty in her teen years! She may actually wind up being the prettiest of the Vinci girls. Can't wait to see how her face changes when she becomes a YA.

And finally, terrible shots of the toddlers. Mario has such a pale skintone because I had Pooklet's awesome Kids In Technicolor skintones installed, but I didn't like the downloadable defaulted versions to replace the five default maxis tones. So I left it, but the problem is that I kept getting kids WAY too pale to be a combination of their parents' genes. This shouldn't be a problem now that the superfantastic Liz of Silvervale Fame cleaned up the skintone set to get rid of the paler ones; I have her new set installed now. You'll notice a couple more offspring born in that interim period who are too pale, but only three or four. The rest are positively lovely.

Stick around for the next house, and sorry for this craptastic update!


awww, bummer about FRAPS... at least this household didn't go the way of Inari and Sal though and skip 3 weeks :p Glad to see everyone in the family is alive and well at the very least :)

Hahaha, I knoooow. Poor Inari and Sal, they are so neglected, and I love them so much!

I'm so pleased with how Gio turned out...I actually still really enjoy playing this house. I love the whole ridiculously huge family. :)

Shit happens to us all :) We'll have to wait until next round to get more pictures!

And a better skintone for Mario! I learned how to change it and have done so, so he doesn't look quite as much like a freakish albino child born of the milkman. :p

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