The Clearys (B) - Round 11


Tara Cleary, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Chief of Staff


Last round at the Cleary house, Tara and Aki finally parted ways in a somewhat ugly breakup, and Tara moved into a new Mediterranean grotto across the street from her familial home. Aki didn't handle this breakup well, and he spent most of the round kicking over her trashcan and subsequently getting shocked by her SentryBot. It took Tara a bit of adjustment to get used to living alone, but within short order, she found herself happier and more content than she'd been in years. Let's see how she does this round.

The first thing Tara decided was that she wanted a new career. Education had been good to her, but she was ready for a change, and ready to make more of a difference in the world. She thought she could do that in the medical field.

Her off time was still a delight to her. Without the home business and the awkward living situation with Aki, she could do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted without having to consider anyone else's input. It was an amazing revelation for her.

And she loved her new job. It fit her like an old pair of jeans, though she had to admit something about her new life still seemed a little bit off. It was like she had filled most of the holes in her heart after parting with Aki, but there were still a few left empty. She discussed it with a co-worker she brought home one day from work, Demi Bear.

Demi was a surprisingly good listener, and Tara found her to be strangely pretty with her unusual eyes that seemed to peer right through a person's soul.

Even more surprising was when Demi admitted that she thought Tara was beautiful as well. More than beautiful, in fact...appealing.

How it happened, Tara wasn't quite sure. Whether it was the loneliness she'd felt since moving into a house by herself or her sensation that something was missing in her life or maybe just the unusual eyes, Tara found herself in bed with her strange, almost otherwordly co-worker, with a woman for the first time in her life.

When she went to work the next day, she found that Demi had done more than simply give her a pleasurable (though confusing) evening. Her boss was ready with a promotion the moment she walked in the door.

That night, Tara found she was feeling a bit ill, and she chalked it up to the fact that her life had been such a tumult lately. Everyone knew that anxiety could cause this sort of nausea. Still, a nagging thought lingered in the back of her head which she pushed away.

Tara continued to go to work as usual, making tough decisions that helped distract her from unwanted thoughts.

Her determined focus paid off for her, and she even managed to handle a few extra matters at work...

Later that week, Tara came home with a huge final promotion to the head of her career. She was now Chief of Staff at the hospital, and more was changing than that. She brought home her younger half-brother Neal with her the day she was promoted.

"Neal," she began, at first hesitant, "I have some amazing, wonderful news to share with you." She slowly explained what had happened with Demi and the results of the blood test she'd had while at work. But that's impossible! Tara explained that she'd thought so too until the blood test proved her wrong. "I'm having a baby!" she exclaimed excitedly.

As the weeks went by, her body changed. Her belly began growing with the little miracle life inside. As a doctor, she couldn't help but be fascinated by the whole process, in between dashes to the toilet to throw up.

She took some well-deserved time off from work to take it easy and give the baby a chance to grow, keeping healthy by cooking better meals and swimming for exercise.

Her belly continued to expand a shocking amount, and Tara was again amazed at the power of the human body.

Soon her amazement turned to fear and pain, but it was simply normal, healthy labor anxiety. After a few hours of labor, the miracle was complete.

As Tara cradled her new baby to her shoulder, she could see the unusual eyes that had come from Demi shining up at her from her new baby girl.

With the birth of Melody, Tara felt that she finally figured out how to fill the remaining holes she'd felt in her life.

[[Author's Notes: Okay, so this was a totally spur of the moment decision for me, but I realized that my Cleary population is pretty small in this hood, and when I saw Demi's eyes, I knew I wanted to breed them into the neighborhood. They're totally weird, but I kind of love them. Call this a bit of CC fever. (MUST. USE. JESSI EYES.) You'll notice Melody is way lighter than either of her mothers, and she's one of the victims of my pre-edited Pooklet skintone download. I eliminated a lot of the lighter skintones, but I'm not sure if this will affect Melody when I re-enter the lot. Guess we'll find out. Anyway, yay for babies! Yay especially for Cleary babies! I only wish she had the red hair, but I was pretty certain she wouldn't with brown-hair-dominant Demi in the mix. Love this house especially much now! Only one blooper for you.

WHAT!? NOOOEEESSS, you crazy hormonal preggers! ]]


So, same-sex pregnancy it is. I bet MElody will become something special!

I think she will be! I might change her skintone slightly so that it's closer to a midway point between Tara and Demi... I don't like the lighter pinkish skin with the yellow eyes. Can't wait to see this little one grow up, though!

CC fever... I haz it... Such a good story line this entry. Melody is going to be so pretty with those unusual squinty eyes. Do you have plans to move Demi in, or is she just going to be Tara's one night baby mama? I think if you delete a skintone that you're using on a sim it regenerates to S1.

I am really loving her since she and Aki broke up. It's amazing to me how those two sims really obviously didn't fit together. I always figured you could kind of shove any two together and pretty much make it work. Guess not. :p

Demi's just going to be a baby mama; I don't have any plans for her to move in. Already, Tara and Melody have such a great bond. I kind of love them as a single mommy and baby.

I am worried I'm seriously going to have to recolor all my babies. I might have to bribe you mightily to redefault for me from pooklet's set. :[

Ohhhh the booty call! I have a similar picture in an upcoming entry. Also, those eyes are creepy! But will be very easy to track.

Aren't they weird!? I kind of love them and how creepy they are. Actually, they look a BIT more normal with a little bit of a skintone adjustment on Melody, but def. still bizarre. :)

Haha, the booty call is my favorite quirky detail about ACR. :)

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