The Villaloboses (D) - Round 11


Dorotea Villalobos, Adult Family Sim, 2nd LTW Become Business Tycoon

Connor Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become City Planner

Zadie Villalobos, Teen Fortune Sim, LTW Become Chief of Staff

Nala Villalobos, Toddler Knowledge Sim, LTW Grow Up Well


Last round at the Villalobos house, Dot received a huge bonus at work. After Nala successfully aged into a toddler, this allowed the family to finally furnish the downstairs room Nala had been using as a tiny nursery into the bathroom it was always intended to be. Taye got a ton of scholarships and headed off to sim state, leaving his bedroom to be redecorated for Nala to take over. Nala and Zadie were very social, bringing home friends from school all the time, and Connor reached his second LTW of getting to the top of the Architecture career track. It was a busy round! Let's see how they do this round.

Nala, who made herself famous the previous season for her infinite love of soccer, started off the spring season well: out in the yard in the middle of the night shooting for the goal. If she couldn't get a sports scholarship for school, Dot wasn't sure what she couldn't achieve.

Speaking of Dot, as she got older, she found that she missed having tiny ones around the house. Seeing her girls grow up and her oldest son go off to college made her crave the days when their family was brand new and just starting out. Unfortunately, at her age, another baby was out of the question.

Connor continued to have amazing luck at work, bringing another huge windfall of cash into the family's bank account, which was lucky since there would soon be two kids in college and another approaching soon after.

But for the moment, there were other mileposts that needed to be celebrated. Both Dorotea and Connor reached the point in their lives where the little lines and aches and pains would become a touch more real. It was their birthday.

Dorotea aged into a lovely elder, retaining much of her adulthood beauty, though age was definitely present on her face.

Connor took on the look of a somewhat grumpy old man, but he wasn't as grumpy as he appeared.

Zadie found that she was missing her older brother more than she would have imagined. She wondered what he was doing at college and thought of all the fun things he must have been doing and learning.

She decided that it was finally time to apply for her scholarships and head out to join her brother. She would have liked to have spent more time with her friends in Rosebud, but they were going to be heading to university soon anyway, and then it would be twice as awesome: no parental supervision and amazing classes in which to learn all they could cram in their heads. She couldn't wait!

Later that week, she headed out in a taxi to begin her new life as a young adult at Sim State.

Unfortunately, shortly after Zadie left for school, Connor had an incident. He was preparing a meal he'd cooked hundreds of times before when grease shot out from the pan and ignited the stove and the floor.

The fire rapidly spread, quickly becoming a hot little blaze of grease at his feet, his sneakers beginning to smoke.

Rapidly, the fire spread out of control. Connor could feel the flames licking at his clothes, and he realized too late that he should have gotten out of the house before it had gotten this far. It wasn't looking good for the house or for him.

Just when Connor thought it was all over for him, he felt a wet, cold spray on his legs, and it took a moment for him to realize what had happened: the fire alarm had been blaring in the background the entire time, and the fire department had arrived to put out the blaze.

Later that evening, after a little salve on his burns, he and Dot relaxed in bed and he told her about the earlier scare, which had happened while she was out.

Needless to say, she was horrified that she hadn't been there but utterly thankful that she hadn't lost her husband in an intimely death. They celebrated appropriately.

The next day, Dot made a decision that was based on her realization that life could end at any moment. She decided to retire from her job to spend as much time with her family as she could because that was what really mattered in life.

Nala, meanwhile, was unaware that anything had happened other than a brief grease fire in the kitchen, leaving the house smelling of charred grilled cheese. Her parents thought it better to protect her that way.

After all, she was flourishing; there was no need to worry her. She came home with her very first A+ and delighted both of her parents, but especially her father.

Connor, who had worked so hard all his life to make sure his children developed the proper study habits and took education seriously, cheered happily for her, proud of how well Nala was doing even though he knew she would rather be playing soccer than studying.

He was especially proud knowing what a big milestone was coming up for Nala: her birthday transition into a real, honest-to-goodness teenager.

She seemed to sprout like a weed before her parents' very eyes, and when her father asked what she thought she might like to do with her life, she made him more proud than he could have expressed.

"I think I'd like to focus on my education, Dad," she replied. "I mean, I figure if I'm well-educated, I can do anything I want, right?" He couldn't have agreed more. Of course, she DID have a few desires for her future boyfriend though. Someone who loved soccer as much as she did was an absolute must.

Zadie ran to the store that day, or rather was dropped off by her mom in her first excursion alone to the mall, and when she came home, she had a whole new look.

Connor nearly choked when he saw the midriff-baring outfit, and Dot had a similar internal reaction, but she reminded her husband that their youngest was well adjusted and had her priorities right, so it would be silly to dicker over such things as the length of a tank top. All their other kids had turned out brilliantly, and so would Nala.

[[Author's Notes: Still love this family! I thought for sure that Connor was going to eat it in the fire, but the fire department showed up just in time. I would have hated to see him go like that. Would have wrecked my whole family dynamic! Not much else to report, other than I can't wait to see Zadie in college. I'm wondering if Nala might turn out to be the prettiest sibling, though, since she's got such a good mix of her parents' genes. Only YAdom will tell! Only one blooper for you.

Okay, that's just weird. In case you can't see, both child Nala AND Dot's brother Diego are in the room. I'd say get a room, but they kind of already have! ]]


Zaide and Nala looks very much the same to me. They are both gorgeous! I look forward to see them grow up!

They do have a very similar look, though I definitely think the jawline/cheekbones on Nala favor Connor a bit more than in Zadie. I'm excited to see these two start families of their own. :)

Oh noes, Dot and Conner are old!!! I'm really glad that Connor didn't die in the fire. Good luck to Zadie in uni, I laughed at her excitement about all the awesome classes... I think ACR will make her sing a different tune, lol.

HAHA, I couldn't BELIEVE it when I saw him set himself on fire. Ten cooking points, at least five hobby interest points for cooking. Silly sims. No one was home, so thank goodness I remembered to put in a fire alarm. Zadie looks surprisingly different at uni, I think. I'm not sure I like it. She's still pretty, but her face lost some quality that I really loved that she had as a teenager. I'll let you decide what you think when you see her. :)

I don't think I've ever seen a call to chat want. Or maybe I'm just assuming every time I see a face and a phone it's an invite over want. And I'm glad Connor didn't die!

I get them all the time! It's definitely the same icon as the want to invite someone over, though, so it would be easy to assume one is the other.

Me too! That would have been a sad ending to a cute family.

Rachel: The call to chat want came with Uni, so that's why you never saw it. Also the "prank someone" came with that expansion

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