The Villaloboses (B) - Round 11


Diego Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become Space Pirate

Amber Villalobos, Adult Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become Captain Hero


Last time at the Villalobos household, Amber and Diego enjoyed having the house to themselves, knowing that Marquez was starting a family of his own and not returning to the home in which he'd grown up. Amber declared a secondary aspiration of knowledge, and Diego painted both of their portraits. Amber kept up with her nature hobby, and Diego pottered around the house when he wasn't at work.

As soon as the first days of spring had sprung, Amber was outside and tending to her fruit trees. They had been dormant all winter, but she knew that she had to get them going again with a bang. Extra attention at the beginning of the growing season would lead to good results when it came time to harvest.

She and Diego had settled into a very comfortable life of two. Sure, they missed Marquez, and sure the house was too big for only the two of them, but they had a gorgeous place to live and were still as in love as they'd been in college. It was a good life.

They had fresh food all the time from Amber's garden and from the pond, in which they both enjoyed fishing.

And it wasn't like they never saw Marquez either. After all, he only lived just down the street, and he would come and visit and occasionally have dinner with his parents. Imelda was a good cook, but he missed his mother's fresh garden meals...though he'd never tell Imelda that.

Amber continued her bug collecting, though it sometimes drove her crazy when she couldn't catch the more elusive species she needed to complete her collection.

One day, Diego got a wild hair and decided that they were old enough, had worked hard enough, and deserved to have a little play time. To go with that play time, he decided they needed a play area. Digging down and excavating the basement, he hired contractors to finish it off in lovely hard wood and wallpaper, and he and Amber filled it with music, games, comfortable seating, and the best part...

Their own in-home bowling alley. They both agreed they wanted to throw lots of parties to have their friends over and enjoy the new rumpus room. There was one thing they had to do first, though.

Both Amber and Diego decided to have their birthday party together, celebrating in one evening, even though they were a month or two apart in actual birthdays.

They suddenly felt the aches and pains of their years, and their hair lost some of its natural lustrous hue, but they were still happy and still had a beautiful house and family.

As long as they had one another, everything was okay.

[[Author's Notes: These guys are pretty fun, still, even though it's just the two of them and they're now elders. Diego had the want to buy a game costing more than some ridiculous amount of money, and the only options were roller rink, ice rink, or bowling alley. The only thing they had room for was the bowling alley, so I got to have a little fun making them a finished basement and party room. I'm not sure who is going to inherit this house when they die, but whoever it is will be freakin' lucky. This is one of my favorite lots in the game, especially now with the basement. Marquez stopped by autonomously, which I thought was nice since I never remember to invite family members over. Only one blooper for you.

Apparently, senility is settling into Diego a little early. In case you can't see, his wishes include "quit job" (he's a fortune sim) and "buy a curtain." Really? Buy a curtain? O.o ]]


Fortune sims always wish for curtains at some point of their lives - they ARE silly :)

That's so strange! He's not my first fortune sim to want to quit his job (which seems counter-intuitive to me), but he IS my first to want to buy curtains. Silly EAxis.

Aw, cuteness... I'm glad Diego has still retained those cheekbones throughout his life and that the osteoporosis hasn't worn them thin yet, lol. Their basement reminds me a lot of the Devivio's basement, whenever I can't find my simmies, they're always down their playing bowling or poker. hehe. As far as the inviting family over thing, I've started doing it more and more now that they're getting closer to kicking the bucket... plus the established households are so boring!!!

Haha, I took the inspiration for their basement from the DeVivio's, actually! So you can claim full points for giving me the idea. They didn't spend ALL their money, though. ;)

As for Diego's cheekbones...I think a nuclear blast couldn't get rid of them. :p

Nice basement! Maybe I should do that. Also, that's a sweet picture at the end with them eating cake and thinking about each other.

Thanks! I was inspired by a jar challenge that Liz had where the family had to blow all their money on crazy stuff. These guys aren't rich, but they had enough to make a decent party basement, so why not?

Haha, I love that picture. :X

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