The Villaloboses (E) - Round 11


Imelda Vinci, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Mad Scientist

Marquez Villalobos, Adult Knowledge Sim, 2nd LTW Become Space Pirate


Last time we saw Marquez and Imelda, they were finally able to move in together to a new Spanish-style villa home. They both got jobs in the respective careers they wanted and quickly achieved TOC and their LTWs within one round. They also finally saved enough money to get married and spent lots of time with the kitties Imelda had inherited from her mother: Pumpkin and Cinnamon. Let's see how the newly married couple does this round!

One thing Imelda loved to do in her off time from work or studies was to play with the cats. Really, even though her mother was the one with the desire for a billion pets, Imelda had grown up with both Pumpkin and Cinnamon, so they felt like they were hers anyway. Though both were well-trained, it was a fun evening activity for her to try teaching them new tricks, convinced that they were the two smartest and most skilled kitties in Rosebud. Plus, it kept her company while Marquez was studying and trying to earn promotions. She had to remember he was a year behind her due to their slightly different university graduation dates.

Both she and Marquez were doing swimmingly in their careers. They were widely considered by the neighborhood to be the fastest rising youths in Rosebud. Granted, they were grown adults, but they still were considered "youths" by most of Rosebud's population.

This success was no doubt due to their diligent and serious hard work on their off hours. Both of their natures caused them to feel driven to improve themselves constantly, and it regularly paid off, even if they were a bit serious from time to time.

One morning, Imelda went out to the kitchen for some juice and felt a strange sensation. Looking down, she thought at first, Oh my, I'm getting fat. That was when it occurred to her that with all the exercise involved in her job, there was no way she was gaining weight. It could only be one other thing.

Her suspicion was soon confirmed, both by a home pregnancy test and the belly that was growing on her like crazy. She and Marquez were delighted. They could finally start the family they'd always wanted. They could only think that she must have gotten pregnant on their brief honeymoon, and the romance of the whole situation thrilled them both to pieces.

Imelda, ever the practical sim, begged Marquez to buy her a toymaking bench. After all, she reasoned, that way she would have something productive to occupy her time while he was at work, AND she could be producing things for their new baby. It was win-win! He was powerless to argue against her, and Imelda spent many hours (when she was rested) tinkering on the little toy bench.

Marquez decided he wanted to commemorate her pregnancy with a portrait. She was so beautiful and happy that she had that pregnancy glow, and he wanted to capture it.

Imelda surprised him one day when he came home by producing a painting she'd done of him, saying that they couldn't have one without the other.

Time ticked by and Imelda got closer and closer to her delivery date. It caught her off guard one day when she went out to pay their bills, her water breaking right in the middle of their walkway.

Something DEFINITELY seemed strange in her body, though. This didn't seem like a normal birth.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy with a skintone between hers and Marquez's, also with his daddy's eyes. They immediately dubbed Antony, and it quickly became apparent to Imelda that she wasn't done with birth!

The second baby was a pale child closer to Imelda's skintone, still with Marquez's warm brown eyes. They named him Julian.

Finally, the front room of the house had a purpose. They decorated it with a kitty pattern and were delighted to see that it was perfectly suited for twins. These babies were meant to be.

Sadly, later that week, they also lost a family member. Pumpkin, after living a very full and happy life, passed away.

The greatly saddened Imelda had a place set up for her in the back yard, and she worried that it would soon be Cinnamon's time too. But having babies had taught her something about life and death, and somehow, it all made more sense now. She had new babies to take care of, in place of her furry ones, and it was okay.

[[Author's Notes: Another weird set of skintones for babies, but at least they're between or equal to their parents. I'm finding that some of these skintones in the Kids In Technicolor set seem way too gray-scale to me, compared to Maxis default skintones. I like variety, but I may start searching for a new set that doesn't give sims such a pallor. Or I might just leave it. I haven't decided. I'll let some of these weird-skinned babies grow up and see how they look in it. Marquez and Imelda are still my adorable workaholics, and I'm so happy they've finally procreated. I have a few bloopers for you.

This is so cute! Already the toddlers apparently love pets! // Coffee table yoga...apparently built into the game? I know I didn't add a mod to allow this! // Who pissed in your cornflakes? Do you even KNOW anyone in this house? // Um, no. // AND NO AGAIN! >:O ]]


Yay Marquez and Imelda! The twins are cute, but I see what you mean about the skintones still being a little messed up. Too bad about Pumpkin, it seems like he (?) has been around forever. LOL at the bloopers, those damn knowledge sims always wanting something freaky!

I'm sure the babies will be super cute, despite strange skin tones!

Liz - I know, Pumpkin has been around since Imelda was a teen. But there will always be "breeders" from Fiona that have been cast off for Imelda to adopt, so I'm sure that there will be more kitties transferring homes in the future. I'm so controlling with these two and their wants! I'm like... NO. YOU WILL NOT BECOME A WEREWOLF OR VAMPIRE. YOU'RE GOING TO WORK AND HAVE MANY BEAUTIFUL BABIES, SO JUST SHUT UP AND DEAL WITH IT. >:O I want to populate my hood with gorgeous babies while I have the chance! Lol.

J68 - They are so gorgeous as children, though I never cheat and look at them when they're older. Julian got a little bit of a skintone adjustment, and Antony looks okay as long as he's not standing next to Imelda or Marquez. I like the Pooklet Kids in Technicolor skintones, but they definitely look gray compared to the Maxis defaults.

Yeah, that skin is a little grey. But aside from that, I have no doubt Imelda and Marquez will make beautiful children. As for your bloopers, crazy knowledge sims and their wants. Also, so cute with the cat and the baby! And interesting about coffee table yoga. I've never seen that.

Liz did another set of regeneticized skintones and was kind enough to give me some of her Freckly As Fuck skintones in that mix, so maybe it will even them out a little. All-in-all, Antony doesn't look bad on his own, but next to the Maxis defaults, it's a little bizarre. Very very gorgeous face shapes, though. :)

About the coffee table yoga: It was actually an accident that I clicked the coffee table when I told her to do yoga. Very strange little thing...I wonder what it was designed for.

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