The Tanakas (D) - Round 10


Aki couldn't believe it. His own girlfriend, whom he'd loved, lived with, and even saved from the Grim Reaper's cold grips had cheated on him. AT THEIR OWN HOME. I mean, sure, things hadn't being going well between them...there was definitely a distance there that hadn't existed before, but the nerve! How could she do it to him!? And then to simply move out without a word, well...didn't she have any more respect for him or desire to make things work than that? He was furious. Now that Tara was gone, he couldn't stand to live in the home they'd shared, so he sold it and moved in to an open urban-looking apartment in his family's neighborhood.

Tanaka D

Aki Tanaka, Adult Popularity Sim, 2nd LTW Become Captain Hero


The thing Aki hated the most was that, despite everything that had happened, he still wanted to be friends with Tara. By all rights, he should have hated her, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that their relationship had been having some problems anyway, and how trapped must Tara have felt by the fact that he'd saved her life? Could he expect her to stay in a loveless relationship forever to repay him? He was still furious, make no mistake, but he grudgingly admitted that they probably were better apart.

His guilt increased when Tara passed by his house one day on a walk and didn't even steal his newspaper, let alone knock over his trashcan. He'd been knocking over hers for weeks, after he'd had a little too much to drink and wandered around the neighborhood. Not now that she got that damn SentryBot, though. It made him miss her more, and so he decided he needed a distraction.

He'd achieved his goal of becoming a Media Magnate long ago, but he'd been put off from changing jobs by the distraction of the home business they'd formerly run. Now, he had nothing else to keep him from shooting for that lofty goal. He wanted to be....a superhero! Captain Hero, to be exact, dispensing justice all around Rosebud. Sadly, there were no openings with the law enforcement, so he was stuck with Journalism for the present.

He even continued to excell in the career, winning a whopping reward of 48,000 simoleons for a particularly smart recommendation to his head company. He had all the money in the world now, but he still wasn't particularly happy. If he were to be completely honest with himself, though, he would have realized he felt a weight off his shoulders from the subconscious understanding that the woman he was living with didn't love him anymore, and vice versa. It was an unacknowledged relief.

But that wasn't to say he was giving up on love...oooooh no. Or at least...he wasn't giving up on things like romance and passion. He decided he needed more of that in his life after living in a fairly cold relationship for so many years. It wasn't either of their faults, but he was a hot-blooded man! He needed a hot-blooded woman to be with who WANTED to be with him, in whatever fashion they agreed to.

So Aki tried to move forward with his life. He brought home friends from work, some he'd known since he was a child - like Neal Cleary. They chattered about the journalism business in their matching suits and had a grand evening of it. Neal even volunteered some of his super cooking skills to cook the poor bachelor a meal. After all, he loved his sister, but he felt bad for her former lover, who was obviously a little bit thrown at now being a bachelor, alone in an apartment again.

Aki also brought home new friends from work, like Peter Ottomas, who was a laugh riot. They watched the game and laughed and gossiped about people all over Rosebud. It seemed like Peter knew EVERYONE and ALL their business. Aki couldn't get enough of his stories. Plus, it was never a bad idea to make nice with people in his field. Sure, he was higher ranking than anyone he knew, but he liked to network.

And, shockingly, Aki found that the trend had become to leave a gift after a good evening hanging out. He had thought it was supposed to be a SMALL gift, but Peter Ottomas apparently had enough money that he could leave somewhat more lavish gifts. Aki didn't complain.

Finally, after weeks scouring the newspaper and online job ads, Aki found a position in his new field: there was a spot for a SWAT Team Leader in the law enforcement career, and Aki jumped at the chance. Sure, he wouldn't be giving the newspaper much notice, but this was his LIFE. He couldn't be tied down with guilt and regrets. He went for it.

Unfortunately, as he looked over the requirements for the job, Aki realized that sitting behind his desk at the newspaper office and writing stories hadn't done much for his physique. Bolstered for his new passion in life, he sold the gift given him by Peter Ottomas and purchased a treadmill, which he worked out on relentlessly until he was fit as a fiddle.

It paid off, and he was rapidly promoted. Not only that, he managed to finally make some new friends in his new profession, bringing home one particularly lovely girl named Richelle Cho.

She was definitely cute...not heartbreaker cute, but sexy enough that Aki enjoyed looking at her as much as he enjoyed spending time with her.

His relationship with Richelle and his continual improving of his skills in the evening afforded him the opportunity of finally achieving his new lifetime goal of becoming Captain Hero. He was a freakin' superhero!! He couldn't believe it. And he especially couldn't believe he had ever survived without the ability to fly to work every day.

Money, fame, respect, and low gas mileage weren't the only things great about this new job either. He worked with some pretty beautiful, capable women, one of whom was Ivy Copur. Where Richelle was smoking, Ivy was a ten-alarm fire. When she agreed to come home with him one night to hang out, Aki could hardly believe it.

When she agreed to go upstairs with him for a little tumble on the bed, he was even more delightedly shocked.

And after they'd woohoo'd...well, Aki felt like he was in seventh heaven. Maybe this being single stuff wasn't so bad after all; especially when you were a superhero surrounded by beautiful girls.

[[Author's Notes: Ah, the breakup is complete. Aki is hilarious on his own, as you will see from the multiple bloopers I have to share. For some reason, I have his original LTW listed as having 20 simultaneous pet best friends, but somehow that disappeared and becoming captain hero is in there? Also, I swear his former LTW was to become a media magnate. So I have no clue what happened, but I'm betting on a record-keeping error on my part. Thank goodness. I've never done 20 pet best friends, and I have no desire to. O.o Anyway, not too much else to say other than I'm so glad I decided to split these two up. :) On to the bloopers!

Aki: "He really wants to woohoo. Should I...nah, I totally love boobs." // Not looking any less gay there, Aki! // Aki...your sexual priorities are just getting more and more screwed up. I mean, yes, Stella is hot, but she's your elderly sister's wife! // At some point during the round, Aki disappeared. Here he is doing invisible studying! // And invisible sewing! Eventually, sending him to a community lot in a taxi and bringing him back solved the problem, thank goodness. Invisible sims aren't much fun to watch. Plus, they have to wear the stupid skilling hat all the time so you can find them! ]]


ROFL @ the bloopers... silly silly silly. I guess Aki's conduct with Peter Ottomas was acceptable because he got an awesome outing gift. I think Richelle would have a good chance of birthing a baby that you can name Yoshi, although Ivy Copur is pretty too, but she doesn't have the Asian skintone... though a black Yoshi would be funny!

Haha, there is a Yoshi coming, I promise! Soon, I'll have a whole 'hood full of Mario characters. :D Not that I'm complaining. There will be NO Wario, though. Pfft.

I'm not sure who he likes best; I'm curious to get into the lot with ACR installed so I can see who he REALLY has the hots for; especially since the stupid gypsy keeps giving him Beth Thayer!

If Beth isn't married, I guess that's why the gypsy keeps giving her to him.
I love the windows on Aki's house!

I'm sure that's true; it's just annoying since she IS engaged! That should be solved this round, though, so maybe I'll let him try again after Beth is safely hitched.

Thanks! They're Maxis-made; I have no idea what expansion pack they came with. Maybe apartment life?

I find it sad he wants to be best friends with Tara again! But he seems like he's having fun.

I know. Maybe after a round or two, I'll allow them to be friends again. Right now, the two of them together kind of makes me feel like it's poison.

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