The Villaloboses (B) - Round 10


Amber Villalobos, Adult Popularity Sim, LTW Become Rock God

Diego Villalobos, Adult Fortune Sim, 2nd LTW Become Space Pirate


Last time at the Villalobos house, Diego and Amber had to get used to Marquez being away from home at university. Diego achieved his second and third LTWs of becoming a space pirate and a prestidigitator, consecutively. Amber joined the garden club and achieved her LTW of becoming a rock god. They also got blessed with a genie lamp and both got a little bit of an age reprieve. Let's see how they do this round.

Amber decided that since she'd finally become the rock goddess she always knew she could be, she would give the law enforcement career path a try. Maybe she could become Rosebud's next superhero, who knew?

Early in the season, they had a bit of a mishap, though. A silly burglar who didn't case the house enough to realize they had installed a burglar alarm broke into their house one night while they were sleeping.

It took him a surprisingly long time to realize that the loud bleating sound he heard precisely upon entering the home was actually a burglar alarm.

The police officer appearing just in time to catch him red-handed stealing the television finally drove the point home.

Fortunately, the burglar hadn't been doing his daily workouts, and the police officer prevailed, leading the villain handcuffed into the police car. This display only made Amber realize more strongly how much she wanted to be among the ranks of these great protectors of their tiny town. She couldn't wait to get a job with the police force.

She figured if she were going to really excel, she would need to study up on various criminal law and police procedure and hurled herself wholeheartedly into her new pursuit.

In the meantime, Diego was perfectly content to dive into his hobby of painting. He even decided that he would immortalize his beautiful wife in a portrait.

At Amber's encouragement, he even painted his own portrait. Amber commented convincingly that now Marquez could inherit the paintings, and maybe it would start a family tradition of a portrait gallery.

Until the time came to pass the paintings on, though, they occupied the bedroom wall of Diego and Amber, and they each slept on the opposite side of where their portrait hung, close to both their living and immortalized mate.

The house sat under a thick layer of winter snow and hibernated the rest of the season, the contented couple deep inside, warm and toasty, hanging tight until spring came to melt away the ice.

[[Author's Notes: These guys aren't really boring because they have so many hobbies. Diego still uses the ballet barre all the time and paints and fishes, and Amber works her garden, cooks, and fishes. They're pretty entertaining in their hobbies, and they're very sweet. Diego will eventually inherit this house, and he and Imelda will probably move in when Amber and Diego pass away, but maybe not too. It depends on how old Imelda and Marquez are when Amber and Diego finally go. It might end up passing on to grandchildren. Two bloopers for you.

It's PRESTIDIGITATOR FEVER. Diego is apparently kind of a career snob. ]]


I've never had a PRestidigitator. Now I have to try it to see the uniform!

It is really silly and WAY too hard to type. :p You're probably better off without any!

lol, those bloopers are funny. This house seems pretty calm, I think Diego and Amber will be around for a long time... the house will probably go to grandchildren! Though Marquez and Imelda would probably be fine in the house too...

I'm thinking of starting a retirement community for my elders to get them out of the already crowded houses, though it would add more houses to playlist which would stink... unless I moved them all into a house and played the elders at the same time! Anyone know where you can get a CC shuffleboard?

Liz, retirement community would be AWESOME. And very haunted. :) But the great thing would be that no one would die alone, and a CC shuffleboard game would be SWEEEEET! I bet someone could build it on top of the bowling alley. I know the animation isn't exactly the same, but it's similar! Mah Johng is totally in, though. :) And the poker table for pinochle and cribbage!

I really like Diego and Amber too. Especially Amber. I've gotten more attached to her than I thought I would, given the fact that she's a townie. No clue what will happen to the house, but I'll figure it out eventually.

Is Diego gonna want a bedroom with pictures of his parents hanging over him? I don't think so! If they do move in, you'll have to do some redecorating, I think.

Haha, definitely not. But it probably will be Diego's kid who inherits this house. Maybe. We'll see. :) Still...there will have to be a modified location for the photo gallery then.

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